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[Udemy] The complete React Fullstack course
Год выпуска: 2018
Производитель: Udemy
Сайт производителя: https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-react-fullstack-course/
Автор: Coding Revolution
Продолжительность: ~44.5 часов
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: Do you want to learn the whole process of building your App ?. This is the course for you.
We will start from the very beginning, from "I don't even know how use it..and why would I“ to actually understanding how React works and make it communicate with other technologies like Firebase and Node js.
You will learn all the logic and practice behind React in different modules, and as we advance through the course we will be increasing the difficulty.
Since I believe that the best way to fully learn is by coding, after each important section we will put everything in practice with some course projects, and after you have a strong base of React we will journey into Servers and Databases, Redux and deploying apps to production.
We will use ES6, the latest version of javascript.
Don’t know ES6 ?
Don’t sweat it, there is a full bonus section where we will show you all the ES6 magic.
To sum everything up, you will learn in this course:
•The very basics of React. How toy install and the logic behind it.
•Once you know the basics of React we will journey into the confusing stuff.
•After you have a strong base of React we will create a full practice project.
•We will understand technologies like Firebase and we will push our practice project to production.
•Everybody is using Redux, so we will learn how to use redux with our React Apps.
•If you don't want to use Firebase, we will learn how Node js works and how to create a Server.
•Since our app will need a database, you will learn how to use MongoDB and mongoose.
•Apply security, authentication, restricting routes, hashing passwords and JWT’s.
•We will create a second practice project using React, Redux, Node Server and MongoDB.
•Of course, we will learn the whole process of publishing you app using Heroku, Git and Github.
•Webpack is part of the fullstack, so we will discuss the basics of Webpack .
•You also get a Full ES6 course


  • Introduction
    002.Installing Node MAC.MP4
    003.Installing Node WINDOWS.MP4
    004.IDE (Visual Studio Code).MP4
  • React basics
    005.Using create-react-app.MP4
    006.Bundles and Structure.MP4
    007.Rendering the app.MP4
    008.React JSX.MP4
    009.Exporting modules.MP4
    010.Using dynamic data.MP4
    011.Functional and Class based components.MP4
    012.Adding some style.MP4
    013.React events.MP4
    014.More on classes.MP4
    015.React State.MP4
    016.Using Props.MP4
    017.Using Props continued....MP4
    018.More on Props.MP4
    019.Using childrens.MP4
    020.More on Styles.MP4
    021.Using CSS modules.MP4
    022.Filtering state.MP4
  • React in deep Routes, Lifecycle
    023.Installing Router.MP4
    024.Creating Routes.MP4
    025.Using Links in routes.MP4
    026.Params and URL's.MP4
    027.Using Router's Switch.MP4
    028.Redirecting users.MP4
    029.React Lifecycles.MP4
    030.React Lifecycles continued.MP4
    031.Conditional rendering.MP4
    032.Pure components.MP4
    033.Returning arrays.MP4
    034.HOC's (High order components).MP4
  • React transitions & Typechecking
    036.Using react transitions.MP4
    037.More on transitions.MP4
    038.CSS Transitions.MP4
    039.Transition Group.MP4
    041.Proptypes ..continued.MP4
    042.React Refs.MP4
  • React practice project NBA App
    043.Setting up.MP4
    044.Layout and header.MP4
    045.Adding Sidenav.MP4
    046.Sidenav items.MP4
    047.Footer and JSON server.MP4
    048.Adding Slider.MP4
    049.Adding Slider 2.MP4
    050.Adding Slider 3.MP4
    051.News List cards.MP4
    052.News List Load more.MP4
    053.News List transitions.MP4
    054.News List Teams.MP4
    055.Videos List.MP4
    056.Videos List 2.MP4
    057.Videos List 3.MP4
    058.Article post view.MP4
    059.Article post view 2.MP4
    060.Video post view.MP4
    061.Related videos.MP4
    062.News main view.MP4
    063.Video main view.MP4
  • React - Working with forms
    064.Controlled and Uncontrolled.MP4
    065.Form templating.MP4
    066.Form templating 2.MP4
    067.Form templating 3.MP4
    068.Adding more elements.MP4
    069.Adding validation.MP4
    070.Adding validation..continued.MP4
  • Firebase
    072.Posting Data.MP4
    073.Remove and Update Data.MP4
    074.Getting Data.MP4
    075.Working with Arrays type.MP4
    076.Using a form.MP4
    078.Preventing routes.MP4
  • React practice project NBA App - Part2
    079.Setting up Firebase and the Slider.MP4
    080.Fixing the Newslist.MP4
    081.Videos and Post view.MP4
    082.Sign in and Forms.MP4
    083.Sign in and Forms 2.MP4
    084.Sign in and Forms 3.MP4
    085.Sign in and Forms 4.MP4
    087.Sidenav options.MP4
    089.Dashboard Editor.MP4
    090.Finishing editor and adding teams.MP4
    091.Uploading files.MP4
    092.Uploading files 2.MP4
    093.Posting article.MP4
    094.Fixing slider.MP4
    095.Private routes.MP4
    096.Deploying to production.MP4
  • Redux Basics
    097.Installing and connecting.MP4
    099.Action creators.MP4
  • Redux practice
    102.Intro and setting up.MP4
    103.Adding Redux to the home.MP4
    104.Finish Home and adding the Artist View.MP4
    105.Fixing last problem.MP4
  • Node JS Basics
    106.What is node.MP4
    107.Reading and writing.MP4
    108.Node package manager.MP4
    109.Blocking and Non-blocking.MP4
    110.The call stack, Api's, the event Loop and the event queue.MP4
    111.To the very bones of Node JS.MP4
    112.Of servers and clients.MP4
  • Node JS Creating Servers
    113.Simple server.MP4
    115.Using Express.MP4
    117.Posting data.MP4
    118.Node server and React app.MP4
  • Node JS Mongo DB
    120.Installing Mongo DB (MAC).MP4
    121.installing Robomongo - Robo T (MAC).MP4
    122.Installing Mongo DB ( WINDOWS ).MP4
    123.installing Robomongo - Robo T ( WINDOWS ).MP4
    124.Mongo Driver connecting and inserting.mp4
    125.Mongo Driver inserting multiple and getting data.mp4
    126.Mongo Driver Delete and update data.mp4
    127.Mongoose Configuration and adding data.mp4
    128.Mongoose Get, Update and Delete.mp4
  • Node JS Security and authentication
    129.Using postman (we will use it next).mp4
    130.Installation and set up.mp4
    131.Hashing passwords.mp4
    132.Comparing passwords.mp4
    133.Jason web tokens ( JWTs ).mp4
    134.JWTs and mongoose.mp4
    135.Using Middleware.mp4
  • Node JS Deploy ( GIT, Github and Heroku )
    136.Using GIT ( MAC ).mp4
    137.Using GIT ( WINDOWS ).mp4
    138.Using Github ( MAC ).mp4
    139.Using Github ( WINDOWS ).mp4
    140.Using Heroku ( MAC ).mp4
    141.Using Heroku ( WINDOWS ).mp4
    142.Deploy to production.mp4
  • Final project The books shelf
    143.Intro and installation.mp4
    144.Server Creating the Server.mp4
    145.Server Models and Schemas.mp4
    146.Server Book Routes.mp4
    147.Server Book Routes 2.mp4
    148.Server User Routes.mp4
    149.Server User Routes 2.mp4
    150.Server User Routes 3.mp4
    151.Server Fiishing user Routes.mp4
    152.Client Setup.mp4
    153.Client Header.mp4
    154.Client Sidenav.mp4
    155.Client Home.mp4
    156.Client Home 2.mp4
    157.Client Article view.mp4
    158.Client Article view 2.mp4
    159.Client Login screen.mp4
    160.Client Auth HOC.mp4
    161.Client Auth HOC 2.mp4
    162.Client Add reviews.mp4
    163.Client Add reviews 2.mp4
    164.Client Reviews Panel.mp4
    165.Client Edit Book.mp4
    166.Client Edit Book 2.mp4
    167.Client Quick fix on edit book.mp4
    168.Client Register users.mp4
    169.Client Register users 2.mp4
    170.Client Register users 3.mp4
    171.Client Logout Users.mp4
    172.Client Navitems.mp4
    173.Deploy to Heroku.mp4
    174.Deploy to Heroku continued.mp4
  • Webpack
    175.Intro and setup.mp4
    177.CSS Loaders.mp4
    179.Webpack and React.mp4
    180.Vendor Splitting.mp4
    181.Cleaning Bundle and Dynamic links.mp4
    182.Webpack dev server.mp4
  • BONUS 1 - More Redux
    183.Using types.mp4
    184.Redux form Intro and set up.mp4
    185.Redux form Validation.mp4
    186.Redux form Posting.mp4
  • BONUS 2 - ES6 Course
    187.Introduction to ES6.mp4
    188.CONST and LET.mp4
    189.CONST and LET Using scope.mp4
    190.CONST and LET Real life example.mp4
    191.CONST and LET Exercise one - solution.mp4
    192.CONST and LET Exercise two - solution.mp4
    193.Template strings.mp4
    194.Template strings 2.mp4
    195.Template strings 3.mp4
    196.Template strings 4.mp4
    197.Template strings Exercise one - solution.mp4
    198.Template strings Exercise two - solution.mp4
    200.Foreach 2.mp4
    201.Foreach 3.mp4
    202.Foreach Exercise - solution.mp4
    204.Map 2.mp4
    205.Map Exercise one - solution.mp4
    206.Map Exercise two - solution.mp4
    208.Filter 2.mp4
    209.Filter Exercise one - solution.mp4
    210.Filter Exercise two - solution.mp4
    212.Find 2.mp4
    213.Every & some.mp4
    214.Every & some 2.mp4
    216.Reduce 2.mp4
    217.Reduce Exercise one - solution.mp4
    218.Reduce Exercise two - solution.mp4
    220.Fat arrow functions.mp4
    221.Fat arrow functions 2.mp4
    222.Fat arrow functions Exercise solution.mp4
    223.Object literals.mp4
    224.Object literals 2.mp4
    225.Object literals Exercise - solution.mp4
    226.Default function arguments.mp4
    227.Default function arguments Exercise - solution.mp4
    228.Rest operator.mp4
    229.Spread operator.mp4
    230.Rest and Spread Exercise two - solution.mp4
    232.Classes 2.mp4
    233.Classes 3.mp4
    235.Destructuring 2.mp4
    236.Destructuring 3.mp4
    237.Destructuring 4.mp4
    238.Promises and fetch.mp4
    239.Promises and fetch 2.mp4
    240.Promises and fetch 3.mp4
    241.Promises and fetch 4.mp4
    242.Strings and numbers.mp4
    243.Strings and numbers 2.mp4
    245.Modules 2.mp4
    246.Modules 3.mp4
    248.Generators 2.mp4
    249.Generators 3.mp4
    250.Generators 4.mp4
    251.Iterating sets.mp4
    252.Iterating map.mp4
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Формат видео: MP4
Видео: AVC, 1280x720, 30fps, avg 160 kbps
Аудио: AAC, 48000 Hz, Stereo, 192 kbps


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