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WWE The John Cena Experience
Год выпуска: 2010
Вид спорта: Рестлинг
Участники: John Cena / Others
Продолжительность: 7:14:45
Комментарий: Профессиональный (двухголосый)
Язык комментариев: Английский
As John Cena continues to dominate inside the WWE ring, his impact and popularity grow around the world.
Now fans can get a once in a lifetime inside look at the life of the Champ with The John Cena Experience. This new 3-DVD set includes a revealing documentary that provides unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to John Cena as he shares his views on WWE, movies, his music, giving back to the community, and so much more.
Fans will see John Cena's intense preparation for Wrestlemania and appreciate the physically and mentally challenging buildup to WWE's biggest event. Relive some of Cena's pop culture highlights including movies & television appearances from behind the scenes and understand the benefits and responsibilities of being the WWE Champion.
The DVD set is also packed with 15 bonus matches spanning John Cena's WWE career against Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Triple H, Edge, Big Show, The Miz, and others. Кард
Disc 1:
- John Cena on the Troops
- Tribute to the Troops
- John Cena on TV Apperances
- Psyched Up
- John Cena on Sports
- This is ESPN
- John Cena on Fiesta Bowl
- Fiesta Bowl Parade
- Fiesta Bowl Invitational
- Fiesta Bowl Pre-Game
- Fiesta Bowl Game
- John Cena on Movies
- Legendary Performance
- John Cena on Mattel
- John Cena on being a WWE Spokesman
- It’s Going to be a Late Night
- John Cena on Music
- Hustle Loyalty Respect
- John Cena on WrestleMania
- WrestleMania Arrival
- WrestleMania Golf Tournament
- The Mania Before Mania
- Make a Wish Pizza Party
- WrestleMania Rehearsal
- WrestleMania
- John Cena on Cars
- Barrett Jackson
- John Cena on Gilette
- Start Your Engines
- John Cena on Responsibility
- Cup with a Cause
- Raw and Uncut
Disc 2:
Match #5 in the Best of 5 Series for the United States Championship
John Cena vs Booker T
WWE No Mercy 2004
#1 Contenders Match for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 21
John Cena vs Kurt Angle
WWE No Way Out 2005
Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena vs Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels
WWE Taboo Tuesday 2005
WWE Championship Match
Edge vs John Cena
WWE Royal Rumble 2006
John Cena vs Edge
WWE Tribute to the Troops – December 25, 2006
World Tag Team Championship Match
John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs Rated RKO
WWE Raw – February 26, 2007
Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena vs Great Khali
WWE One Night Stand 2007
Disc 3:
WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs Bobby Lashley
WWE Great American Bash 2007
WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs Randy Orton
WWE SummerSlam 2007
John Cena Returns!
WWE Royal Rumble 2008
WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs Triple H
WWE Night of Champions 2008
John Cena vs Shawn Michaels
WWE Raw – January 26, 2009
John Cena vs Jack Swagger
WWE Raw – April 13, 2009
John Cena vs Big Show
WWE Judgment Day 2009
Night of Champions Tournament Semi-Finals Match
John Cena vs The Miz
WWE Raw – June 29, 2009
Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
John Cena vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H
WWE Survivor Series 2009 Качество: DVDRip
Формат: MP4
Видео кодек: H.264
Аудио кодек: AAC
Видео: 700x400 (16:9),29.970 fps,1486 kbps
Аудио: 48 Khz,2ch,192 kbps Скриншоты

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