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Introduction to Oracle 11g
Год выпуска: 2012
Производитель: VTC
Сайт производителя: vtc.com
Автор: Gavin Powell
Продолжительность: 11:30
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: This VTC course introduces some of the basics of Oracle Database including: installing Oracle on Windows and Linux, Oracle tools, some database modeling, underlying architecture (the files), creating and dropping tables, selecting data, filtering data, sorting data, built-in functions, joining tables, and aggregating with the GROUP BY clause. The course content is not focused on Oracle Certification but it will give you a good start towards coding SQL and will also get you started with basic installation and configuration. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Welcome to Oracle Database
Useful Web Sites
Choosing Your Profession
About this Course
Oracle Installation & Configuration
Using Amazon Web Services
Downloading Oracle Software
Preparing a Linux Server pt. 1
Preparing a Linux Server pt. 2
Install Oracle on Linux pt. 1
Install Oracle on Linux pt. 2
Install Oracle on Windows
Install Oracle Client Software
Creating an Oracle Database
Download & Install Oracle Docs
Finding Things in Oracle Docs
Tools & Configuration
Deinstalling & Reinstalling Oracle
Rerunning netca / ntemgr / dbca
Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)
Using SQL*Plus
Download & Install SQL Developer
Using SQL Developer
The Relational Database
Metadata vs. Data
Introducing Tables & Things
Sample Models Used in this Course
Relational Database Model
Types of Databases (OLTP & DW)
Normalization & Normal Forms pt. 1
Normalization & Normal Forms pt. 2
Custom vs. Off the Shelf
The Architecture of Oracle
Commits & Rollbacks
Multi-User Transactions
General Oracle Architecture
Datafiles & Tablespaces pt. 1
Datafiles & Tablespaces pt. 2
Processes & Memory
Backup & Recovery
Failover with Standby
High Availability with RAC
Adding ASM to Oracle RAC
Working with Tables
Generating Tables from a Data Model
Types of Tables
Methods of Table Creation
Simple Datatypes
Some Advanced CREATE TABLE Syntax
Inline Constraints
Out of Line Constraints
Naming Constraints & More Syntax
Primary & Foreign Key Indexing
Organizing My Data Model
Unique Constraints / Non-FK Inversions
Check Constraints & Default Values
Global Temporary / Tablespaces / Logging
Parallel Processing pt. 1
Parallel Processing pt. 2
Partitions / Externals / Compression
Basic Dropping & Altering Tables
Metadata Views pt. 1
Metadata Views pt. 2
The SELECT Statement
Basic SELECT Statement Syntax
Updating Model & Importing Data
The SELECT & FROM Clauses
One / Many / All Columns
Rename SELECT Columns
Schema References
Precedence & Operators pt. 1
Precedence & Operators pt. 2
The DUAL Table / Pseudocolumns / SYSDATE
Using Functions
Using NULLs in Oracle SQL
UNION / INTERSECT / MINUS / Count Function
Restricting & Filtering Data
WHERE Clause Syntax
WHERE Clause Comparison Conditions
Equality & Inequality
Range & BETWEEN pt. 1
Range & BETWEEN pt. 2
LIKE Pattern Match
Logical / Compound Operators pt. 1
Logical / Compound Operators pt. 2
Logical / Compound Operators pt. 3
IN List Comparisons
Making Queries Run Faster pt. 1
Making Queries Run Faster pt. 2
Making Queries Run Faster pt. 3
Making Queries Run Faster pt. 4
Sorting Data
ORDER BY Clause Syntax
Sorting by Column
Sorting by Position
Ascending & Descending Sorts
NULLS First & NULLS Last
Sorting by Expression
Single Row Functions
Types of Functions
Single Rows Functions in Manuals
Using String Functions pt. 1
Using String Functions pt. 2
Using String Functions pt. 3
Using Number Functions
Using Date & Time Functions
Using Conversion Functions
Miscellaneous Functions
Joining Tables
What is a Join?
Join Clause Syntax
Types of Joins
Cross Joins
Inner Joins pt. 1
Inner Joins pt. 2
Natural Joins
Types of Outer Joins
Left Outer Join
Right Outer Join
Full Outer Join
Self Join
Using Outer & Self Joins
ANSI & Oracle Prop. Syntax
Aggregating Using GROUP BY
GROUP BY Clause Syntax
What GROUP BY Does
Grouping Functions
Summary Functions pt. 1
Summary Functions pt. 2
Statistical Functions
Ranking Functions
Analytic Functions
Group Functions & Null Values
Basic GROUP BY Clauses
Filter Grouped Results with HAVING
More Changes to the Shows Model
The ROLLUP Clause
The CUBE Clause
Pivot Queries
Course Wrap Up
About the Author
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Формат видео: MP4
Видео: AVC, 1024x768, 4:3, 25fps, 423kbps
Аудио: AAC, 44.1kHz, 76kbps, mono/stereo


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