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State of Decay
Требуемая версия: State of Decay (Microsoft) (ENG) [beta]
Версия патча: update 2-8
Таблэтка: присутствует (ALI213)


  • Запустить setup.exe и установить обновление в папку с игрой
  • Скопировать лекарство из папки Crack в папку с игрой
  • Изменения:

    Update #1

      Update 1 changelog:
    • No official changelog

    Update #2

    • add a confirm dialog when deleting an existing save
      Secret note to players: There was supposed to be more. Worked in testing. Did not work on live. Sorry to get your hopes up :/ We decided it was better to go ahead with this useful and oft-requested feature since it was done, even though a one-note patch is slightly embarrassing.

    Update #3

      Update 3 changelog:
    • made the game less dark
    • fixed single core (and machines set to single core mode) game not working (aka "black screen")
    • fixed radio on left alt button
      There are other black screen issues, but we're hammering away on them. Try reducing your resolution, playing in windowed mode, updating drivers, verifying files, and rebooting after a patch/fresh installation. All of these things have "solved" the black screen issue for your fellow players, so they could get into the game while we work on more permanent solutions.
      The last note should not be taken as evidence that we're ready to take the controller-only label off the game. It SHOULD be taken as evidence that we are watching you all make the keyboard work in spite of itself, and we want to make the waiting for the real deal a little easier on you.

    Update #4

      We are looking forward to your feedback, so we can patch again next week with your comments in mind.
      New features:
      First pass mouse and keyboard UI interactions
      Keyboard mapping is the same. Primary difference is that you can now use the mouse to click on any elements you would have WASD’d and Spacebar or used the buttons for before. In practice, this means that you can control all UI except for containers using only the mouse. Container UI coming in the next patch.
      Here is a personal note from Chris, one of the programmers working on the interface:
      One of the nice things of the current setup is that you could swap between controller and mouse/keyboard on the fly - we chose to feature that.
      To leverage existing resources to get results as fast as possible, we mapped mouse controls onto the UI we have today.
      From there, we're going to pick off and attack the areas that could use mouse specific love and iterate. As such, this model is considered a rough first pass - we're already hard at work on the next revision - using hover more to streamline, for example. Once we land on keybinding and approach - we'll swap the buttons for their appropriate icons.
      We'd love feedback!
      4:3 and 16:10 support.
      We had an option for 16:9 and 4:3; now an option for 16:10, 16:9, and 4:3
      Support for more popular monitor resolution as per steam hardware survey
      Changed them to the most popular on steam hardware survey. There is no longer 2160p.
      Bug fixes:
      · Fixed a bug causing a player to lose their ammo on mg's with 100 round capacity.
      · First pass on some UI alignment
      · Sound volume balancing across the game
      · Retuned loot distribution when starting a new game.
      · Fixed an issue with the Leaderboards showing incorrect data
      · Aligned aiming reticle UI
      · Fixed an issue where mouse calls were being dropped
      · Better mouse aiming (note from Sanya: Am nominating this for understatement of the year award)
      · Addressed an issue that could occur with some SLI enabled machines
      Known Issues
      Display settings - Currently there is no way to preview the setting options without committing on selection change.
      Gameplay - Still no binding to change firemodes on weapons where it should be available. Must use controller
      On Foot
      Movement: WASD
      Camera: Mouse
      Sprint: LShift
      Defend/Stealth: LCtrl
      Interact: E
      Cycle Items: Mousewheel (need alt for no wheel — suggestion below)
      Use Current Item: F
      Reload Gun: R
      Light: T
      Melee Attack: LMB
      Aim Gun: RMB
      Shoot Gun: LMB
      Zoom/Switch: Q
      In Vehicle
      Accelerate: W
      Brake/Reverse: S
      Steering: A/D
      Camera: Mouse (not working)
      Emergency Brake: Space
      Door Attack: LMB
      Headlights: T
      Horn: Q
      Get Out: E
      Open Pause Menu: Esc
      Open Journal: Tab
      Open Radio: LAlt
      Open World Map: M
      Move: Mouse
      Zoom: Mousewheel (need alt for no wheel)
      Place Waypoint: LMB
      UI Navigate: WASD
      UI Select/Accept: Space
      UI Back/Cancel: Esc
      And for the UI:
      A = space
      B = escape
      X = q
      Y = e
      rb = tab
      lb = shift+tab
      move = wasd
      scroll = wheel

    Update #5

      Update 5 changelog:
    • Fixed an issue where save files wouldn't load (if you have enclaves who are trying to claim another enclaves building).
    • Added in container mouse/keyboard support

    Update #6

      Update 6 changelog:
    • Fixed an issue where we were inadvertently flagging props (that still had resources in them) as "already searched."
    • Fixed a bug where we were forcing all languages to English
      Those were the easy ones to fix in the midst of chaos. We're still investigating mouse acceleration, weirdness with save games (and other loot issues), and more interface tuning. Stay tuned for more progress this week, barring the unforeseen.

    Update #7

      Update 7 changelog:
    • Исправлен баг который некорректно показывал репутацию жирными символами.
    • Выполняется сброс локализации
    • В меню дома можно тыкать мышкой.
    • В некоторых ситуациях при спавне игрока камера камера будет центрирована в направлении взгляда.
    • Небольшие улучшения запуска через виндовс.
    • Исправлено когда феррал не умирал от огня, если лежал на земле от сильного удара.
    • Эффекты убийств от режущего оружия будут в 2 раза чаще
    • Обновлена возможность сделать Двойное убийство на крикунах, так как теперь есть соответствующая анимация.
    • Цена на домашние обезболивающие снижена до 2 очков влияния.
    • При попытке переключиться/позвать выжившего по радио, те похоже будут отвечать, что они заняты или на миссии.
    • Переадресованы модели колючей проволоки на базе Аламо. (Т.е. наверно исправлено когда игрок пролезал сквозь колючку)
    • Взрыв бочки с пропаном теперь "накрывает" большую территорию.
    • Исправлена утечка памяти при выходе из игры.
    • Улучшена модель гравитации на ПК для большего сходства с Xbox версией. (По техническим причинам ПК и иксбокс версии имеют некоторые различия в гравитации. Теперь они схожи в этом насколько это возможно.)
    • По некоторым причинам нам не нравилось ставить левые и правые кавычки в тексте. Теперь нравится.
    • Оптимизация производительности.
    • Обновлен пользовательский интерфейс.
    • V2 мышь клавиатура.

    Update #8

      Update 8 changelog:
    • Увеличено разнообразие моделей зомби.
    • Корректировка чувствительности мыши.
    • Убийство дверью машины более надежно.
    • Ограничены поддерживаемые разрешения в оконном режиме.
    • Снижены теневые артефакты.
    • Кнопки tab и z назначены за левый и правый бамперы от джойстика в меню.
    • Изменены тексты подсказок и помощи для клавиатуры.
    • Изменена центровка подсказок для кнопок ПК
    • Фикс белого зомби.
    • Фикс скачущей мыши.
    • Фикс всплывающей кнопки при исследовании.
    • Фикс "нажатие Esc удаляет сохранения"
    • Фикс неправильной кнопки сброса рюкзака
    • Фикс подсветки оружия ближнего боя на экране.
    • Фикс некоторых "парящих" состояний мыши.

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