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PAYDAY 2 Update 9-
  • Версия обновления: Update 9
  • Требуемая версия: Update 8
  • Таблетка: Присутствует


-Changelog for Update #9 - 20130827
Fix for looping sounds getting stuck for host (while interacting with something giving a bag) when client finishes interacting with the same object
Fixed an issue where texture bleed would occur on uppercase "H"
Fixed some collision issues
Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck in a toilet on the Framing Frame job, Day 1
Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck behind doors
Made some minor GUI tweaks
The two heaviest armors now makes you move slower than before
CMP Submachinegun has a new animation and a vertical grip
Third person barrel extension (nozzle) named Stubby has an updated texture
There now is a higher chance to drop weapon mods for weapons you currently own
Some masks are now more rare than they were previously
Chance for cash drop cards in PAYDAY is now reduced depending on your reputation level
Ghost Tier 4 now reduces the movement speed penalty for armor
Ghost Tier 6 now gives your weapons a chance to pierce enemy armor plates
Skill - SMG Specialist - ACE - skill has been replaced: it now increases rate of fire for all SMG weapons
Skill - Silent killer - ACE - skill has been upgraded: all your silenced weapons now have a chance to pierce enemy armor plates
Skill - Lockpicking Expert - ACE - skill has been upgraded: you now also interact even faster while lockpicking


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