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SQL Database for Web Developers from Scratch
Год выпуска: 2015
Производитель: Udemy
Сайт производителя: udemy.com
Автор: Fahmi Eshaq
Продолжительность: 11:36
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: Behind every successful web application lies a well-designed database. Knowing how to design and develop databases will enable you to build web applications like a PRO. This database course teaches you what every professional database developer or web developer should, if not must, know. You'll learn A LOT in this course, so get ready to rock-n-roll!


Раздел 1: Introduction to Databases (Very Basic Foundation)
1 Course Overview
2 What is a Database?
3 Where to Store Data?
4 Data vs. Information
5 Database Tools
6 Database Skills vs. Database Tools
7 How to Store Data?
8 Why do We Use Databases?
9 What to Store in a Database? Part 1
10 What to Store in a Database? Part 2
11 What is Business Requirements?
12 What to Store in a Database? Part 3
13 Where Can you Create a Database?
14 Database Design vs. Database Implementation
15 Entities and Attributes
16 Example: Problem Statement
17 Demonstrate a Mockup Application
18 Why Design Phase? (Anomalies) - Part 1
19 Why Design Phase? Part 2
Раздел 2: Design Phase
20 What is Normalization?
21 Eliminate Multi-Values
22 Introduction to Keys
23 What is a Superkey?
24 What is a Candidate Key?
25 What is a Primary Key (PK)?
26 What is an Alternative Key?
27 What is a Surrogate Key?
28 What is a Repeating Group?
Note: In the first five seconds, the voice sounds as if it got cut in half when in fact its not. This problem was caused by audio issues.
29 Remove a Repeating Group
30 Review First Normal Form (1NF)
31 1NF Exercise - Part 1
32 1NF Exercise - Part 2
33 1NF Summary
34 What is Second Normal Form (2NF)?
35 2NF Exercise
36 2NF Summary
37 What is Third Normal Form (3NF)?
38 3NF Exercise
39 3NF Summary
40 What is After Third Normal Form?
Important Note: Fourth Normal Form is listed under lecture 124 by the very end of the Physical Phase; I didn't create appendix section. Why did I move 4NF to lecture 124? 4NF+ is more theortical and may confuse you and distract you if I demonstrated it right after 3NF. Also, 4NF and above are supplementary and not mandatory.
41 The End of Normalization
42 Introduction to Relationships
43 What is One-to-Many Relationship?
44 What is Many-to-Many Relationship?
45 What is One-to-One Relationship?
46 What is Self-Reference Relationship?
47 What is an Extended One-to-One Relationship? - Part 1
48 What is an Extended One-to-One Relationship? - Part 2
49 Introduction to Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
50 How to Draw One-to-Many Relationship in an ERD? - Part 1
51 How to Draw One-to-Many Relationship in an ERD? - Part 2
52 How to Draw Many-to-Many Relationship in an ERD?
53 How to Draw One-to-One Relationship in an ERD?
54 How to Draw Self-Referencing Relationship in an ERD?
55 How to Draw Extended One-to-One Relationship in an ERD?
56 Review ERD
57 The End of Entity Relationship Diagram
You can find lots of free youtube tutorials on how to design ERD on Microsoft Visio. For the time being, don't worry about designing ERD on MS Visio because it's luxury rather necessity. Anyhow, if still interested in MS Visio, here is few resources:
58 The End of Design Phase!
Раздел 3: Physical Phase
59 Introduction to the Implementation (Physical) Phase
60 Install Oracle Database - Part 1
61 Install Oracle Database - Part 2
62 Quick Tour on Oracle SQL Developer
63 What is SQL?
64 How to Create a Data Table?
65 How to Insert Data into a Database?
66 What is SELECT Statement?
67 What is WHERE Clause?
68 Comparison Operators
69 What is AND Operator?
70 What is OR Operator?
71 What is IN Operator?
72 Multiple AND Operators
73 Mixture of Operators
74 What is a Function?
75 What is not Equal Operator?
76 What is an Alias?
77 How to Sort a Table?
78 What is BETWEEN Operator?
79 What is NOT Operator?
80 How to Find NULL Values?
81 What is Concatenation? - Part 1
83 What is Concatenation? - Part 2
84 Learn More about INSERT
85 Quick Review on Implementation Phase
86 ERD of Human Resources System
The HR example is supported and provided by Oracle Corp.
87 Implement HR Schema - Part 1
88 Implement HR Schema - Part 2
89 Implement HR Schema - Part 3
90 Implement HR Schema - Part 4
91 Implement HR Schema - Part 5
92 Implement HR Schema - Part 6
93 Implement HR Schema - Part 7
94 Implement HR Schema - Part 8
95 How to Create a New User?
96 Run SQL Queries on HR Schema
97 How to Format Dates?
98 How to Format a Number into Currency?
99 Aggregate Functions
100 What is ROUND and TRUNC?
101 Aggregate Functions vs. Scalar Functions
102 What is GROUP BY?
103 What is COALESCE and NVL?
104 Conditional Statements
105 What is INNER JOIN?
106 What is OUTER JOIN?
107 Set Operators - UNION and UNION ALL
108 Set Operators - MINUS and INTERSECT
109 What is an Inline View?
110 How to Create a VIEW?
111 What is a Subquery?
112 What is DISTINCT?
113 Correlated Subquery - What is EXISTS?
114 What is a Scalar Subquery?
115 What is a Sequence?
116 What is ALTER TABLE?
117 What is INDEXES?
118 What is a Data Dictionary?
119 PL/SQL - How to Create Custom Functions?
120 PL/SQL - What is a Procedure?
121 PL/SQL - What is a Trigger?
122 What are the Types of SQL Queries?
123 The End of Physical Phase
124 What is After Third Normal Form? (Appendix)
125 SQL Hands-on Exercises
Раздел 4: Real-world Hands-on Projects
126 The Relationship between Databases and Software Applications
127 Introduction to the Real-world Projects
128 Project 1: Anonymous Blog Demo
129 Project 1: Anonymous Blog Summary
130 Project 1: Anonymous Blog - ERD
131 Project 1: Anonymous Blog - DDL
132 Project 1: Anonymous Blog - DML
133 Project 2: ShinyTalk Demo
134 Project 2: ShinyTalk - ERD
135 Project 2: ShinyTalk - DDL
136 Project 2: ShinyTalk - DML
137 Project 3: Classified Ads Demo
138 Project 3: Classified Ads - ERD
139 Project 3: Classified Ads - DDL
140 Project 3: Classified Ads - DML
141 Project 4: Consultation Services Demo
142 Project 4: Consultation Services - ERD
143 Project 4: Consultation Services - DDL
144 Project 4: Consultation Services - DML
145 Project 5: Realestate Website (Exercise)
146 Congrats! The End
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Видео: AVC, 1152x720, 16:10, 30fps, 247kbps
Аудио: AAC, 44.1kHz, 64kbps, stereo


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