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Arduino meets LabVIEW - Wiring, Installation & Programming
Год выпуска: 2015
Производитель: Udemy
Сайт производителя: udemy.com
Автор: Akesh Dhiman Mr Rajvir Singh
Продолжительность: 7:48
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: Arduino Smart Control is a course specially created for Electronic Geeks, Engineering Students & Engineers who wants to take Arduino Programming to next level.
The course lesson will explains “How to work on Arduino” by using C Language. This course will work best for you if you own an Arduino UNO. Later you will learn how to interface the Arduino with LabVIEW
Arduino can be used in your Engineering projects, Industrial Projects or Home Automation related projects.


Раздел 1: Introduction to Arduino
1 Arduino Interfaced with LabVIEW - Controlling DC Motor
2 Installation of Arduino Drivers
3 Symbols of components.
4 First exercise on Arduino- Blinking of LED
5 Make a One way Traffic light
Раздел 2: Serial Communications.
6 Controlling LEDs using Computer keyboard.
7 Reading analog input and vary the brightness of LED
8 Varying the speed of a DC motor.
Раздел 3: Control structures in Arduino.
9 For loop iteration.
10 While Loop iteration
11 Arduino : Basic Level - 10 вопроса(ов)
Раздел 4: Digital Inputs.
12 Reading a digital input and Debouncing
13 Controlling a DC motor using microswitch
Раздел 5: Seven Segment display.
14 Wiring and automatic UP counter
15 Up Counter using Push button
16 Up Down Counter using Push button
Раздел 6: Liquid Crystal Display.
17 Wiring of LCD
18 Display a message on LCD Screen
19 Display Room Temperature on LCD screen
20 Creating custom characters
21 Different messages on LCD screen
22 Writing message by serial communication
23 Up Down Counter on LCD
24 Arduino : Medium Level - 10 вопроса(ов)
Раздел 7: EEPROM in Arduino
25 Read and Write values to EEPROM
26 Read and Write values to EEPROM by microswitch
Раздел 8: IR LEDs
27 Wiring of IR LEDs
28 Turn ON an output LED
29 Make an UP Counter
Раздел 9: Shift Registers
30 Wiring of Shift Registers
31 Turn ON an output LED
32 Turn ON LEDs One by One
33 Knight Rider effect
34 Make a Binary Counter
35 Blinking of all LEDs
36 Turn ON and OFF even/odd state LEDs
37 Arduino : Advance Level - 10 вопроса(ов)
Раздел 10: Arduino Help Books
38 Arduino Sketches with Fritzing Wiring Diagram - 70 слайд(ов)
Раздел 11: Arduino Projects
39 Servo Motor Sync with LDR using Arduino
Раздел 12: Arduino meets LabvVIEW
40 Turn ON/OFF Arduino Outputs using LabVIEW
41 How to Link Arduino & LabVIEW
Раздел 13: Arduino & LabVIEW Basic Exercises
42 Understanding Loops in LabVIEW
43 Forward Sequence Control of LEDs
44 Reverse Sequence Control of LEDs
45 Blinking of LED using LabVIEW
Раздел 14: Analog Control Operations
46 LabVIEW : Basic Level - 10 вопроса(ов)
47 Varying the Brightness of LED using LabVIEW
48 Varying speed of DC Motor using LabVIEW
Раздел 15: Case Structures
49 Understanding Case Structures
50 Turning ON/OFF of Output by String Function using Case Structures
Раздел 16: Switch Operation
51 Understanding Switches in LabVIEW
52 Logic Gates in LabVIEW
53 Turn ON/OFF output using Push Button
54 Turn ON/OFF output using Toggle Switch
55 How to Design Push Button in LabVIEW
56 Alternate method of Blinking
Раздел 17: Using Real Time Clock in LabVIEW
57 Understanding Real Time Clock in LabVIEW
58 Interfacing Real Time Clock in Arduino
Раздел 18: Monitoring Digital & Analog Signals in LabVIEW
59 Reading Digital Input of Arduino in LabVIEW
60 Turning ON Output using External Device
61 Increment & Decrements operation in LabVIEW
62 Reading Analog Signal of 0 ~ 5VDC in LabVIEW
63 Varying the Brightness of LED using POT
64 Reading Room Temperature by LM35 in LabVIEW
65 Temperature ON/OFF Control Project in LabVIEW
Раздел 19: LCD Experiments of Arduino with LabVIEW
66 Display Message on LCD Screen via LabVIEW
67 Adjusting the Rows & Column of the Message
68 Scrolling of Messages on LCD
69 Displaying Different Message on LCD
Раздел 20: Arduino Integrated with LabVIEW Projects
70 How to Send E-mail from LabVIEW
71 How to Send Excel Sheet of Arduino reading as an E-mail from LabVIEW
72 Controlling VFD using LabVIEW & Arduino
Раздел 21: LINX Tutorials with Codes
73 About LINX - 1 страница
74 How to Install LINX -6 страница
Раздел 22: LINX Codes with Tutorials
75 Turn ON/OFF LED's - 2 страница
76 Blinking of LED's - 2 страница
77 Varying the Brightness of LED - 2 страница
78 Vary the speed of motor - 2 страница
79 Case Structures - 2 страница
80 Logic Gates - 2 страница
81 Turn on output using Push Button - 2 страница
82 Turn on output using Toggle Button - 2 страница
83 Alternate method of Blinking of LED - 2 страница
84 Real time Clock in LabVIEW - 2 страница
85 Reading Digital Input - 2 страница
86 Reading Digital Input and actuating the output - 2 страница
87 Increment and Decrement by digital input - 2 страница
88 Reading Analogue Input - 2 страница
89 Reading Analogue Input and varying the output - 2 страница
90 Displaying Room Temperature - 2 страница
91 Displaying Room temperature and turning on an output - 2 страница
92 Sending an E-mail of Temperature log - 1 страница
93 Access NFI Authorized Page - Текст
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Формат видео: MP4
Видео: AVC, 1280x720, 16:9, 30fps, 686kbps
Аудио: AAC, 44.1kHz, 64kbps, stereo


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