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Improving WordPress Security Course
Год выпуска: 2016
Производитель: Udemy
Сайт производителя: www.udemy.com
Сайт производителя: 00:30:58
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: Используйте этот простой и эффективный курс , чтобы сделать ваш WordPress сайт более безопасной и надежной-Do you know that almost 80% of WordPress sites are considered “vulnerable”?
Or that of the top 10 most vulnerable plugins,five are actually commercial plugins available for purchase and over 20 percent of the 50 most popular plugins for WordPress are vulnerable to common cyber attacks ..
These are scary statistics and if you're a WordPress site owner you must do something about it before it's too late ...
Having your WordPress site hacked could result in:
Loss of hard work, custom coding, images, etc.
Stealing personal and sensitive information
Loss of money required to recover (if possible)
Not to mention the emotional consequences of this scenario. Trust me, I write this from experience ...
That's probably the main reason I created this course - to help you prevent something like this from happening.
And it doesn't have to be hard and complicated.
That's why this course is created with one goal in mind – simplicity. The content is well-structured, balanced, and action-oriented, without any useless and time-consuming information.
Throughout the course we will learn how to make our WordPress site more secure to common web attacks and how to protect ourselves from being hacked.
We'll cover also:
What makes WordPress vulnerable and which parts of WP are most vulnerable
How to install and configure special security plugin
How to implement few simple but powerful hosting tweaks
Does the hosting matter and how to select the right one
I've also created a simple checklist, so you can systematically apply the necessary methods.
Now you have the chance to avoid this scenario and give yourself a peace of mind.
So without wasting anymore time let’s dive in and make our WordPress more secure.


├── 01 Introduction
│ ├── 001 Why you need to pay attention to security.mp4
│ └── 002 What makes WordPress vulnerable.mp4
├── 02 Core Security
│ ├── 001 Installing and configuring security plugin.mp4
│ ├── 002 Checking wordpress and main plugins.mp4
│ ├── 003 Disabling WordPress comments.mp4
│ ├── 004 PHP Deny method implementation.mp4
│ ├── 005 SQL Injection Defense.mp4
│ └── 006 Wp-config protection.mp4
├── 03 Advanced Security
│ ├── 001 CloudFlare.mp4
│ ├── 002 FTP Client risks.mp4
│ └── 003 WordPress hosting.mp4
├── 04 Regular Maintenance
│ ├── 001 Backups.mp4
│ ├── 002 Passwords.mp4
│ ├── 003 Regular scans.mp4
│ └── 004 Checklist.html
├── 05 Recap
│ └── 001 Course summary.mp4
└── 06 Resources
└── 001 Resources PDF.html
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Формат видео: MP4
Видео : AVC, 1280x720,1920x1080, (16:9), 30.000 fps, ~2 745 Kbps avg, 0.199 bit/pixel
Аудио: 44.1 KHz, AAC LC, 2 ch, ~66.0 Kbps


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