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R - Business Analytics Using R Programming
Год выпуска: 2015
Производитель: Udemy / iCodeiLearn Academy
Сайт производителя: udemy.com
Продолжительность: 16:13
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: This course ensure quick learning in a simplified way. It explains the most important aspects of working on data and conduct analysis through example. You will start by learning how to install and navigate R studio. Learn Data/Object Types and Operations, Importing into R, and Loops and Conditions. you will be introduced to the use of R in Analytics, where you will learn a little about each object type in R and use that in Data Mining/Analytical Operations. learn the use of R in Statistics, using R to evaluate Descriptive Statistics, Probability Distributions, Hypothesis Testing, Linear Modeling, Generalized Linear Models, Non-Linear Regression, and Trees. Learn to create 2-dimensional Univariate and Multi-variate plots. You will also learn about formatting various parts of a plot, covering a range of topics like Plot Layout, Region, Points, Lines, Axes, Text, Color and so on. If you want to learn R for use in data analytics, statistics and data science, you can count on this course to take you from beginner to an advanced level. Start off with the basics of R and dive deep into how to use R for statistics, vector arithmetic, generating regular sequences, logical filters, and more. Data is useless if you do not have the right tools to build informative graphs. Plots need to be understood easily while being accurate at the same time. R Programming for Business Analytic offers a variety of plotting devices, some of them are whole systems which need to be learned like a new language.
Применение языка R в анализе деловых данных.


Раздел 1: Introduction
Course Curriculum
Discriminant Analysis
Раздел 2: Basic Concepts on R Programming and Business Analytic
Introduction to R and Analytics
Evolution of Business Analytics
Business Example Hotel
Data for Business Analytics
Раздел 3: Ordinal Data and Decision Models
Ordinal Data
Decision Model Example
Descriptive Decison Models
Business Analytics Life Cycle
Model Deployment
Steps in Problem Solving Process
Software Used in Business Analytics
Раздел 4: Getting Started With R
Getting Started With R
installing R Studio
Basics of R
Basic R Functions
Data Types
Recycling Rule
Special Numerical Values
Parallel Summary Functions
Logical Conjunctions
Pasting Strings together
Type Coercion
Array and Matrix
Repository and Packages
installing A Package
Раздел 5: Working with Data
Importing Data
Importing Data Spss
Working With Data
Data Aggregation
Data Manipulation and Statistics Basics
Data Creation
Merge Example
Раздел 6: Data Statistics
What is Statistics
Calculating Variance
Calculating Covariance
Cumulative Frequency
Library (Mass)
Head (Faithful)
Scatter Plot
Control Flow
Раздел 7: Statistics, Probability and Distribution
Statistics, Probability and Distribution
Random Variable
Random Example
Discrete Example
Practice Problem
Continuous Case
Exponential Distribution Practice Problem
Expected Value
Gambling Example
Deal Or No Deal
Раздел 8: Distribution Details
Distribution Details
Binomial Distribution Continued
Expected Value From Binomial
Uniform Random Variables
Probability Distributions Examples
Probability Distributions Examples Continues
Раздел 9: Business Analytics Using R
Business Analytics Using R
Normal Pdf
What is Normal, Not Normal
Sat Example
Example- Birth Weights
Dnorm, Pnorm, Qnorm
Раздел 10: Understanding Estimation
Understanding Estimation
Properties of Good Estimators
Central Limit theorem
Constructing Central Limit theorem
Confidence intervals for the Mean
Confidence intervals Examples
Computer Lab Example
T-Distribution Continued
R Examples
Standard Error of the Mean
Downloading the Package
Sample Differences
Раздел 11: Hypothesis Testing and R
Hypothesis Generation and Testing
Hypothesis Testing
One Sided P Value
Power and Sample Size
Efficacy Test for New Drugs
Testing Hypothesis Using R
Calculating the Z Value
Lower Tail Proportion of Population Proportion
Раздел 12: Forecasting
Time Series Analusis Applications
Time Series Analusis Applications Continue
Observation Components
Traditional Approaches
Double Exponentional Smoothing
Arima Steps
forecasting Performance
Univariate Arima
Раздел 13: R Visualization
R Visualization
Why Visualize
Overlaying Plots
Graphs Representation of Data
Graphs Representation of Data Continued
Advanced Graphs
Bubble Charts
Раздел 14: Anova and Factorial Anova
Concept of Effect
Estimate of Treatment Effect
Factorial Anova
Раздел 15: Regression Model
Regression Model
Linear Relationship
Output of Regression Model
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