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Sunless Sea

•Год выпуска: 6 фев, 2015
•Жанр: RPG, Adventure, Horror,
•Разработчик: Failbetter Games
•Издательство: Failbetter Games
•Платформа: PC
•Версия игры: v1.0.4.2130 от 3 СЕНТЯБРЯ
•Тип издания: Лицензия от GOG
•Язык интерфейса: aнглийский
•Язык озвучки: Не требуется
•Таблетка: Не требуется (DRM-FREE oт GOG)

• Операционная система: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
• Процессор: Pentium IV 1.7 ГГц
• Оперативная память: 512 мб
• Видеокарта: 128 Мб
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 701 MБ

Sunless Sea - это приключенческий rpg хоррор, в которой игрок путешествует по лишенному света миру на своем корабле, стараясь не нарваться на хищных монстров и не погубить свою команду и себя. Sunless Sea (Лишенное солнца море) — игра, посвященная исследованию и выживанию в условиях плавания по практически неизученным и очень бурным морям! Действие игрушки разворачивается в мире Викторианской готики, где мистика и наука сливаются воедино, давя на психику геймерам. Вы будете управлять своим пароходом, которому предстоит очень опасная экспедиция в неизвестность! Хотя на вашем корабле полным-полно пушек, а артиллеристы храбры и метки, именно природа будет вашим самым главным союзником… и врагом! Свет и тьма — две противоположности могут быть грамотно использованы вам на пользу, если вы сумеете правильно поставить дело. На каждом шагу вас будут поджидать все новые истории. У каждого члена вашего экипажа есть собственная темная страничка в прошлом, а глубокое море и неизведанные берега таят в себе еще больше тайн. По ходу прохождения придется принимать разнообразные решения — и они в последующем повлияют на развитие событий!Раздача обновлена до версии v1.0.4.2130 от 3 СЕНТЯБРЯSunless Sea Trailer

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Список Обновлений

The Rise of Pigmote
Hairless Adviser! The Neath's most adorable nation needs your wisdom once again!
Guide the feuding rats and cavies of Pigmote Isle to independence. Sabotage their ambitions for your own benefit. Help them flourish, or pick through the ruins of their doomed dream. London will never believe a b____dy word of it anyway.
This free story continues your adventures on Pigmote!
To begin the new arc in an ongoing game, simply return to Pigmote Isle while Something Awaits You. If your current captain has been exiled, you will need to return with a new captain. In a new game, this story continues directly on from the island's foundation.
The Pirate Poet and the Merciless Modiste
The Pirate Poet and Merciless Modiste are now ready for you to meet!
The Pirate Poet is an exclusive character for Kickstarter backers at the Corsair level and higher, though all brave Captains can recruit the Modiste if they dare. We’ll be in touch via Kickstarter if you’re due to encounter the Pirate Poet! UPDATE to the UPDATE: Backers! The Pirate Poet code is now working. Enjoy!
This backer-exclusive content will be made available for purchase, further down the line.
Fixes and additions
This update also expands the amount of files modders can alter, introduces a new Account Management page and contains a few bug fixes.
Modding Constants
You can now include the 'Constants' folder as part of your mod, allowing you to adjust properties like ship speed and engine power.
Account Management
Players will now be able to:
View any Condiments they have. Condiments are tasty accompaniments to Sunless Sea (found in Fallen London, or as DLC in future)
Get new stories manually
Authenticate their account manually, if there are no new stories
Switch accounts
Bug fixes
We've fixed or added the following:
Issue with the 'Edit Keybindings' page which caused the scroll bar to stop functioning.
Legacy bug which allowed players to choose Officers or Weapons they no longer possessed.
Repairing issue which would cause the player ship to become stuck in the 'Repair' state.
Corvette enemy ship added to the game (for Kickstarter Backers this ship will be captained by the Pirate Poet)
== Version:
Новая версия игры v1.0.3.2046 or GOG setup v2.4.0.5 from April 2, 2015
== Version changes:
ERIK Patch Notes:
ERIK is here, introducing new items which you can use to instigate combat with some of the Unterzee’s deadliest beasts!
Take one of these items to zee with you and use it to summon your quarry. Best used when you are a good distance from land, in open waters.
This means people who are struggling to find some of the rarer enemies in the game will be able to engage them, in a location of their choice.
This patch also contains a variety of fixes to some niggling issues we have had people report.
New features
Summon zee-beast items – use one of these out at zee to summon a powerful foe. Different items will summon different enemies.
Weapons that require ammunition to use will now give you a clear indication of which item they will use up.
It should now be possible to reveal your entire chart, provided you have explored all of the navigable ocean around the coast.
Bug fixes
Eliminated some odd spaces that were appearing before or after some of the bold or italicized text.
Prevented players from becoming locked in a story when revealing their past to one of their officers.
You should no longer be able to miss-click on the save/load screen and load in file from outside the scroll panel.
Resolved an issue were clicking the audio settings button would cause the music volume to be set to a new level.
The main menu button the gazetteer (the green cog) should no longer open a story if there is a story button behind it.
Scrolling the hold page should no longer result in items overlapping with the jettison cargo button.
Happy hunting!

Старая версия игры Sunless Sea 18 march 2015

New feature:
There are now some variations on the way victory screens look based on the win condition you achieved. We will be adding more to the game soon.
Bug fixes
The periodic frame rate drop/stuttering issue has been fixed.
A few edge cases that were occasionally preventing people from carrying forward their legacy items after exiting the game have been resolved.
Mt Nomad and the Tree of Ages will now spawn more often.
Some edge cases where trading vessels would pop into existence or get stuck on terrain have been fixed.
The descriptions of A Dream of Red and A Travelling Light now correctly state which stats they enhance.
The quantities of items usable in combat are now updated correctly when you gain more of them.
Fixed an issue where trading in a vessel occasionally resulted in you getting more money than expected (sorry!).
Zee-beast attacks that were reducing terror now increase it, as intended.
The audio no longer clips out when selling multiple items in the shop.
Removed an edge case that occasionally allowed you to carry legacy stat bonuses over from one set of character lineages to another.
If you have multiple copies of an item that is currently equipped to a slot on your ship, they should now appear in your hold as well.
27th Feb
Hey guys, here the latest version of Sunless sea. Changelog below
This patch should address a number of issues people have been experiencing around saving and loading the game, as well as problems with zee-beast AI and bizarre behavior with civilian ships. In addition, there are a number of other small improvements throughout the game.
New features
•The game should now remember your position within a chain of stories. If you exit the game halfway through a chain, the next time you load that save file you will be returned to that point in the chain.
•The 'Full Power' button icon on the hotkey bar has now been changed to an image that makes it clearer that it is related to engines, rather than attack power.
Bug fixes
•Combat attacks that target supplies no longer claim to be affecting crew and now give the correct warning in the log book.
•Players experiencing issues with the tutorial system should now be able to continue their save games with pre-launch captains.
•People playing on monitors that Unity does not natively support should no longer experience issues when going to the video options page.
•The horn should now be usable multiple times per play session.
•You should now be able to re-open a story by clicking on the preview button the bottom right hand corner, even if it was the last story you were viewing before closing the gazetteer.
•Various improvements with the way in which game saving is handled to eliminate edge cases that prevented you being able to load back into the save.
•Zee-beasts now have improved AI, preventing you from remaining in their blind spot behind them without them being able to spot you. In addition, ramming behavior has been improved to make it harder to avoid attacks.
•Quality and story images now have additional caching added to them in order to address performance issues.
•HUD updates have been re-worked in order to address performance issues.
•Civilian ships should no longer pop in and out of nowhere, but rather should behave in the same manner as hostile vessels. Except they won't attack you.
•The bats in Fallen London should no longer fly under your boat.
•Using an item in combat, then switching to your hold, will no longer reset the item's cooldown.
•Losing your Lump of Blue Scintillack should now result in it becoming unavailable in combat.
•An issue preventing a hidden Steam achievement from firing should now be resolved...
•The copy on the manual save button has been fixed to prevent it from being cut off.
•Receiving the same mini story snippet from a member of your crew twice in a row will no longer prevent you from getting the quality changes the second time around.
New in Sunless Sea this week!
First of all here's some NEW CONTENT!
A new ambition for your captains! Found a colony at the world's end, in a place of beauty and searing danger. Grow it slowly over time. Claim legitimacy as a monarch of the zee, and win the game.
Just yesterday, we discovered the cause of the stuttering/framerate bug some of you have been experiencing. Thanks to everyone who submitted a bug report about it!
We’re working on a fix for it. We want to include that fix in the MAGELLAN update, so we're holding MAGELLAN back for a few days.
A few more things we’ve been talking about this week:
We’ve spent a good while thinking and talking about translations, and following the discussion in the forums.
Sunless Sea contains 250,000 words. That’s longer than Moby Dick. It took six writers and two editors two years to write it in English. The resources required to translate the game into even one more language are simply massive - too big for our team.
Having said that, we're delighted some of you are interested in translating the game! But because it's not practical for us to check or manage fan translation mods, we won't be able to officially endorse them.
Controller support
This is still on our ‘nice to have’ list. Whether we’re able to add it is down to how well the game does over the next few months.
Let us know how you get on with the new ambition!
Until next time,

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Included FREE goodies: 7 avatars+ 6 concept arts

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Справляйтесь по темным водам подземного моря. Исследуйте затерянные и таинственные земли. Торгуйте и перевозите всё от шёлка и тканей, до наркотического мёда и живых мертвецов. Сражайтесь с пиратами и подводными тварями, вылезших прямиком со страниц Лавкрафта. Ведите морской разбой. Плетите интриги в городах. Улучшайте свой корабль или покупайте новый. Погружайтесь в бесчисленные сюжеты и задания. Ешьте свою команду при отсутствии пищи. Сходите с ума. Умирайте в сражениях, чтобы ваши потомки унаследовали ваше дело.
Мрачный мир с уникальной атмосферой.
Карьера бессердечного и циничного героя.
Геймплей, основанный на череде множества выборов с неочевидными результатами.
Тонны хорошо написанных текстов о приключениях.


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