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-Разработчик: N. Aaroe при поддержке True zone© [PROJECTS] -

Краткое описание

* Полная смена атмосферы Зова Припяти
* Коррекция баланса оружия и повреждений
* Экономика
* Интеллект НПС
* Выбор специализации ГГ - снайпер, разведчик, штурмовик
* Коррекция РПГ-составляющих оригинальной игры - поведение и реакция ГГ
* Система диалогов, в зависимости от выбранной специализации
* Новое оружие
* Предметы
* Погодные эффекты (задействован AtmosFear Mod 3.0)
* Курс на уменьшение количества мяса
описание взято с рутрекера


Полное описание на английском

NPCs are ripped apart if not safely hidden during emissions.
Actor belong to "Ukrainian Special Services (USS)" and not "Free Stalkers"
Actor feels more alive with various tweaks of sound, movement and general interaction during firefights.
New entry (starting) gear based on your choice of USS specialization.
The maximum weigth you can carry is lowered but you run slightly faster now when not overencumbered.
Endurance and maximum carrying weight varies and is based on your choice of character.
Your entry to The Zone is at 6 AM (morning).
English subtitles during VIP NPC dialogs.
Time scale is scripted to 3:1 (3 times faster than realtime)
Corpses and dead animals can be dragged ("Shift" + "Use" key)
Bandages only stops bleeding.
No weapon restrictions in safe zones
Option for first person camera and third person camera with a single button.
New cool screen effects when firing a weapon (resembling recoil shock/shake effects). This effect varies depending on the caliber fired.
Your flashlight does not illuminate your weapon any more (only when reloading and sprinting) which makes it easier for your eyes to focus on the environment during darkness.
3GB RAM enabled for system engine (prevents crashes on lower end pc's)
Stronger and deadlier anomaly's.
Very little food and good drinks found in The Zone making them more valuable.
Zombified stalkers are mindless wanderers that attack everything and are killed effectively only with headshots.
Fewer weapons to be found in The Zone.
Low weapon and ammo ressources. No more "killing zombies to easily find loads of weapons and ammo".
No gifts in your stash after the quest's "friend of stalkers" & "monsterhunter"
Changes to actor health system, item effects, economy and damage system for very high difficulty
There are no difficulty settings to choose from with this mod. There will be MISERY only and the mod will form a huge challenge for rookie Stalkers.
Minimap shows no enemies or dead bodies, only traders and your cooperatives
Universal silencer has been removed: You will need the correct sound suppressor variant for your weapon caliber
No warnings, task messages or safezone indications on pda during emmisions (only sirens)
Seek a more natural day/night rhythm without drugs if you want to avoid a blurred vision caused by headache or the need for recreation and rest.
Food don't restore your health.
Many mutant have new sounds including Poltergheist, Snorks, tushkano, flesh, boars, ...
New special designed sounds including actor steps on grass and in water, drinking, eating and more
New ambient sound effects including flies and other animals.
All weapons have new crisp sounds for firing, handling and reload (even including your knife).
PDA sounds are retouched
New original musical score for all areas.
Combat music changed to silence (music is cut off)
All weapon sounds are synchronized to match animations
New interface sounds including ingame inventory
Random radio chatter and miscellaneous sound effects
Russian Dialog and general speech
Each silencer variant has a unique sound (based on the ammo caliber)
Hundreds of new high resolution textures for environment, items and weapons, suits and headgear. NPC's are looking unshaved, scarred and tired.
Complete redesign of environmental textures to create a dead and miserable atmosphere (many dead textures from AtmosFear used)
Better blood and redesign of suit and clothes colour schemes.
Redesign of most weapons (many weapons seem worn and unmaintained)
There is a large variation in the amount of corrosion and dirt on the weapons depending on the background of the weapontype.
New sprint animation for many weapons.
New look of several mutants including Flesh and Chimera
Unique AtmosFear sky textures for most weather types
Unique version of AtmosFear3 with special designed sky textures, weather behavior, suns and god rays
(Fallout is not included). The weather has been scripted to be almost a constant dreadful setting where the sky rarely 'opens up and breathes' with direct and clean sunlight.
Complete interface redesign including main menu, options, loading screens, inventory, hud, compass, mouse pointer and more
New minimal health and stamina bars
Added head bobbing based on actor movement for immersion. Sprinting causes much head bobbing.
The compass won't show enemy locations. Neither will it show dead bodies.
It will however indicate your friends and VIPs (like traders).
Still you will find a display of your currently equipped type of ammunition
as well as how much there is left.
New desaturated PDA map and inventory for wide screen monitor
Slightly transparent brown inventory
Minimal HUD with no grenade warnings
Dynamic Helmet HUD to reflect headgear with new improved visuals even compared to "IWA".
All weapons are presented with their real model names and descriptions are rewritten. All weapon descriptions now include a display of possible attachments. Also it shows if your USS character has expert training in the inspected weapon type.
Cleared Stash Mod, places a small treasure icon map spot where you pick up a stash
New inventory icons and descriptions
The Field of View has been widened to fit better with high resolution gaming and expand your view. The FOV is now 75'.
Scopes zoom levels have been tweaked
Your aim is wavering to reflect your breathing when aiming through optic scopes. Your stance influences your aim (dont snipe from standing position).
Low startout economy and much weaker NPC economy
All upgrades cost 25% more than vanilla
50% less reward money for completed missions/quests
Ammo and weapon prizes tweaked according to low availability
You get paid less for artefacts
Traders won't buy weapons in poor condition
Scientists are now buying artefact's
All traders and Stalkers is paying you less for everything they buy
The Military and Uncle Yar will charge you for repairing your gear in Pripyat, the Military will give you 50% discount and Uncle Yar 15% discount
Loot money from corpses
Less food, medicine, ammo and grenades in loot
There are 3 different playable USS characters to choose from. Each with their own unique attributes like endurance, speed, weapon specializations and starting gear. Choose carefully as this will influence your entire playthrough.
More than 40 new upgradeable weapons added to the game. Including pistols, shotguns, SMG's, carbines, rifles, machine guns and sniper rifles. Some are found in traders stock, some are held by NPC's, some are hidden in the stashes of The Zone. Most of the weapons are unique, meaning that there is only 1 of them in the game.
Attachments are available for the new weapons and vanilla has even more attachments now.
New ammo and armament ui icons
Complete overhaul of all weapon conditions and behavior.
Weapon Rate of Fire, ammo counts, weight and all other attributes are based on real life counterparts
Weapon handling is based on the size and weight of the model
More frequent weapon jamming
There is now a silencer variant for each ammo caliber available
New silencer and scope icon visuals
Redesign of scope visuals and zooming
New scripting of recoil (based on ammo caliber)
No shooting from the hip. Recoil of all weapons are now more aggressive so you will need to take proper aim and use the strength of your hands and torso to shoot with low recoil. Crouching improves your aim in the optimal way. If you don't aim properly you will suffer great recoil and weapon sway when shooting in bursts or fully automatic.
Weaopon handling/recoil is influenced by your choice of USS specialization
All upgrades available for most weapons (still requires tool sets)
Thermite grenades added
More realistic weapon damage based on ammo caliber
The screen does not zoom in when you are aiming with iron sights
Low Ammunition Ressources
This means that traders have less but more valuable ammo to offer at a raised price.
By helping the military faction in Pripyat you are still offered free ammo
All stashes edited to raise difficulty and to create a miserable and harsh environment
Number of weapon in The Zone have been cut down severely. Few Stalkers even have a backup weapon. Some novices only pistols. Making NPC armament more variated and even includes new weapons. Zombies are less well armed.
New food, drinks and item visuals
New items including joints, cigarettes, protein bars, porn mags and survival book.
Military knife, Binoculars, PDA and Identitycard will show up in your inventory, you can't drop or sell them
Sleeping bag & sleeping pills added to the game
There are two sets of knifes in the game now, one that is your standard issue military knife and works just as the vanilla knife. Then there is the hunting knife that the rest of the stalkers uses, it uses a weapon slot and you can sell them.
Barmen now selling clear water (prolongs your need for sleep)
Item weights tweaked
Barmen and medics have less food, drinks, bandages and medkits to sell making them even more expensive
Alundaio's various AI Mod v1.07 included
AI Reworked (stalkers & monsters)
Reworked monster behavior
Relations tweaked. Stalkers/Bandits no longer turn neutral to each other
Re spawns in freeplay (more alternatives of spawns in zaton and jupiter)
You will find that some rookies may only be equipped with a standard pistol and a few rounds in terms of armament.
The more experienced have found their way to a proper firearm but may not even have a secondary
backup weapon.
The veterans are well equipped with quality weaponry. But all NPCs carry a minimum of the expensive ammunition required for their objectives and survival.
Zombied Stalkers reworked...removed their bleeding and tweaked the damage they take when they is shot in different areas on the body, they don't heal as quickly as before but is more resilient against bullets.
NPC's might carry stuff like valuable food that they won't sell or trade.
Corrected the pda statistic called "killed stalkers" to "people killed"
AI tweaks due to adding metadata to some sounds that inflict behavior (i.e. related to tushkano)
Range of the combat knife has been raised
The FN2000 can now use the silencer as default
Iron sights aligned correctly
Colonel Kovalski bug fixes
Oasis artifact will no longer reduce your hunger but it has better healing ability, it is highly radioactive as it supposed to be
Pistol Degradation (some pistols did stop degrade if you installed all upgrades)
Minor artifact tweaks
Crow spam fix
Dead body remove time (stalkers & mutants)
The three Burers in X8's "secret floor" can now be killed from outside the room they are located in
No lock down when fighting enemy's close to safe zones
Quest items can be stored in your stash

Полезные ссылки

Оф]www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-misery]Оф страница мода на http://www.moddb.com[/url


Платформа: Зов Припяти (
Правильный порядок установки - MISERY 2.0 + Patch 2.0.2 + quick-fix + Русификатор + надстройки/текстуры
мод запускать со Stalker-COP.exe с правами администратора
Текстуры устанавливать обязательно, берутся из распакованного архива MISERY 2.0, и кидаются в папку gamedata-
-Обновлено до версии 2.0.2 с русификатором и всеми фиксами на 26.08.13

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