Ивановский Торрент трекер


-Sanctum.v 1.5.22889 + 11 DLC- - Дата выхода: 15 апреля 2011
Дата выхода в России: -
Жанр: Action (Shooter) / Strategy (Real-time) / 3D / 1st Person
Мультиплеер: (4) LAN, Internet
Разработчик: Coffee Stain Studios
Издатель: Coffee Stain Studios
Издатель в России: -
Локализатор: -
Тип издания: Repack (Лицензии)
Платформа: PC
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Таблетка: Вшита (PROPHET.v 1.5.22889)
Сайты игры: http://www.coffeestainstudios.com/products.php?id=Sanctum-Системные требования:
Операционная система: XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7 SP1
Процессор: Core 2 Duo - 1,6 ГГц или Athlon X2
Оперативной памяти: 2048 Мб \ 4096 Мб
Свободного места на жестком диске: 1827 Мб
Видеокарта: GeForce 7600GS или Radeon HD2400Pro, (256 Мб), (DirectX 9) \ GeForce 8800GTS, (512 Мб), (DirectX 9)
Файловая система: FAT, NTFS
Важно: перед установкой отключаем Антивирус и Файрвол-Краткое описание:
Вы думаете, что игры жанра Tower Defense посвящены лишь строительству? Вы ошибались. Sanctum — это не просто очередная игра в стиле Tower Defense. При первых же разрушениях вы сами вступите в бой! Как один из первых в истории Tower Defense — шутеров, Sanctum взял только самое лучшее из обеих вселенных, чтобы привнести эпический, уникальный в своем роде, игровой опыт.-

Установленные патчи:

v 1.0.6479

* Assault Rifle.
* Buffed primary fire damage:
- Lvl 1: 8 -> 9.
- Lvl 2: 13 -> 15.
- Lvl 3: 23 -> 27.
- Lvl 4: 44 -> 54.
- Lvl 5: 72 -> 80.
- Lvl 6: 150 -> 170.
* Freeze Gun:
- Slow projectile now falls to the ground when the stuck enemy dies.
- Slow-grenades now sticks to everything.
* Charger:
- HP scaling down 25% in endless.
* The spawning algorithm for enemies in endless is updated:
- Should now be easier in the beginning and harder after wave 25.
* Dodgers:
- Minimum pause time increased by 0.25 sec.
* Removed double hit effect when hitting Tanks on its weakspot.
* Fix for flying enemies getting stuck under the bridge.
* Gatling:
- Now fires at enemies in slow-fields.
* Adjusted maxSize of UI textures.
* Aligned "player ready" text.
* Added link to leaderboards in main menu.
* Added link to forum faq on multiplayer screen.
* Corrected textfield size in keybind.
* Fixed scrolling issue in encyclopedia.
* Tweaked layout in last-save scene.
* Added difficulty to displayed information when viewing last save.
* Added grahic setting for controlling texture details.
* Added fullscreen/windowed as an option.
* Added ability to reset keybinds back to defaults.
* Moved keybind to a separate option.
* Added mouse smoothing option.
* Added mouse sensitivity option.
* Added VSync to graphics settings.
* Added 1366x768 to the list of available resolutions.
* Added 1600x900 to the list of available resolutions.
* Removed motion blur setting as some Radeon cards crashes when enabled.
* Increased money gain slightly in endless.
* Resampled and shortened many unnecessarily long soundfiles.
* Changed bandwidth priorities, optimized for 32kb/s instead of default 10kb/s.
* LAN games no longer advertise on Steam.
* Client in a multiplayer game now posts it's score to the leaderboards.
* Some small performance optimizations.
* Ragdolls now collides with towers and heightmap:
- A side effect is that ragdolls don't explode as much either.
* Changed so that weakspothits that do 0 damage gets a small white 0 instead of a big red 0.
* Fixed the mountain of doom.
* Fixed the bug where scrolling in the overview was allowed.
* Fixed bug where a players ready state would be resetted after pausing.
* Fixed bug where spamming on join button would remove window.
* Did phase transitions in the game more stable for the client.
* No more auto saves nor "save and exit". Only checkpoint saves.
* Pressing escape when writing in the in game chat no longer give you console access.
* Multi line chat messaging!

v 1.0.6559

* Casual and hardcore mode for endless added:
- Casual mode starts our easier. Hp scales up slower.
- Hardcore mode starts out more difficult, two enemy types comes earlier, HP scales up faster..
* Sniper range increased - shouldnt "hit" midair now.
* Freeze gun:
- Freeze adjusted.
- lvl 1: 3 sec -> 2 sec.
- lvl 2: 3.7 sec -> 2.9 sec.
- lvl 3: 4.4 sec -> 3.8 sec.
- lvl 4: 5.1 sec -> 4.7 sec.
- lvl 5: 5.8 sec -> 5.6 sec.
- lvl 6: 6.5 sec unchanged.
* Anti-Air.
* Missile turn speed increased slightly.
* Range increased:
- Level 1: 3000 -> 4000.
- Level 2: 3500 -> 4250.
- Level 3: 4000 -> 4500.
- Level 4: 4500 -> 4750.
- Level 5: 5000 -> 5000.
- Level 6: 5000 -> 5250.
* Walker:
- Increased HP scaling by ~8%.
* Dodger:
- Decreased HP scaling by ~35%.
- Increased spawn amount 26 -> 32.
- Core damage down 6% -> 4%.
- Spawn Weight down 10%.
- Weakspot radius increased.
* Glider:
- Glider Spawn Weight up 12.5%.
* Tank:
- Increased Spawn Cooldown by 0.5 sec.
- Decreased HP scaling by 10%.
* Hoverer:
- Hoverer weakspot radius increased.
* Fixed spamming on escape doesn't hang the game for the client.
* Fixed the 1366x768 resolution.
* Fixed so that pause/unpause in overview doesn't break the overview system.
* Fixed time count, now you see how long you actually played.
* Fixed savegame system.
* Fixed submission of highscore to leaderboards after reset leaderboards.

v 1.0.6917

* Since it's not BETA anymore:
- Mine Unlocked.
- Arc Unlocked.
* Freeze Gun:
- Primary fire now sticks to soakers swollen back.
- Slow duration increased on all levels by 0.5 sec.
* Slow amount increased:
- Level 1: 20% -> 25%.
- Level 2: 25% -> 29%.
- Level 3: 30% -> 33%.
- Level 4: 35% -> 37%.
- Level 5: 40% -> 41%.
- Level 6: 45% unchanged.
* Slow Area of Effect changed from a static 0.65 to:
- Level 1: 0.52.
- Level 2: 0.55.
- Level 3: 0.57.
- Level 4: 0.60.
- Level 5: 0.63.
- Level 6: 0.65 unchanged.
* Tower classes differentiated a little, hovering towers cost increased by 25% to even out their strength of position. At the moment this only includes the Anti-Air tower.
* Mortar:
- Projectile "strings" aren't visible when they are behind towers anymore.
- Projectiles disappear when they hit the ground now.
* Range-decal optimization. No longer drawn on irrelevant meshes.
* Infotext fixed when trying to build on block towers when not having sufficient funds.
* Tower that have been loaded from a checkpoint now always draws their shooting effects.
* Slowfield:
- New graphics and optimizations.
* Issue with frontal immunity with bouncing lightnings resolved.
* New Material for top of Blocktower.
* When upgrading towers the range decal is now updated immediately.
* You can't place a block on yourself anymore.
* Tower weapon sounds now comes from the correct location.
* Flying enemies:
- Base HP reduced by 25%.
- HP scaling reduced by 25%.
* Charger:
- Weakspot size increased slightly.
* Increased the performance a lot when packing enemies tightly.
* Client now see server Skye in actionphase pose, when joining in actionphase.
* A partial fix for when Skye gets stuck at block-edges.
* Now it's much harder to get stuck in elevators.
* 54 Achievements added!
* Option to disable Text To Speech.
* Voice chat through steam.
* Forced overview stays forced when starting wave.
* Dancing now closes overview.
* Enemies is now always visible on client in overview as well as in FP.
* Client gets proper textures and holograms in Weapon Store.
* Fixed text size on keybind screen.
* Changed from enter to any key on splash.
* Gibs is now limited to a fixed value each frame.
* Limited the amount of gibs allowing to be spawned.
* Changed overview player arrows to better match the game.
* Pro tips robot voice removed.
* Credits update.
* Setting for range sphere indication added.
* Added map name and difficulty to score scene.
* The game now tries to remove hidden ragdolls/gibs before popping the killed enemy.
* Added tower store and weapon store to the keybindings.
* New Enemy Alert only on the real levels, not tutorial.
* Sanctum splash updated (no longer BETA).
* Added a upcoming features window.
* New HUD arrow for the other player.
* Changed color on overview player arrow, blue for you, orange for your friend.
* Added ability to unbind mouse scrollwheel.
* "Caution teleport imminent" now only loops twice instead of forever.
* "Caution teleport imminent" should now only be heard by the player that is close to the bounds.
* Minor Tutorial Fix.
* Now the lifebars options really hides the lifebars if set before the wave was started.
* Now the hud changes prices correctly if aiming at a tower when switching between weapon/tower tab.

v 1.0.7053

* Mortar:
- Mortar level 5 AoE fixed.
* Anti-Air:
- Projectile turn speed increased slightly.
- Weapons-
* The weapon will no longer become invisible when teleporting and then quickly switching weapon.
* Dealing less damage to Tanks than their armour value doesn't lower the total damage done for the towers in the stat screen.
* Mine:
- Added a lot of towerbases in multiplayer.
* Arc:
- Added 4 towerbases.
- Removed the towerbase underneath the level.
-Building system-
* When aiming at a tower that can't be built on the current map, it's now treated as aiming at a part of the world.
* Tower base hologram does not disappear when selling a tower built in a previous build phase.
* Now updating Achievements stats at the beginning of the Build Phase.
* You can no longer access the chat in the menu.
* The sound is no longer slowed down when restarting or exiting a level while in a slow-field.

v 1.0.7062

* Fixed Save Game issues caused by 7053.
* Reverted Mine layout for multi-player.

v 1.1.7395

* New map added: Glade.
* Switching between stores is now done with LeftShift. You can bind it to what ever suits you.
* Scatter Laser:
- Range buffed.
- Lvl 1 - 4.2 -> unchanged.
- Lvl 2 - 4.2 -> 4.3.
- Lvl 3 - 4.3 -> 4.4.
- Lvl 4 - 4.3 -> 4.5.
- Lvl 5 - 4.4 -> 4.6.
- Lvl 6 - 4.4 -> 4.7.
* Client side prediction of Anti Air Projectiles fixed.
* The client can now hear the towers shooting.
* Freeze gun:
- The Freeze projectile can now be shot in mid air causing it to explode.
- The Slow projectile has become "magnetic".
- The Slow Projectile now only falls to the ground when the stuck enemy dies, not just one of the affected.
- Fixed a typo in the info screen. It said level 5 and 6 had 51% and 55% slow respectively. Now displays the real values.
* Greater trace distance for Build Gun, needed on Glade.
* The host can now hear the clients weapons shooting.
* Hoverer:
- HP Scaling down ~34%.
- Fixed a slight oversight meaning the hardcore mode got very weak hoverers.
* Blockers:
- HP Scaling up 10%.
* Walkers:
- Walker HP Scaling down 10%.
* Tanks:
- Head collision slightly larger.
- Armour now reduces damage after the damage multiplier has been multiplied instead of before.
* Big Walkers:
- Big Walker aim point heightened to allow the Scatter Laser to always fire if the BW is in range.
- Big Walker HP scaling down 5%.
-Achievements & Leaderboards-
* Five new Achievements added.
* A lot more Achievements now works in co-op. Example: Players can build 25 block towers each to achieve "You Shall not PASS!".
* Big Game Hunter fixed.
* Legion on Arc fixed.
* New leaderboards for Glade.
* New leaderboards for the new co-op difficulty.
* A new level has been added! We call it: GLADE.
* Mine:
- More tower bases in Multiplayer.
- Adjusted SP balancing a little.
* New Level selection screen.
* New music for Glade
* You can now chat on the win/lose screen.
* Made the chat spam restrictions more loose.
* Range indicator only seen by your self.
* Range indicator update when aiming at different tower.
* Range indicator is set to hidden when client presses Ready.
* Scoring system is no longer based on damage, but rather damage percentage. Scoring is now comparable across difficulties.
* The "Casual"-difficulty has been renamed "Experienced".
* Easier difficulty mode added. It is called "Casual".
* Hardcore rebalanced:
- Starts out harder.
- Difficulty increases more slowly than before.
* Money gain ratio changed:
- Casual: +40 per wave, cap at 800.
- Experienced: +30 per wave, cap at 640.
- Hardcore: +20 per wave, cap at 480.
* Starting resources changed:
- Casual: 160/player.
- Experienced: 120/player.
- Hardcore: 80/player.
* Added a party window in the upper right corner:
- Shows resources for each player in the Build phase.
- Shows DPS for each player and the towers in the Extermination phase.
* Health bars on enemies now properly scale the color from green to red.
* Sanctum version upped to 1.1.
* Fixed client crash bug when server was shutdown incorrectly.
* Fixed so the client now falls down when in overview and the server is selling the tower the clients on.
* Alt-tab now works for more computers.
* Client doesn't need to teleport to start a wave when both player is in overview.
* Fixed so that you can't build your head into a towers on slanted surfaces.
-Server Browser-
* Filters added to public games:
- Map filter.
- Difficulty filter.
* Friend games now gets into the the lobby as soon as they are found, and not when all are updated.

v 1.1.7730

* New co-op only map: Facility!
* Anti-Air:
- Projectiles on client will no longer fly off into the sky.
- Projectile lifetime down .25 sek.
- This means that even if they miss there is a good chance they'll deal splash damage to enemies.
* Gatling:
- Damage buffed a lot (!).
- lvl 1: 4 -> unchanged.
- lvl 2: 7 -> 8.
- lvl 3: 11 -> 13.
- lvl 4: 18 -> 21.
- lvl 5: 31 -> 39.
- lvl 6: 64 -> 80.
* Wave number now plays a bigger role when calculating HP in coop:
- This means the enemies HP will scale up slightly faster.
* Hardcore starts to spawn 2 enemy types from wave 1 now.
* Both the slow and freeze got diminishing returns in preparation of 4-player co-op.
* 3 New achievements!
* Added a wave foreseer to know what the upcoming waves are. It's in the encyclopedia.
* Stat screen got a lot of new stats:
- Stat screen now supports 4 players.
* Added an icon in the party window so that you can see when other players are ready.
* Slightly optimized RAM and Texture usage (now use slightly less memory).
* Optimized network usage:
- Now sending half the amount of data to synchronize animations.
- Now sending half the amount of data to synchronize Soakers growing back.
- Lessened the amount of data sent for replicate damage effects of players.
* Changed color for build, sell, upgrade and chat messages to the player assigned color that originated the messages. In preparation of 4-player co-op.
* Changed color for overview and HUD arrows for the players. In preparation of 4-player co-op.
* Changed color for textures on players. In preparation of 4-player co-op.
* New leaderboards for Facility.
* Improved gamepad support, pressing next/prev buttons( L and R ) in Overview marks televators and fire buton is used to teleport.
* Added a community button in the main menu that can instantly take the player to chat/forum/facebook/leaderboards/achievements.
* Fixed endscreen freeze on long multiplayer matches.
* Hoverers now have the correct hit-effect when shooting them in the head from the front.
* The client now sees the correct animation of the server all the time, instead of sometimes seeing the buildphase animation in the actionphase.
* Fixed so that no unnecessary data sent to client when enemies dies.
* Clients no longer see a +p when enemies dies at the core.
* Client no longer pauses mid-air when pressing escape.
* Tutorial now shows a maximum of 2 waves instead of 21.
* Pressing next/prev when aiming at a elevator now longer break tower scrolling.
* Increased network stability with on unstable connections.
* You now get money when you start an experienced game on Arc.
* Fixed a bug where you could finish a wave before all enemies had spawned.
* The Extermination phase HUD is now visible in the tutorial.
* The load checkpoint button in the score screen should work now.

v 1.1.7742

-Loading Screens-
* New loading screens:
- This was made because of the loading screens crashed the game for some people.
* We have also made a lot of preparations for the coming patch. The big one...

v 1.2.8056

* You can now play up to 4 players in co-op!
* You can now play endless in singleplayer!
* You can now play a limited amount of waves in multiplayer!
* Turbo mode gives you maximum income right away but disables leaderboards.
* You can now help each other to build and upgrade towers!
* Glade:
- Adjusted Multiplayer difficulty, should be a little easier.
* Anti-Air:
- Anti Air rocket tracking speed increased slightly.
* SLOW field.
* Slow effect nerfed:
- Level 1: 25% -> 20%.
- Level 2: 35% -> 30%.
- Level 3: 45% -> 40%.
- Level 4: 55% -> 50%.
- Level 5: 65% -> 60%.
- Level 6: 75% -> 70%.
- Less SLOW field particles.
- Holograms are now in the color of the owning player.
* Big Walker:
- HP scaling down 5%.
* Walker:
- HP scaling down 5%.
* Blocker:
- Weakspot size increased by 20%.
* Increased the effect the wave nr has on the enemies HP.
* Improved logic when shooting at hoverers.
* Freeze Gun.
* Freeze Gun primary fire nerfed:
- Level 1: 25% -> Unchanged.
- Level 2: 29% -> 28%.
- Level 3: 33% -> 31%.
- Level 4: 37% -> 34%.
- Level 5: 41% -> 37%.
- Level 6: 45% -> 40%.
* Diminishing returns time on freeze increased to duration*1.75 instead of duration*1.5.
* Diminishing returns on slow increased by 10 percentage points.
* Build Gun revamped:
- You can now help each other to build and upgrade towers.
* A lot of new achievements, check out the community page for more details.
* Game Messages in Weapon Store added.
* New and improved HUD arrow together with a setting to turn it off.
* Made HUD transitions snappier.
* Improved gamepad support, easier to navigate menus now.
* Sound is now played correctly when upgrading weapons several times in a row.
* Ping now shows in the server browser after a short while.
* Other players arrows is always shown in overview now (as client).
* While in overview mode, you can "Ping" locations on the map, by alt+click (default).
* Added a manage menu so that host can kick players.
* Added ability to turn off shadows from options ( requires restart of game ).
* Added ping ability in overview to alt fire button.
* Added empty slots in partywindow showing amount of players supported.
* Fixed issue where player would freeze in overview sometimes.
* Adjusted all sounds.
* Optimized the network usage for:
- projectiles.
- healthbars.
- animation.
- dps.
- towers.
* Optimized enemy walking logic.
* Optimized A LOT of graphics.
* Enemies don't update their animation trees when they die any more.
* Irrelevant effects when gatlings miss their target is not spawned anymore.
* Hologram on ground for tower bases won't disappear.
* Anti Air hologram will always sync to the actual tower.
* Sniper will no longer generate a miss effect when hitting enemies.
* Ragdolls won't get ignored if you restart the level much.
* Changing visualize range to false while aiming at a tower now removes the range decal (it was stuck shown earlier).
* Clients now see the death-gib animation of enemies that are killed by weakspot hits.
* Player now keeps his velocity when entering Overview.

v 1.3.9564

* Added Equipment system; Choose your equipment!
* Added a new weapon: The Shotgun!
* Added a new field: The AMP Field!
* Added a new tower: The Holo Tower!
* Added a new map: Complex!
* You can now join games from the friends list in steam (if sanctum is already running).
* You can now invite people to join your games through steam (if the receiver already has sanctum running).
* Mine:
- You can now build the Televator in Single Player.
- Removed 3 pre-built televators.
* Facility:
- Can now be played in Single Player!
- Fixed a pathing bug that made runners kill themselves.
- Fixed a pathing bug that made Flying enemies crash into the ground.
* NEW! Complex:
- A smaller type of map that only has earth-bound threats coming at you.
- Uses a pre-built spiral maze layout.
* Anti-Air:
- Missile turn speed increased a lot.
- Missile speed down 300.
- Missile life time up 25%.
* Gatling:
- Adjusted fire sound.
* NEW! AMP Field:
- Increases damage taken by creeps inside the field.
* NEW! Holo:
- An empty holo field that towers can shoot through.
- Increases damage of shots that pass through it. ( Both players and towers shots ).
* NEW! Shotgun:
- A close combat powerhouse that can either shoot hails of bullets or charge up a massive blast.
* Assault Gun:
- Grenade damage up ~13%.
- Grenade AoE down 50.
- Spread down A LOT.
- Adjusted the primary fire sound.
* Freeze Gun:
- Diminishing returns time on freeze increased to duration*2 instead of duration*1.75.
* Big Walker:
- Movement speed reduced from 450 to 420.
- Hp scaling up to compensate.
* Walker:
- Core damage down. Is now 3%.
* Tank:
- Behavioural change. They will now lose their armour when they've accumulated enough damage to their weakspot.
- Moves faster.
- Armour up by 500%.
- Spawn number down 50%.
- Spawn cooldown up ~60%.
- Base HP and HP scaling up A LOT.
* Blockers:
- Behavioural change. They will now only curl up by taking player damage. While curled up they take 50% reduced damage.
- Increased speed by 100 units.
- Doubled base hp and hp scaling.
- Curl time increased by 50%.
- Time before curl reduced by 0.5 sec.
- Spawn probablility up ~37%.
- Spawn delay up by 2 sec.
* Soaker:
- Damage increase rate up by 25%.
* Hoverer:
- Spawn amount decreased by 4.
- Base HP and HP scaling increased to compensate.
* Spore Pod:
- Spawn cooldown reduced by ~7%.
-Server browser-
* Added distance filter to server browser.
* Games now shows in what country they are hosted.
* Sort by difficulty in server browser removed.
* Fixed a reconnect issue.
* Armoured enemies now have an armour effect.
* Immune enemies now have an immune effect.
* Player 4 can now be kicked!
* Added Sound effect for Ready in the building phase.
* Optmized enemies!
* Sound System reworked.
* Score removed!
* Leaderboards now track what wave you get to.
* Renamed Endless; it's now called Survival.
* Survival removed from Casual and Experienced.
* Limited waves normalized across difficulties.
* Money gain normalized across difficulties.
* New song for Facility Extermination phase.
* "player just built tower"-notifiers removed.
* Tweaked Music.
* Disconnecting near a elevator now sends the elevator up (if there are no players near it).
* The "player on base" check for building now takes height in consideration.
* You now see a hole in the middle of range-decal for the mortar to show it's minimum range.
* The enemies path is now shown during the building phase.
* You can't check the tower range in the action phase from the overview.
* Fixed bug where you could end up on negative cash when buying towers.

v 1.4.10450

* Added 3 new game modes:
- Bounty - Kill enemies to earn resources and build in a time-limited building phase.
- Pre-built - Start the game with a few-pre built towers and make your maze according to that.
- Stamina - Get a huge stash of resources from the start but never gain any more. PERSERVERE!
* Added a new weapon: The REX!
* Added a new tower: The Kairos!
* Client side hit prediction.
* Localization support.
* Complex:
- Chargers no longer spawn on complex.
* NEW! Kairos:
- Slows down flying enemies.
* Holo:
- Level 1: 30% -> 28%.
- Level 2: 60% -> 56%.
- Level 3: 90% -> 84%.
- Level 4: 120% -> 112%.
- Level 5: 150% -> 140%.
- Level 6: 180% -> 168%.
- REX is a rapid-fire rocket launcher.
- Secondary fire is a target lock-on.
* Assault Gun:
- Secondary heat generation down from 60% to 50%.
- Spread down slightly.
* Spore Pod:
- Spawn Delay down 0.2 sec.
- Strafe down 200 units.
- This change makes them even more vulnerable to splash damage.
* Walker:
- Spawn delay down 0.5 sec.
- HP down ~5%.
- This makes them even more vulnerable to splash damage.
* Soaker:
- Its weakspot now pulses; like the others do.
* Hoverer:
- slight HP nerf.
* FOV option added.
* Client side hit prediction.
* Localization support.
* Facebook button for the menus:
- English.
- German.
- Spanish.
- French.
- Swedish.
- Danish.
* Community button for the menus.
* Explosives now hurt Bobble Heads in the head.
* Pathing particles are bigger.
* Gib sizes increased!
* There's now a tiny camera shake when you land if you jump too high.
* Version sensibility:
- You will not see games hosted on other Sanctum versions anymore.
* Resolution Detection:
- You should now get your default resolution when entering Sanctum.

v 1.4.11024

* Hoverer:
- Slight hp nerf.
* Walker:
- Sometimes spawn with a santa hat.
- Walkers with a santa hat drops presents when they die!
- Is now a little bit taller.
* REX:
- Primary fire AOE down 10%.
- Secondary Lock-on delay reduced by 50%.
- Secondary lock-on can now lock several missiles onto the same target.
* Block:
- All block towers are gift wrapped.
* AMP fields:
- Buffed by 10% on all levels.
* Kairos:
- Buffed by 3% on all levels.
* NEW FREE DLC! Christmas (will be available when the patch goes live).
* Cavern:
- You now get properly teleported if you venture into the enemy spawn area.
* A lot of bug fixes.
* Added prefix and suffix for more stuff in the localization files.
* All text revamped, should look better now.
* Localization now supports special characters.
* Added Russian and Turkish localization.
* Localization ingame is currently:
- English.
- German.
- French.
- Spanish.
- Russian.
- Turkish.
- Swedish.
- Danish.
- Dutch.
- Italian.
* Removed Community section in the main menu.
* Added buttons for the contents instead.

v 1.4.11024u1

* Added Polish.
* Added Japanese.

v 1.4.11024u2

* The game now boots in the same language as the Steam Client is set to.

v 1.4.13334

* You earn medals by completing levels. The harder the difficulty, the more medals you get!
* Anti-Air Towers are buffed!
* A DPS master will be elected after each wave. There can be only one!
* Your personal record on survival can now be viewed in the level selection screen!
* Anti-Air:
- Level 6 missiles re-target if their current target dies.
* NEW FREE DLC! Yogscave ( will be available when the patch goes live ).
* New medal system, you gain cores for completing levels. Cores that you have earned are displayed in your level selection screen:
- 1 core -> Easy.
- 2 cores -> Medium.
- 3 cores -> Hard.
- 4 cores -> Insane.
- Achivements are checked to give you appropriate cores.
- If you have completed a level, you gain 2 cores.
- If you have finished a level on insane, you gain 4 cores.
* Limited waves increased:
- 10 -> 10.
- 15 -> 20.
- 20 -> 30.
* New Victory/Defeat screen.
* Tower amount in multiplayer increased:
- 1 & 2 players: 7 -> 8 towers.
- 3 & 4 players: 6 -> 7 towers.
* Survival now stores and shows you your best wave in the level list:
- Also notifies if you are close to your personal best.
* While bringing up the chat, you see the last 5 chat messages that has been sent/received.
* Serverbrowser now shows how far a game has progressed.
* Showing the DPS master after each wave.
* Some interesting secrets for you on the free DLC map.
* The server browser now shows how far along a game has progressed.
* Changed how DLC is presented in-game.
-Bug fixes-
* Lots of multiplayer connection issues fixed.
* You can now cancel joining a multi-player game.
* Lots of minor bug fixes.

v 1.4.15976

* The game now starts steam if you try to start the game without steam.
* Fixed issue where some users couldn't host games.
* Fixed crash for Mac if you hover with the mouse over a AA-tower in overview.

v 1.4.16365

* Added a new weapon: The ETK-Tesla Prototype!
* Added a new tower: The Drone Tower!
* Added a new tower: The Accelerator Tower!
* Mine:
- Fixed assorded pathing problems.
* Arc:
- Fixed assorded pathing problems.
* Cavern:
- Fixed assorded pathing problems.
* Amp Field:
- Tiny buff on all levels.
* NEW! Accelerator:
- Shoots faster for each shot on the same enemy.
* NEW! Drone Tower:
- Releases a swarm of drones that follow and shoot at an enemy over a long period of time.
- Penetrates armour.
* NEW! ETK-Tesla Prototype:
- Primary: Constant stream with limited range that deals damage in a little AoE.
- Secondary: Releases a bolt of lightning that bounces toward close targets.
* Connecting through TCP/IP should now work perfectly.

v 1.5.18881

* Fixed holotower bug (projectiles got stuck in them).
* Fixed path-bugs on:
- Aftershock.
- Chasm.
- Cavern.
- Corperation.
- Invation.

v 1.5.22889

* -----

Установленные DLC:


Всё пошло совсем не по плану. Нечто переросло из незначительной помехи в полноценную угрозу. Несмотря на сомнительные (Четыре солдата? Серьезно? Неужто бюджет сократили?) усилия военных, Элизион-один кишит таинственными пришельцами после первой встречи со Скай. Однако, к счастью, инопланетяне до сих пор не узнали, что испуганные двуногие существа, убегающие от них, съедобны.
Инопланетное вторжение в разгаре, но еще есть время. Скай и ее друзья должны сохранить то, что осталось от Элизиона-один, пока его восстановление не начнется в полную силу. Сумеете ли вы выжить, или же пришельцы, наконец, узнают, что население этого города приятно хрустит и неплохо идет с кетчупом?-

Особенности DLC:

* Данное дополнение добавляет карту «Aftermath» в вашу библиотеку доступного содержимого. С этим дополнением вы можете создавать многопользовательские игры на этой карте или сражаться на ней в одиночку.


Бегуны в холодильниках, Сокеры в душевых и просто изобилие Ходунов в окрестностях. Несмотря на финансово недостаточные усилия военных, Элизион-один кишит пришельцами. Ситуация — хуже некуда, ведь так? Не так. Впервые в истории, Элизион-один подвергся землетрясению, ужасной катастрофе, которая остановила восстановление города надолго. Но не этим все обеспокоены. Это просто толчок после землетрясения. Они происходят с удивительной регулярностью. Что действительно беспокоит — они, похоже, становятся всё интенсивнее. Произойдет ли очередное землетрясение? Некоторые говорят, что да, остальные думают, что это будет нечто совсем другое...
Но это неважно для Скай и ее друзей. Ей важны лишь ежемесячные выплаты и тот факт, что пришельцы обнаружили подземную постройку. Сможете ли вы их сдерживать, не давая им пересечь мосты? Или вы станете Горацием на мосту города Элизион-один?-

Особенности DLC:

* Данное дополнение добавляет карту «Aftershock» в вашу библиотеку доступного содержимого. С этим дополнением вы можете создавать многопользовательские игры на этой карте или сражаться на ней в одиночку.


After the initial onslaught, a decision was made to take the subterranean rescue efforts, to somewhere free of the alien infestation. Scientists had recently discovered that the strange lifeforms that had been assaulting Elysion One would only venture so far into the earth. While this is good and all, there remains one small problem: someone has to keep them at bay while the operation is moved deeper into the earth. Guess who will be part of the lucky battalion?
This DLC adds the 'Caverns' map to your library of accessible content. With this DLC, you will be able to host games on this map and engage in single-player conflict.


Elysion One was not the first city on this planet. Built on the bones of the original settlement, Elysion One was a soaring white and turquoise edifice constructed in defiance of the elements. As you might have noted, 'was' is the operative word here. Besieged by aliens, some of the residents have taken to a ship moored in the distant quarters of the Slums. Unfortunately, it seems that the enemies have followed. Can you keep them at bay while the civilians evacuate?-

Особенности DLC:

* This DLC adds the 'Slums' map to your library of accessible content. With this DLC, you will be able to host games on this map and engage in single-player conflict.

Killing Floor

Элизион-один отвечает устаревшим наземным минам — убивающий пол работает по очень простому принципу: наступил на него и умер. Или получил колоссальный ущерб. Для начала. Гигантские, реагирующие на движение турбины, которые стреляют лазером в ничего не подозревающих пришельцев; убивающий пол — идеальное дополнение к любой продуманной системе безопасности.-

Особенности DLC:

* Как и замедляющее поле или поле AMP, убивающий пол возможно разместить на пути врагов. За исключением игроков, поле наносит урон всем, кто к нему прикоснется. Возможна многоуровневая модернизация.


Название говорит само за себя. Пенетратор стреляет туда, докуда обычная башня не достанет. Отказавшись от быстрого огня и возможности стрельбы по находящимся выше целям в пользу убойной силы, Пенетратор наглядно показывает, что путь к сердцу пришельца лежит через его друзей.-

Особенности DLC:

* С данным дополнением вы, собственно, получите Пенетратор. Медленно стреляющая башня, не способное стрелять в летающих врагов, но восполняющее этот минус нанесением огромного урона по наземным целям. Друзья, также обладающие данным дополнением, могут помочь вам модернизировать башню во время матчей.


Всегда хотели, чтобы пришельцы боялись выйти из своих безопасных домиков? С нашей новой башней вы можете осуществить задуманное. Расположенный высоко в воздухе, Виолятор охватывает невероятный диапазон и атакует одну цель. А она даже не поймет, кто в нее попал.-

Особенности DLC:

* Обладая огромным боевым радиусом, Виолятор — дальнобойная медленно стреляющая по одной мишени башня, наносящая большой урон. С данным дополнением вы можете использовать эту башню в одиночных и многопользовательских матчах.
* Друзья, также обладающие данным дополнением, могут помочь вам модернизировать башню в случае необходимости.

X-Mas Carnage

The holiday season has arrived to Elysion One at last. Skye has the intention of enjoying a well deserved vacation. Tending to the lovely spruce, eating, drinking and opening a lot of presents. But the aliens have made a habit out of making her life miserable, and this time is no exception...-

Особенности DLC:

* Will you take on the role as Skye, or one of her loyal companions, and help her get what she wants? Or will you passively stand by and ruin her holiday spirits?


Coffee Stain Studios have teamed up with The Yogscast to bring their signature 'Joffo Cake' fuelled humour to Sanctum in the free DLC, Yogscave!
As the ruling elite in Elysion One, the brightsiders live a life of decadence but this luxury comes at a terrible cost to the less fortunate members of society, who toil in factories below the surface - securing minerals to craft weapons to defend against invaders. Simon and Lewis are two miners who have found themselves on the night-shift to end all night-shifts. After Simon's "amazing" idea to increase Joffo Cake storage by 46% by diverting power from the core's energy containment shielding, the night was off to a great start! Unfortunately this idea backfired as the reduced shielding attracted unwanted attention from some of the Yogscave's more sinister denizens. The invaders are different this time, they appear to be organised by some far more nefarious mind.
Experienced at dealing with the odd Barret Bat and Blessed Boar here and there, Simon and Lewis are still unable stop these invaders and require your help! Can you save the world? And more importantly can you save the Joffo Cakes?!
This DLC adds the 'Yogscave' map to your library of accessible content. With this DLC, you will be able to host games on this map and engage in both single and multi-player conflict.

Map Pack 1

This map pack adds four action packed levels to your game!-

Особенности DLC:

* Aftermath:
- Things haven't gone quite as planned. What begun as a minor annoyance has since blossomed into a full-fledged threat. In spite of the military's questionable (Four soldiers? Really? Was there a budget cut?) efforts, Elysion One has been swarmed over by the mysterious aliens that Skye first encounters. Fortunately, however, the aliens have yet to discover that the terrified bipedal creatures running about underfoot are edible.
- Yet.. It's the aftermath of the alien invasion but there's still time. Skye and her friends must keep what remains of Elysion One safe while reconstruction begins in earnest. Can you survive the Aftermath or will the extra-terrestrials finally discover that the populace is crunchy and tastes good with ketchup?
* Aftershock:
- In spite of the military's best, under-funded efforts, Elysion One has been overrun. Things couldn't possibly get any worse, right? Wrong. For the first time in recorded history, Elysion One was hit by an earthquake, an unfortunate catastrophe that left reclamation efforts at a stand-still. But that's not what has everyone worried. It's the aftershocks. They're happening with surprising regularity. More disturbingly, they seem to be getting more intense. Will this build into another earthquake? Some say yes while others claim that it might be something else entirely.. But that's not important to Skye and her friends. What matters is that monthly paycheque and the swarm of aliens that have discovered the underground facilities. Can you keep them at bay while they cut down the bridges? Will you be Elysion One's Horatius at the bridge?
* Cavern:
- After the initial onslaught, a decision was made to take the subterranean rescue efforts, to somewhere free of the alien infestation. Scientists had recently discovered that the strange lifeforms that had been assaulting Elysion One would only venture so far into the earth. While this is good and all, there remains one small problem: someone has to keep them at bay while the operation is moved deeper into the earth. Guess who will be part of the lucky battalion?
* Slums:
Elysion One was not the first city on this planet. Built on the bones of the original settlement, Elysion One was a soaring white and turquoise edifice constructed in defiance of the elements. As you might have noted, 'was' is the operative word here. Besieged by aliens, some of the residents have taken to a ship moored in the distant quarters of the Slums. Unfortunately, it seems that the enemies have followed. Can you keep them at bay while the civilians evacuate?

Map Pack 2

This map pack adds three action packed levels to your game!-

Особенности DLC:

* Chasm:
- The Chasm was going to be a hub of transport and mining operations. The plan was to create thousands of new jobs and strengthen the living standards of the people of Elysion One. The Chasm was a good sign of a great future for humanity but nowadays it's abandoned. Half-built transport roads and mining stations stand lonely while Skye prepares for the marauding hordes.
* Invasion:
- Ever since the bioluminescent aliens first attacked, the military has been trying to find a way to unburden the Core Guardians. Some locations are not as important to defend as others, after all. That’s why they set up research centers/factories to create robots... or “Simulated Motor-Humans” with fancy words. How the aliens got there is uncertain. How they knew to attack there is worrying, to say the least.
* Corporation:
- The defenses that are used by Elysion One are not, as one would think, made by the military. They are made by a private Corporation called Automagic, Inc. Normally Corporations place their offices inside the walls of Elysion One where they’re safe from assorted alien attacks. If you are the producer of the defenses, though, you get a few perks. One is that you can have your offices wherever you want! The second one is, well, you have Core Guardians on Speed Dial.

Особенности игры:

* Кооперативный режим на 4 игрока; зачем удваивать проблемы, если их можно помножить на четыре?
* 5 забавных, физически невозможных пушек!
* 4 соревновательных режима.
* Стройте не просто башни, а целые лабиринты!
* Найди свой путь, или построй его сам! Наша система кастомизации позволит сделать и то, и другое.
* Созданная с помощью технологий движка Unreal, игра Sanctum — одна из самых перспективных независимо разработанных игр в мире!
* 87 достижений.
* Спрятанные секреты и пасхалки. Найди их все!

Особенности Repacka:

--За основу взята Лицензия от Coffee Stain Studios--
* аудио качество 100%
* видео качество 100%
* эксклюзивный установщик
* установка дополнительного Soft'a (DirectX, Visual C++, PhysX)
* все пути реестра сохранены
* запуск игры через ярлык на десктопе или через меню пуск
* для установки необходимо 512 Мб ОЗУ
* примерное время установки 2 минут(а,ы)
* v 1.0.6479
* v 1.0.6559
* v 1.0.6917
* v 1.0.7053
* v 1.0.7062
* v 1.1.7395
* v 1.1.7730
* v 1.1.7742
* v 1.2.8056
* v 1.3.9564
* v 1.4.10450
* v 1.4.11024
* v 1.4.11024u1
* v 1.4.11024u2
* v 1.4.13334
* v 1.4.15976
* v 1.4.16365
* v 1.5.18881
* v 1.5.22889
* Aftermath
* Aftershock
* Cavern
* Slums
* Killing Floor
* Penetrator
* Violator
* X-Mas Carnage
* Yogscave
* Map Pack 1
* Map Pack 2
* игровые архивы не тронуты
* за основу взята лицензионная копия игры от Coffee Stain Studios, обновлённая в Steam от 10.02.2013
* лого разработчиков, все языки кроме Русского и Английского - интерфейс и Английского - озвучка
* makc_ar - за предоставленный Steam профиль
Автор Repack'a:
* Fenixx


Свои скриншоты:

Скриншоты инсталлятора:

Steam скриншоты:


Обновления Repack'a:


* полностью обновлена структура Repack'a!
* игра обновлена до версии 1.4.11024.
* добавлено 8 DLC (Aftermath, Aftershock, Cavern, Slums, Killing Floor, Penetrator, Violator, X-Mas Carnage).


* игра обновлена до версии 1.4.13334.
* добавлено 1 DLC (Yogscave).


* игра обновлена до версии 1.5.22889.
* добавлено 2 DLC (Map Pack 1, Map Pack 2).
--Repack обновлён!
* игра обновлена до версии 1.5.22889.
* добавлено 2 DLC (Map Pack 1, Map Pack 2).
Совпадений с предыдущем Repack'ом нет!
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