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Gathering At Pirate Cove
Жанр: Psytrance
Год издания: 2016
Лейбл: Macky Mad House Records
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 01:17:28
01. R2 - Messy Raccoon (Original Mix) [07:45]
02. Synthetik Chaos - Bastard Tonality (Eden Lake Remix) [07:07]
03. Dayalix - Dark Shadows (Original Mix) [07:22]
04. ChakraView - Float Your Boat (Original Mix) [07:49]
05. Cosinus - Punks In A Trunk (Original Mix) [07:14]
06. Jumpstreet - Subatomic (Original Mix) [08:06]
07. Mind Pirates - Mission Control (Original Mix) [06:53]
08. Brain Jam - Multicore (Original Mix) [08:12]
09. Buckle - Bloodlust Machina (Original Mix) [08:03]
10. Vemetik - After Shock (Original Mix) [07:47]


Об альбоме

It is a long story as it usually is - all started mid January when after a break and 2 EPs, we thought; let's do our fourth pirate compilation!! So we started contacting our label manager friends and artists friends starting to ask for tracks - the evolution came after, given the deadline, really all but one of the artists that was contacted said - hell yeah! So we had to split the VP compi into two instalment as we ended up with 21 tracks all up to a great standard.
It was May the 1st when Lukas Mantodea (aka Circus Bent and half of Perun, both present with a track in the next instalment) - at his state-of-the-art analog/digital studio; Prism Mastering Studio in Manchester came through with a great master. At the same time the artwork was done by Elettra - at the Rabbit Graphic Design studio in Rome.
BTW on the cover of both compilations you can see Looney Moon Records and World People Productions logos - why? It is a special thanks, as out of these 21 tracks half of them are from artists from these 2 cult labels...plus many other as well which have helped us a great deal.
The aartists involved in DAY ONE are:
R2 from Costa Rica and Jumpstreet from Switzerland both from Looney Moon.
Mind Pirates and Chakraview from India, Buckle from Brazil and all 3 of them from World People Prod. ranks.
Additionally we have Cosinus from Switzerland for Timecode / Sangoma.
Synthtetik Chaos and Eden Lake from France....the latter remixing the former's track - Synthetik Chaos for Bom Shanka Music and Eden Lake for Subsystem Records.
Plus from Italy, as MMHR is mostly an Italian label - we have Dayalix and Vemetik from our own MMHR's roster, and the duo Brain Jam that plays for Dream Project Records - a bunch of true freaks from north-east Italy.
ENJOY as we did in doing this...and soon (2 weeks) another chapter of this epic journey....TO THE PIRATE COVE!!
released June 7, 2016
Arturo Oreamuno, Yan Migaud and Eden Lake, Giovanni Biagioni, Shaveer Ahmed, Michael Winkler, Raffael Willi, Francis and Gambino Drago, Thiago Fideles, Brain Jam duo, Luca Vescioli
tags: dream project electronic looney moon records mmhr psychedelic trance sangoma records subsystem records world people productions darkpsy full on goa psytrance Italy

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