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Goa Sun 8 (Compiled By Pulsar & Zweep)
Жанр: Progressive Psytrance
Год издания: 2016
Лейбл: Goa Records
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: image (no cue)
Битрейт аудио: 160 kbps
Продолжительность: 02:38:17 (CD1: 01:18:55 + CD2: 01:19:42)
01. The Same Old Souls - Wandering the Trails in the Clouds
02. Neon - Profound Understanding
03. Isralienn - Mortality
04. Antaluk - Dia Zero
05. Vimana - Secret Society
06. Elegy & Pulsar & Thaihanu & Djane Gaby - Sun
07. Hovercraft - Ignition
08. Moaiact - Revolution
09. Pulsar & Zweep - Mezcal
10. deSh - Estus Flask
01. InnerZone - Analog Sunrise (Studio mix 2016)
02. Kyoto - Sundance
03. Kazuki - Sinister Sunrise
04. Sunrazers - Visual Image
05. JuraLuca - Energy from the Sun
06. Vuchur - Solar System
07. Frangipani - Sunshine Forest
08. SoundSpirit - Sunset Stories
09. Athu - Sunset Drive
10. Amos - Sun Goes Down

Об альбоме

The Goa Sun story is back with Volume 8 and this superb Progressive and PsyTrance adventure launches into space with a special edition. As always this series comes packed to the edge with 20 unforgettable and mostly never before released hit tracks collected from every corner of our solar system.
This revolutionary edition was propelled by the relentless fun loving Psy evangelist Pulsar and his good friend Zweep from Mexico, and co-compiled by San Francisco's own Dr. Spook along with key selections by Random. Always pushing the limits and defining new boundaries, our illustrious crew delivers a brand new chapter so full of amazing songs that your collection will be the envy of beings across the cosmos. Potent highlights from this group of 23 well established talents include such notable masters as Elegy, Vimana and Hovecraft.
Goa legend Inner Zone joins crowd favorites like, Isralienn, Neon, Moaict and Desh turn up the summer heat. Lektro Spektral aka Same Old Souls, Frangipani, DJane Gaby, Pulsar and Thaihanu and Zweep have become seasoned contributors and leading in-house super stars. Coming on board for a round trip journey we have many amazing new and old friends who are pioneering the way from their home zones like SoundSpirit, Vuchur, Kazuki and Kyoto. Sunrazers, Antaluk, Amos, Athu, JuraLuca get on board for a tour across the Cosmos. With your OM ship's hyper drive engines primed for full groove-speed ahead and the autopilot is set for the heart of the Sun and back, these sounds will create the perfect atmosphere for your Goa trip from sunset to sunrise.
This cross section of the planets best masters and new wizards of Goa Trance and Progressive Psychedelic production offers a wide look into the magic and mystery of this genre. Re-live what is felt each weekend at secret parties around the planet held on beaches, forests, mountaintops, and deserts, indoors at warehouses, yoga/dance studios, and living rooms. Now you can have a piece of the excitement of the underground phenomena the Goa Trance Experience.

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