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Sentinel / 2086
Жанр: Progressive Psytrance
Год издания: 2016
Лейбл: Geomagnetic.TV
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 01:12:45
01. Sentinel - Room Geometries (Feat. Alignment) (8:20)
02. Sentinel - Copal (7:15)
03. Sentinel - Mechanoid (6:58)
04. Sentinel - Distance (7:52)
05. Sentinel - 2086 (6:49)
06. Sentinel - Mexican Sativa (7:33)
07. Sentinel - Decisions (6:49)
08. Sentinel - Portal (6:53)
09. Sentinel - Cosmovision (7:15)
10. Sentinel - Crossing The 4th Dimension (Feat. Biocycle – Spectro Boy Remix) (7:00)


Об альбоме

Geomagnetic opens a portal to the future and ushers forth the newest hit tunes by Sentinel...more from the year 2086. Using an ancient secret time gate buried under Chitzan Itza, we retrieved the hottest music from the future that will be blasting dance floors of the present very soon.
Starting with the first epic track featuring good friend and collaborator Alignments, this album tells the story written in harmonic frequencies, of Lionel Zertuche's journeys across time, space and distant dimensions yet to be explored. Sentinel has released a growing repertoire of brilliantly crafted psychedelic trance dance floor tunes focused on both progressive and fullon styles.
His music works equally well when blasting dance floors outdoors or in clubs. You will immediately appreciate his tight and effective musical engineering methods making his tunes really expand. Closing the album Lio collaborates with his musical partner co-writer of Andriods project, Biocycle, who just released his debut album with Geomagnetic as well.
Remixing this memorable hit is none other than Spectro Boy, fellow Mexico based Psy artist. Welcome back to the future! Sentinel is one of the recent exponents of the Psytrance movement, his own original formula creates solid basslines, groovy futuristic sounds, hypnotic elements and powerful psychedelic frequencies, that will be transported in to your mind, body and spirit! Iam you, You are Me (InLak'ech - Hala Ken)

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