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Pointfield / Ground Zero
Жанр: Progressive Psytrance
Год издания: 2016
Лейбл: Infinity-Tunes
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 01:11:48
01. Pointfield & Agent Kritsek - Solstice (08:33)
02. Pointfield & Drop Mind - Ground Zero (08:43)
03. Pointfield & Optical Groove - Intelligent Control (08:07)
04. Pointfield & Phoma - Frequent Traveler (07:32)
05. Pointfield & Symmetric Frequency - Source Of Reality (08:08)
06. Pointfield & Sinestesia - Frequency Freaks (07:22)
07. Pointfield & Rewind - Generation Of The New Space (08:04)
08. Pointfield & Ambersonic - Dusk Till Dawn (07:32)
09. Pointfield & Mars Squared - Squared Field (07:44)


Об альбоме

Next release for Infinity-Tunes is the new debut digital album from Pointfield. Collaborating with talented 'figures' of our scene, 'Ground Zero' is the ultimate, forceful package that contains nine previously unreleased tracks and was created in order to bring you psychotropic euphoria. Seventy minutes of intelligent trance that builds a 'Field' for punch and innovation. Pointfield aka Bojan Mizdrak, based in Belgrade/Serbia, is one of those rare artists that instantly captivate your ears. Bojan started his career as a local Dj, playing psychedelic trance music. He traveled and played his favorite tunes all around Serbia, in festivals but also to indoor parties. In 2010 he started to produce psy-ggressive and psy-chill music while he was discovering DAWS. The musical direction of the entire album varies from club-elements to strong dancefloor attacks with an industrial atmosphere, all of which create a unique envelope of sounds throughout the album. Bringing a fresh and innovative approach, the tracks are characterized by deep fat bass lines, mostly triple rhythms, melodic, combined synth-arpeggios and multiple effects while the arrangements can keep you in a very serious trance path. Pure Serbian trance in its true sense. With a bunch of releases around the globe, Pointfield is a name you will definitely hear a lot from. Order your copy and enjoy the music!

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