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Spiral Trax Vol 3
Жанр: Progressive Psytrance, Goa Trance
Год издания: 2016
Лейбл: Spiral Trax Records

Catalog: SPT1DW945
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 02:38:21
01. Logic Bomb - Halojaner (Tranan Remix) 08:00
02. Hux Flux - Errorhead (2015 Redeaux) 07:56
03. Cosmosis - The Other Side (Astro-D Remix) 09:11
04. Alien Project - Artificial Being (Plasmotek Remix) 08:01
05. Do Re Mix - Good Morning Cowboys 08:23
06. Mechanix - Thinking Out Loud 07:14
07. Lonely Fellow - Living Organism 05:51
08. Shogan - Feel the Light (Norma Project Remix) 08:33
09. Owntrip - Infinte Soul 07:30
10. Fire Starter - Fire Lock 08:04
11. Meander - You May Think That You Know Things 07:08
12. Norma Project - Blow Your Mind 08:53
13. Mystical Fields - Night Train 07:08
14. Flugbegleiter - Stromschnelle 07:13
15. ZeoLogic - Noise Shaping 07:04
16. Illegal Substances - Tradition, Chapter I (Agent Kritse 07:20
17. Lost Shaman - Meaning May Be Found 08:44
18. High M Vectro - Xenomorph 07:58
19. Quantus - Insane 07:56
20. AudioStorm - Nebula 10:04


Об альбоме

Spiral Trax is back with a top shelf collection of our choice selections spanning progressive and Psychedelic Goa trance. This top shelf compilation focuses on our stellar 2016 and 2015 EP catalog hits packed with so many gems it was obviously time to present the next volume.
Featuring the hit parade of International superstars and top Scandinavian favorites as well as many talented newer faces this compilation is just in time for the fall and winter season to remind you why you love Spiral Trax! This double length compendium provides perfect tunes from leading producers Logic Bomb and Tranan, Hux Flux, Cosmosis, Alien Project, GMS, Mechanix and more!
Top remixers Plasmotek, Astro-D and Norma Project join front liners Lonely Fellow and Jiser, Shogan, Owntrip, DoReMix (aka The Dude) Firestarter and Monolock. Disc two takes us on an uplifting Progressive Psytrance and pumping techno trance trajectory on our well rounded and thoroughly satisfying Spiral Excursion.
Enjoy winners from Meander, Orthoplex (aka Sharigrama vs Try2Fly), Mystical Fields, Inkel, Galactrixx, Flugbegleiter, ZeoLogic, Illegal Substances, Agent Kristsek, Lost Shaman, High M Vectro, Quantus and AudioStorm. Our new album of pure quality dance music takes you on an exquisite voyage across space and time giving you a plush ride to truly set the stage for a blissful trance new year! Thanks for all your support and we look forward to joining you in 2017 for a marvelous new season of joy and fun with great old friends and many new ones too!

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