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Java Fundamentals: The Core Platform
This course provides thorough coverage of the core Java platform, giving you the skills needed to begin developing in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and serving as a solid foundation for all Java-based development environments.
Год выпуска: 06/2016
Производитель: Pluralsight
Сайт производителя: pluralsight.com/courses/java-fundamentals-core-platform
Автор: Jim Wilson
Продолжительность: 7:25
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: Java is the most in-demand programming language skill amongst software developers, and one of the most important skills for big data specialists. This course, Java Fundamentals: The Core Platform, provides thorough coverage of the core Java platform, giving you the foundation you need to begin developing Java applications using the features and capabilities of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), as well as providing you with the skills you need to quickly ramp-up and begin developing effectively with Java using the JRE. First, you'll learn about working with streams, files, and the file system. You'll also learn about I/O topics specific to working with files such open/closing files, detecting end-of-file, and buffering. Next, you'll learn about configuring application execution and environments, the features available, and detailed discussions of the PATH and CLASSPATH environment variables that affect the Java runtime. Finally, you'll learn about multithreading and concurrency, taking a look at the basic ideas of the thread startup lifecycle along with the more sophisticated executor service. After watching this course, you'll be ready to begin working within any of the many environments that rely on Java.


Course Overview
1m 27s
Course Overview 1m 27s
4m 36s
Introduction 0m 26s
The Role of the Java Core Platform 4m 9s
Input and Output with Streams and Files
56m 57s
Introduction 0m 49s
Streams Overview 1m 19s
Reading and Writing with Streams 5m 59s
Common Stream Classes 2m 52s
Stream Errors and Cleanup 4m 26s
Demo: Working with Try-with-resources Part 1 5m 33s
Demo: Working with Try-with-resources Part 2 3m 36s
Chaining Streams 4m 38s
File and Buffered Streams 5m 10s
Accessing Files with the java.nio.file Package 4m 59s
Using Default File System and Zip File Systems 2m 48s
Demo: Creating a Zip File System 5m 5s
Demo: Copying and Writing Files to Zip File System 6m 47s
Summary 2m 50s
String Formatting and Regular Expressions
41m 33s
Introduction 0m 50s
More Powerful Solutions to Creating String Representations 1m 37s
Joining Sequences of Values with StringJoiner 3m 9s
StringJoiner Edge Case Handling 4m 6s
Constructing String with Format Specifiers 5m 40s
Common Format Conversions 2m 50s
Format Flags 6m 21s
Argument Index 2m 46s
Writing Formatted Content to a Stream 2m 55s
String Matching with Regular Expressions 1m 22s
String Class Support for Regular Expressions 4m 2s
Dedicated Regular Expression Classes 3m 21s
Summary 2m 30s
Working with Collections
38m 21s
Introduction 0m 53s
A First Look at Collections 4m 30s
Collections and Type Safety 3m 36s
Collection Interface 4m 2s
Java 8 Collection Features 3m 48s
Converting Between Collections and Arrays 3m 19s
Collection Types 2m 52s
Sorting 4m 33s
Map Collections 6m 6s
Sorted Map Collections 2m 58s
Summary 1m 39s
Controlling App Execution and Environment
45m 49s
Introduction 1m 22s
Command-line Arguments 2m 25s
Demo: Filenames with Spaces and Passing Args to an IDE 4m 54s
Managing Persistable Key/Value Pairs 3m 11s
Store and Load Property Values 4m 27s
Properties Persisted as XML 2m 24s
Providing Default Properties 3m 57s
Demo: Loading Default Properties from a Package 5m 12s
Default Class Loading 2m 51s
Specifying Class Path 2m 34s
Class Path Structure 3m 57s
Class Loading with -jar Option 1m 50s
Execution Environment Information 4m 25s
Summary 2m 13s
Capturing Application Activity with the Java Log System
49m 25s
Introduction 1m 8s
Log System Management 2m 5s
Making Log Calls 2m 43s
Log Levels 3m 45s
Types of Log Methods 4m 18s
Parameterized Message Methods 3m 11s
Creating/Adding Log Components 5m 17s
Built-in Handlers 6m 7s
Built-in Formatters 5m 18s
Log Configuration File 4m 31s
Making the Most of the Log System: Naming & Hierarchy 8m 38s
Summary 2m 19s
Multithreading and Concurrency
1h 13m
Introduction 1m 58s
A Quick Look at the Basics 2m 38s
The Move to Multithreading 6m 1s
Java Threading Foundation 6m 36s
Thread Pools 5m 44s
Creating a Closer Relationship Between Thread Tasks 9m 4s
Concurrency Issues 9m 46s
Coordinating Method Access 6m 12s
Manual Synchronization 4m 39s
Manually Synchronized Code 13m 15s
More Concurrency-related Types 4m 30s
Summary 2m 50s
Runtime Type Information and Reflection
53m 55s
Introduction 1m 32s
Overview 5m 34s
Type as a Type 5m 10s
Accessing a Type's Class Instance 5m 13s
Accessing Type Information 6m 43s
Accessing Type Member Information 7m 23s
Interacting with Object Instances 7m 4s
Instance Creation with Reflection 7m 11s
Instance Creation with Reflection Revisited 5m 53s
Summary 2m 8s
Adding Type Metadata with Annotations
36m 36s
Introduction 1m 14s
The Need to Express Context and Intent 4m 28s
Using Annotations 5m 10s
Declaring Annotations 5m 49s
Accessing Annotations 4m 44s
Annotation Target and Retention 5m 37s
A Closer Look at Elements 7m 18s
Summary 2m 13s
Persisting Objects with Serialization
43m 30s
Introduction 1m 14s
Java Serialization Overview 3m 47s
Being Serializable 3m 9s
Serializing/Deserializing an Object 3m 47s
Class Version Incompatibility 3m 21s
Creating Class Version Compatibility 6m 54s
The Need for Custom Serialization 3m 47s
Customizing Serialization 6m 13s
Transient Fields 6m 21s
Summary 4m 53s
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Аудио: AAC, 44.1kHz, 72kbps, stereo


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