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Название игры: Trials Evolution: Gold Edition
Дата выпуска патча: 2013
Тип патча: Официальный
Версия Патча: v1.02
Требуемая версия игры: Любая
Таблэтка: Присутствует (SKIDROW)--Установка: Обычная:
1. Установить данное обновление
2. Скопировать все из папки SKIDROW в папку с устаноленной игрой.
3. Играть

Cписок изменений:

Trials Evolution Gold Edition v1.02 Update info:
- Fix bugs.
- Player can invite steam friends in online mode.
- Add Facebook integration in the game.
Day 1 patch fixes and new features
Problems with multi-GPU hardware are being worked on with card manufacturers and should be fixed with upcoming driver updates (for now we will show a popup to players to inform them about the issue and its workaround)
Rendering issue that caused 3D content to be rendered in lower resolution than the one player had selected is fixed
Video rendering options improved when rendering replay to be uploaded to YouTube (fixes stuttering visible in all current videos)
Game crashing in License tests with some hardware combinations has been fixed
Viewing a replay of a track loaded from Track Central doesn’t allow you to restart and ride the track as the character from replay or rate it anymore
Pressing B or “back” on the “Please reconnect” screen no more quits you to the desktop (you must manually choose to quit if you don’t want to play offline)
“User track downloaded” popup doesn’t disable camera and controls anymore if you are playing the game while it appears
“Toggle simulate” in Editor doesn’t move the mouse cursor to the bottom right corner anymore
Shift + mouse click now works in Editor when adding extra path points
CTRL + Shift + Z now works as a redo command in Editor
Steam and Uplay account linking option has been added to the Steam version of the game. By linking their accounts, players can see their Steam friends in the game and easily add them as their Uplay friends
Players can now post their track completion times and screenshots of their customized Rider & Bike to Facebook
New content indicator added to the Event select screen to inform players that they have unlocked content in another area (Crash County or HD Warehouse)
General engine optimizations have been made that should increase overall performance
A number of small track fixes have been made
A number of small localization fixes have been made
Many thanks to everybody who took part and reported their issues. We will continue to investigate any problems and apply fixes when we can. Some players may note that there were two common issues not addressed in the day one patch, some info on those two issues follows:
For players who had performance issues using machines with multiple graphics cards: We are currently working with card manufacturers to get a Trials Evolution Gold Edition profile added in the next driver updates. In the meantime, disabling one of the GPU processors, SLI, or Crossfire will help with performance issues on PCs with multiple GPUs in Trials Evolution Gold Edition.
For players who experienced graphics or texture errors using Intel integrated GPUs: A GPU with 512MB of dedicated memory is required to play Trials Evolution Gold Edition. Intel, and some other, integrated graphics chipsets are not supported as they use shared system memory and not dedicated memory. Occasionally integrated Intel GPUs are selected automatically to run the game over dedicated, high performance GPUs available. If this is the case, you can select the correct GPU from your graphic card’s drivers or control

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