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-Версия обновления: (Update 1-5)
Требуемая версия: ( Saints Row IV: Commander-in-Chief Edition + Season Pass DLC (Deep Silver) (ENG/MULTi5) [L|Steam-Rip] от R.G. GameWorks )
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Cписок изменений Update 1-5

Код: copyText_writeLink('this.parentNode.parentNode.nextSibling.nextSibling'); Patch 5 (released: 10/21/13)
Fix for an issue where Marauders could spawn on the cribship
Fix for an issue with the gun fire audio playing for the machine gun included in the GAT V DLC pack
Fix for an issue where certain weapon icons would appear when they shouldn’t in store interfaces
Fix for some missions where the player male animation set would replace the female animation set
Fix for radio control bindings while on foot
Fix to the weapon menu where the player is unable to scroll after receiving more than 9 special weapons
Fix to for some players who were unable to become fireproof
Improved overall stability of the game
Various UI fixes for running the game with Eyefinity, including improved heath indications and weapon inventory screen updates
Fix for crash where the player attempts to switch to fullscreen and it fails.
Added support for future DLC
Improved camera behavior while flying a VTOL
The Client will now pause gameplay when joining a Host’s game while the host is on the “invite friends” menu after initially loading a CO-OP game
The voice chat option will now only be enabled while CO-OP is active
Patch 4.1 (released: 10/10/13)
Fix for a startup crash for PCs with ASUS Sound Boards
Fixes for several stability issues which resulted in crashes
Fix for a certain character missing during romance sequences
Fix for a COOP infinite load in mission “THE BOSS GOES TO WASHINGTON”
Fix for certain players using Fire Invulnerability after completing Blazing Activities
Fix for soft crash using the DEATH FROM ABOVE nuke in water
Fix for soft crash due to using The Rectifier during Hot Spots
Reduced the distance necessary for completing challenge: DISTANCE TRAVELLED IN ALIEN VEHICLE
Players with below min spec framerate will be stuck less often when asked to disable generators throughout the game
Patch 4 (released: 9/16/13)
Fixed a patch issue in the save system where weapon data was corrupted. Examples of the data corruption includes duplicated weapons or missing weapons.
Fix for the Rectifier and Penetrator Upgrade/Customization Screen freezes
Fix for double Dubstep Gun being available to certain players after the last patch
Fix for “Inauguration Station” .exe name
Fix for keyboard/mouse tutorial messages when using sprint toggle
Fix for radio key mapping not working as intended
Fix for key mapping of “ 1 “ and “ 2 “ for weapon swap
Fix for wall sprint functionality sticking when using sprint toggle
(AMD Eyefinity users) Fix for 21:9 resolution monitors to display UI correctly
Fix for hangs relating to DRM checks
Fix for missing Polish string translation (defaults to English if string is missing)
Fix for extra UI elements appearing in certain Mayhem activities
Added support for future DLC
Added crash reporting support, this will help to pinpoint crash issues
Added a toggle in the menu for allow weapon swapping not to bring up the weapon swap screen. When enabled, this stops the full screen menu from popping up during weapon swap
Added transparency to the weapon radial under certain conditions
Patch 3 (released: 8/30/13)
Fixed a patch issue in the save system where weapon data was corrupted. Examples of the data corruption includes duplicated weapons or missing weapons.
Most weapons lost due to the previous patch will be restored. This includes weapons rewarded due to game progress, promotional weapons, and DLC pack weapons. In addition, all weapons purchased from Friendly Fire or picked up from enemies that were upgraded, customized, or equipped will be restored.
Patch 2 (released: 8/27/13)
The continue option no longer appears on the main menu if the only save data present is another user’s
Fix for a hang that would occur if the user is shot in the Friendly Fire interface
Fix for an animation issue from falling from a super jump and hitting a ledge while doing a midair recovery
Fix for a crash if the player performs two max-height nuke DFAs back to back.
Fix for a crash for the client if the host exits a mission while the client is mid-save.
Fix for a stats mismatch between ‘total time played’ on the save file and the stats page.
Added future DLC compatibility
Patch 1 (released: 8/22/13)
Fixed an error where Saints Row IV was referred to as “Saints Row Inauguration Station”
Adjusted a sequence in THE REAL WORLD mission to assist players who are running the game below minimum spec with low framerate.

Список включенных DLC

- Saints Row IV - Preorder DLC
- Saints Row IV - Commander-In-Chief Pack
- Saints Row IV - Volition Comics Pack
- Saints Row IV - The Rectifier
- Saints Row IV - The Executive Privilege Pack
- Saints Row IV - Team Fortress 2 Pack
- Saints Row IV - Brady Games Pack
- Saints Row IV - Grass Roots Pack
- Saints Row IV - Presidential Pack
- Saints Row IV - Dubstep Expansion Pack
- Saints Row IV - GAT V Pack


1. Запустить setup.exe и установить обновление в папку с игрой
3. Ждать лекарство-
- -При перезаливке на другой ресурс, просьба указывать релиз-группу: GameWorks

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