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Дата выпуска патча: 20.05.2013
Язык игры: ENG
Тип патча: официальный
Версия патча:
Таблэтка: не требуется

Установка: запустить .exe и следовать инструкциям

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Изменения: (анг.)

    Changed aspect ability chance ratio from 75%-25% to 67%-33%, giving a higher chance for better aspects.
    Changed the Chilipepper to give 30/60 tech instead of 20/40 tech in the 'Ground for Medicinal Peppers' synergy.
    Changed the Diamond synergy to make it more easy to use.
    [Gameplay fixes]
    Fixed some specializations
    Fixed Ruby's requirement
    Fixed Cardon Cactus symbiosis
    [technical fixes]
    Crash while saving a game with a project that asked for the destruction of another city
    Removed all dependencies on System fonts added different fonts and bundled them with the game.
    Enable VSync by default and added an option to the menu
    Hitting escape in the intromovies no longer asks if you want to quit the game at startup
    Fixed cooldown cheat
    Fixed some textual stupidities in tooltips and other places
    Added requirement UI to Opera: 'There are at least 4 other villages'
    Some changes in tutorial 2
    Fixed other rare crashes

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