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-Naval War.Arctic Circle.v - Дата выхода: 10 апреля 2012
Дата выхода в России: -
Жанр: Strategy (Real-time) / Simulator (Naval) / 3D
Мультиплеер: -
Разработчик: Turbo Tape Games
Издатель: Paradox Interactive
Издатель в России: -
Локализатор: -
Тип издания: Repack (Лицензии)
Платформа: PC
Язык интерфейса: Русский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Таблетка: Вшита (TiNYiSO.v
Сайт игры: http://www.navalwargame.com/-Системные требования:
Операционная система: XP, Vista, 7
Процессор: Core 2 Duo - 1,8 ГГц
Оперативной памяти: 2048 Мб \ 4096 Мб
Свободного места на жестком диске: 1357 Мб
Видеокарта: (256 Мб)
Файловая система: FAT, NTFS
Важно: перед установкой отключаем Антивирус и Файрвол-Краткое описание:
Naval War: Arctic Circle – стратегия в реальном времени, в которой вам предстоит сражаться против вражеских военно-морских и воздушных сил за власть и мировое господство. Военные действия будут проходить вдоль норвежского и британского побережий, через Исландию и Гренландию вплоть до Северной Америки и Северо-Западного прохода.
В Naval War: Arctic Circle присутствуют обширная кампания, возможность игры в онлайне через локальную сеть и интернет, реалистичные модели погоды и войска, воссозданные на основе реальных. В игре представлены следующие фракции: США, Российская Федерация, Скандинавские страны и НАТО.-

Установленные патчи:


* Fixed: CultureInfo not set when running French version of game causing GUI to fail to initialize.
* Fixed: Scenario names and descriptions that's not localized will now fallback to English instead of just showing LOCID.
* Fixed: Crash related to missiles targeting aircraft that lands on a base.
* Fixed: Error in hitpoint damage calculations (damage will now be higher).
* Updated: Changed weapon trajectory on 'AS-4 Kitchen' missile from sea skimming to high altitude.
* Updated: Increased terminal speed range on 'AS-4 Kitchen' missile.
* Updated: Increased minimum weapon range and highest operating height on 'AS-4 Kitchen' Missile.
* Updated: 'RIM-67 Standard ER Missile' can now target surface and also be targeted itself.
* Updated: Increased effective weapon range on 'RIM-67 Standard ER Missile'.
* Added: 2 'AIM-9 Sidewinder' missiles default weapon load in 'F/A Super Hornet'.
* Fixed: Name on 'Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk'.
* Fixed: Name on 'Pyotr Veliky'.
* Added: Keyboard bindings for zooming in satellite map (PageUp and PageDown).
* Fixed: Stopped playing menu music when opening Credits screen from main menu.
* Updated: Upgraded to Unity 3.5.1f for improved memory management.
* Updated: Properly unloaded textures created in memory during runtime.
* Updated: Improved memory management to avoid fragmentation.
* Fixed: Cleared object pools when exiting game to menu.
* Fixed: Stopped trying to re-initialize game when exiting to desktop. Fixes FileNotFoundException reported in output log.


* Fixed: Changed font in Victory/Defeat screen when using Norwegian language to handle special characters.
* Fixed: Weapons that can target surface units can now target submarines that's on the surface.
* Added: Localization of "Tutorial 5: Radar".
* Updated: 'C01S11: Wings of Retribution' scenario difficulty increased. Added more enemy air, reduced own. offensive units and added spotter for enemies.
* Updated: Reduced effectiveness of torpedo decoy.
* Updated: 'JAS-39 Gripen' Air superiority Amraam load increased from 4 to 6. Air superiority (LR) added 2 Amraam.
* Fixed: 'C01S07: Baltic Breakout' victory condition for enemy could never be met.
* Fixed: 'C01S12: Ragnarok Armada' victory condition.
* Fixed: 'C02S06: Hide and Seek' victory condition for destroying airport.
* Fixed: Removed trailing dialog entry in dialog before 'C02S07: Northern Lights'.
* Fixed: Broken newspaper body before last Russian campaign mission.
* Fixed: StrengthPercent is changed to percentages for jammers.
* Fixed: Patriot SAM Base misnamed.
* Fixed: Ronneby spelling.
* Fixed: Mouse wheel and keyboard not working for people that had previously played other Unity3D games that required DirectInput.
* Fixed: Several causes of game crashing removed. Also added more logging to track down harder to identify ones.


* Added: New background sounds for dialog scenes in campaigns.
* Updated: Land installations already known to opponent sets active radar automatically at start of game.
* Fixed: Rare crash related to group movement.
* Fixed: Bug in visual and IR sensor logic that reduced range.
* Fixed: Aircraft not moving forward when changing elevation.
* Fixed: Unable to redesign detection as Undetermined after it has been marked as Foe due to mission settings.
* Added: 'Battle of Jutland 2030' multiplayer and skirmish scenario.
* Added: TLAM weaponload for Astute submarine.
* Updated: Moved location of subs in '01S06: Peekaboo in the Fjords'.
* Updated: 'C01S03: Show of Force' made easier. Carrier group moved north, added extra P8's on Easy.
* Updated: Increased limitation on IR range.
* Updated: Increased range and resolution on Visual (binoculars added!).
* Updated: Taurus KEPD-350 name updated, model changed, range tweaked.
* Updated: Increased refueling tanks on F-35C and F/A-18 Super Hornet.
* Updated: Increased fuel on KC767 and Midas tanker planes.
* Fixed: Victory condition description in 'C02S10: Rear Guard'.
* Fixed: Helicopters can no longer be refueled in-air.
* Fixed: JAS-39 Gripen "Strike (Maverick)" loadout had wrong weapon.
* Added: Keybinding for toggling what view is maximized (map or 3D). Default key is 'Tab'.
* Added: Framework for customizable input bindings. No GUI yet, but can be changed in NWACPrefs.ini.
* Updated: Increased time mouse button has to be pressed before it's considered to be a drag command in the satellite map.
* Fixed: Memory leak caused by terrain loading.


* Updated: Removed possibility for fixed wing and helicopter to be launched together in a group in Flight Deck. Units that can't be launched together will be greyed out in flight deck.
* Updated: Made clearer what units isn't ready for launch in Flight Deck.
* Fixed: Problem selecting group from Units Panel after it had previously been selected.
-Satellite Map-
* Added: Deselect unit/group by holding down left control button when clicking on the icon in the map.
* Fixed: Properly destroyed Jamming vector line when loading new level.
* Added: Gradual decline in hit % over range for multipurpose guns.
* Updated: AI submarines will fire at all targets in torpedo range.
* Updated: For missiles in groups, only one will perform sensor sweeps. This improves performance significantly when there's lots of action.
* Updated: Missiles do not check sensors against units other than target (when they have a target). This also improves performance.
* Updated: Increased chance of component damage on impact.
* Updated: HighLevelOrders for launching AWACS air automatically goes to max altitude.
* Updated: Tweaked HitPercent vs. air.
* Fixed: Direct shots did not use GetHitPercent, ie. super laser gun effect.
* Fixed: Aircraft to flee AA missiles that can be targeted, not engage them.
* Fixed: Unable to change preferred time compression to same as set by other player (if lower than what already requested) in multiplayer game.
* Fixed: When assigning new home base for unit, entire group changes home base as well if either group or main unit was selected.
* Added: New multiplayer and skirmish scenario: "War of the Roses".
* Updated: NATO submarines moved in "C01S10: Convoy 13 No Reply".
* Added: AlternatePositions list to GameScenarioGroup. If present, the group/unit will select randomly which of the alternate positions are chosen on scenario loading.
* Added: Alternative sub positions added to Jutland scenario.
* Added: CanRetargetAfterLaunch property to WeaponClass. Is on unless specifically set to false. Specifies whether a missile will search for new target if original target is lost/killed.
* Updated: Updated Vymbel R-77 to AE-PD (higher range); kept old weapon for reference. This affects balance!
* Updated: Reduce ammo on all CIWS weapons; count bursts not bullets.
* Updated: Guns/gatlings shots/min reduced.
* Updated: Guns with MaxSimultanousShots > 1 changed to 1.
* Updated: JAS39 upgraded to E: longer range, supercruise.
* Updated: Semiactive radar removed from missiles.
* Updated: Reduced TimeBetweenShotsSec for some SAM missiles (using VLS).
* Updated: Reduced TimeBetweeenShots for most SAM, AA missile weapons.
* Updated: Increased speed for Mark 46, Mark 54 asw torpedoes.
* Updated: Removed Gau12 gun from NH90 helicopter.
* Updated: Increased max speeds for Virginia, Ohio and Astute submarines.
* Updated: Increased max depth for Virginia.
* Updated: Massive increase in fuel on tanker aircraft.
* Updated: HitPercent for all CIWS incresed.
* Updated: Reduced minimum range for AA guns.
* Fixed: Sea Skua req weapon control (semihoming).
* Fixed: Absalon radar corrected to Smart-L.
* Fixed: F125 gun corrected to Otobreda 127 mm.
* Fixed: Non-helo UAVs set minimum speed to non-zero.--Input-
* Fixed: Missing mouse cursor on some systems.
* Fixed: Reset input when game loses focus.
* Fixed: Stopped all 3D sounds when playing victory/defeat sound.
* Fixed: More memory leaks removed.


* Added: "Estonian Dawn" mission (forum competition winner).
* Added: Chaff to air superiroty fighters (Su-27, Su-35, Jas-39).
* Added: "IsAmphibiousAssault" role for Wasp and Mistral.
* Updated: Tweaked autumn temperatures.
* Fixed: AI automatic and HighLevelOrder ASW operations.

Особенности игры:

* Огромная область игрового пространства игры, с более чем 35 миллионами квадратных километров открытого моря и побережья.
* В игре представлены две кампании, повествующие историю со стороны России и НАТО.
* Реалистичная модель погоды, с реальными последствиями для тактического и стратегического распределения ресурсов.
* Реальные боевые единицы - все основные наземные, подводные и воздушные силы, как реально состоящие на вооружение, так и экспериментальные.
* Он-лайн игра через локальную сеть и интернет.

Особенности Repack'a:

--За основу взята Лицензия от Paradox Interactive--
* аудио качество 100%
* видео качество 100%
* эксклюзивный установщик
* установка всего дополнительного Softa (DirectX, Visual C++, NET Framework)
* все пути реестра сохранены
* запуск игры через ярлык на десктопе или через меню пуск
* для установки необходимо 512 Мб ОЗУ
* примерное время установки 1 минут(а,ы)
* v
* v
* v
* v
* v
* игровые архивы не тронуты
* за основу взята лицензионная копия игры от Paradox Interactive, обновлённая в Steam от 16.09.2012
* -----
Автор Repack'a:
* Fenixx

Свои скриншоты:

Скриншоты инсталлятора:

Steam скриншот:


Обновления Repack'a:


* игра обновлена до версии
--Repack обновлён!
* игра обновлена до версии
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Naval War.Arctic Circle.v Interactive).(2012).Repack
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