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Up and Running with Linux for PHP Developers
Год выпуска: Jun 13, 2014
Производитель: Lynda.com
Сайт производителя: Lynda.com
Автор: Jon Peck
Продолжительность: 3h 52m
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: Need a fast, powerful, and free development environment? Learn how to set up a virtual Linux web server on your Mac or Windows computer quickly—no additional formatting, dual booting, or hardware required. Author Jon Peck shows you how to set up a virtual machine with VirtualBox, download and install a Linux server, and then configure the additional LAMP stack elements: Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The course also describes how to create a database and users, install development tools like Xdebug, manage your source code with Git, and troubleshoot common installation and configuration issues.
The demonstrations are performed with the Ubuntu LTS distribution of Linux, but the skills taught here are also applicable to other Linux distributions. Every command is described in detail in context, and a comprehensive quick reference is provided for convenience.
Topics include:
What is Linux, and why should I use it?
What's a LAMP, and why does it matter?
Creating and configuring a virtual machine
Working with the Linux command line
Configuring the servers, including Apache virtual hosts
Building a development server dashboard
Using PHP package managers like Composer and PEAR
Installing Drupal, WordPress, and more on the server
Self-hosting Git repositories, including a web interface
Enhancing the server with debugging and profiling
Exporting a virtual appliance to use on another machine
Server troubleshooting techniques
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Introduction 6m 37s
Welcome 45s
Exercise files 2m 25s
What you should know 3m 27s
1. Getting Started 22m 55s
Where should I be developing? 6m 56s
What is Linux, and why should I use it? 7m 14s
Introducing system virtual machines with VirtualBox 3m 32s
What's a LAMP, and why does it matter? 5m 13s
2. Creating a Virtual Machine 17m 39s
Preparing your workstation 2m 10s
Creating the virtual machine (VM) 3m 19s
Configuring the VM 4m 55s
Installing Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS 7m 15s
3. Using the Server Command-Line Interface 30m 6s
Talking to yourself with local networking 6m 17s
Logging in using Secure Shell (SSH) 4m 19s
Using SSH with and without a password on Mac 5m 42s
Using SSH with and without a password on Windows 3m 39s
Introducing the command-line interface 10m 9s
4. Initial Server Configuration 34m 33s
Upgrading and installing packages 4m 38s
Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions 3m 1s
Configuring group permissions for access 3m 1s
Configuring the Apache web server 7m 9s
Configuring PHP for development 7m 6s
Configuring the MySQL database server 5m 41s
Installing the Exim email server 3m 57s
5. Building a Development Server Dashboard 17m 53s
Installing phpMyAdmin to manage databases 4m 2s
Creating databases and users 3m 23s
Creating a server dashboard 4m 31s
Installing Ajenti to monitor your server 5m 57s
6. Installing PHP Applications for Site Development 26m 6s
Installing Composer and PEAR for PHP dependency management 3m 30s
Installing community PHP extensions with PECL 1m 36s
Installing WordPress and WP-CLI 3m 57s
Installing Drupal and Drush 2m 39s
Installing Symfony 3m 2s
Installing CakePHP and DebugKit 5m 50s
Installing CodeIgniter 2m 30s
Best practices for installing PHP frameworks and applications 3m 2s
7. Source Code Management 27m 21s
Introducing Git 2m 16s
Hosting Git repositories with gitolite 6m 29s
Browsing your git repositories with gitweb 7m 9s
Adding the dashboard to Git using SourceTree 2m 5s
Automatically storing server config with etckeeper 9m 22s
8. Enhancing the Development Server 12m 19s
Installing Xdebug for debugging 3m 7s
Installing webgrind for profiling 5m 22s
Installing Memcached data and object caching 1m 46s
Installing the Redis key-value store 2m 4s
9. Advanced VirtualBox Techniques 10m 35s
Using snapshots to turn back time 3m 53s
Exporting a virtual appliance to use on another host 3m 36s
Automating dev environment creation with Vagrant 3m 6s
10. Troubleshooting 19m 52s
Troubleshooting SSH 5m 31s
Troubleshooting Apache 4m 56s
Troubleshooting MySQL 5m 0s
Troubleshooting PHP 2m 25s
Troubleshooting Exim 2m 0s
Conclusion 6m 45s
Keeping the server and VirtualBox up to date 1m 55s
Best practices for managing multiple development projects 1m 36s
Where to go from here 2m 11s
Farewell 1m 3s
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