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Easy PHP Projects: Single-Serving Sites
Год выпуска: 2015
Производитель: Lynda
Сайт производителя: lynda.com
Автор: Kevin Skoglund
Продолжительность: 3:01
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: Sometimes simple websites are more effective than complex ones. In this course, discover the beauty and power of single-serving sites. Easy PHP Projects is a series of small-scale PHP projects targeted at PHP beginners as well as experienced developers looking to practice their skills. Each of the projects in this installment results in a stand-alone, single-page website. Kevin Skoglund shows how to determine a user's IP address and browser details, parse and compare dates, generate dynamic page styles, and create sentences from randomized fragments.


How to use the exercise files
Introducing single-serving sites
1. What is My IP Address?
Find an IP address with PHP
Understanding proxy servers
Find forwarded IP addresses
Validate an IP address
Finish up
2. Browser Mirror
Display a full request report
Decode request time
Browser detective
Decode browser details
Finding browser window size
3. Is it New Years Yet?
Work with date and time in PHP
Is it Friday yet?
Is this a leap year?
Add a form for year selection
Convert a time string to a timestamp
Is Star Wars out yet?
Add a form for episode selection
4. Random Data and Styling
Randomize data in PHP
Random color squares
Random text styling
Delete elements from arrays
You are awesome!
5. Random Phrase Generator
Introducing PHP array_rand
Generate sentence parts
Generate complex sentences
Increase complexity
Next steps
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Формат видео: MP4
Видео: AVC, 1280x800, 16:10, 15fps, 253kbps
Аудио: AAC, 48kHz, 128kbps, stereo


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