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Creative Quick Tips [1-111]
Год выпуска: 02/11/2015
Производитель: Lynda
Сайт производителя: lynda.com
Автор: Justin Seeley
Продолжительность: 6:56
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоклипы
Язык: Английский
Описание: Join Justin Seeley, lynda.com staff author and design enthusiast, each week for a new 5-minute, self-contained tutorial that you can use to instantly improve your design workflow. This series covers techniques for print, digital, and web design, addressing the tools that creative professionals like you use most. Learn new ways to leverage layer styles and vector shapes in Adobe Photoshop, work more efficiently with text in Illustrator, and embed videos and even tweets in WordPress posts, and much more. Check back each week for a new installment, and a new design hack.
Инструктор Линды Джастин Силей ведет еженедельные пятиминутные советы.


New This Week
Whitening teeth in Photoshop NEW
Welcome to the series
How to send feedback
October 2015
Creating a mountain scene in Adobe Illustrator
Creating a double exposure effect in Photoshop
Converting a photo into a painting using Photoshop
Building a search icon in Illustrator
September 2015
Finding add-ons for Adobe Muse
Retouching a photo nondestructively in Photoshop
Changing eye color in Photoshop
Finding the right font with FontScout
August 2015
Exporting assets from Photoshop CC 2015
Creating shadow shapes in Illustrator
Selecting layers quickly in Illustrator
Creating grid layouts in Muse
July 2015
How to make a layer mask keyboard shortcut
Five InDesign add-ons for designers
Creating grid layouts in Illustrator
Working with libraries in the cloud
June 2015
Creating persistent menus in Muse
How to use opacity masks in Illustrator
How to sync your Creative Cloud settings
Using conditional actions in Photoshop
How to purge your Photoshop history states
May 2015
Five Illustrator add-ons for Designers
Creating round corners in Photoshop
How to annotate screenshots
April 2015
Ten fonts to jump-start your next project
How to use Vanishing Point in Photoshop
Creating sticky appearances in Illustrator
Five courses every designer should watch
March 2015
Five Photoshop add-ons for designers
Creating shared Creative Cloud libraries
How to use custom views in Illustrator
Five Lightroom add-ons for Photographers
Using Image Processor Pro in Photoshop and Bridge
February 2015
Using Creative Cloud Market
Five WordPress plugins you should install today
How to create buttons in Muse
How to remove empty layers in Photoshop
January 2015
How to use Photoshop's new Guide Layouts
Placing Photoshop files into Muse
Editing multiple photos using Camera RAW & Bridge
How to find free icons on the web
December 2014
How to use Creative Cloud Libraries
How to find patterns for your web backgrounds
Using the width tool in Adobe Illustrator
Using Illustrator to perform calculations
November 2014
How to sync and share files with Adobe Creative Cloud
Five resources for finding 3D models
Creating a thumbnail sketch template in Illustrator
Five text editors for web designers
October 2014
How to correctly flatten your Photoshop files
How to create your own document presets in Photoshop
Generating color schemes with ColourCode
Five lightweight fonts for your next web project
September 2014
How to create line shadows in Illustrator
Using custom keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop
Automating your InDesign workflow
How to quickly generate placeholder text in InDesign
August 2014
Using PNG Hat to export Photoshop assets
How to setup two-step authentication in WordPress
Analyzing the speed of your website
How to create beveled text in Illustrator
July 2014
How to find free stock photos online
Using the transform command in Illustrator
Five tools for wireframing & mockups
How to convert videos into GIFs using Photoshop
June 2014
Fitting content into your InDesign frames
Setting up your own Autocorrect in InDesign
Drawing complex shapes in Illustrator
Using the snapshots feature in Photoshop
Creating awesome product shots with Placeit
May 2014
Locking artwork in Illustrator
Five free fonts for your next project
Improving the SEO of your Muse website
April 2014
Unlocking background layers in Photoshop
Using opacity shortcuts in Photoshop
Using Illustrator's Glyphs Panel for icon fonts
Creating flexible buttons in Illustrator
March 2014
How to use Photoshop and Illustrator to write CSS
How to create scalable rounded rectangles in Illustrator
How to use the fill commands in Photoshop
How to accurately space objects in Illustrator
Ten WordPress plugins that you should know
February 2014
Exploring the Kuler Panel in Illustrator CC
How to draw awesome shapes with the tilde key
How to reset your bounding box in Illustrator
How to change your artboard color in Illustrator
January 2014
How to round individual corners on Illustrator shapes
How to use Camera Raw as a Smart Filter
How to use the Shape Builder Tool to recolor artwork
How to use "Align to Key Object" in Illustrator
December 2013
How to create your own pixel grids
How to sample colors from anywhere
How to create diagonal guides in Illustrator
November 2013
How to create better Facebook cover photos
How to use keyboard shortcuts in WordPress
How to add Apple touch icons to your website
How to use Font Awesome in design applications
October 2013
How to create a better Twitter avatar
How to embed videos in WordPress without a plugin
How to embed real tweets into any WordPress post
Create your own Photoshop shortcut cheat sheet
September 2013
How to effectively rotate objects in Illustrator
How to create interlocking shapes in Illustrator
How to speed up Photoshop's performance
How to use tool shortcuts in Photoshop
How to use springloaded shortcuts in Photoshop
August 2013
How to create layers from Photoshop Layer Styles
How to turn Illustrator artwork into Shape Layers
How to combine vector shapes in Photoshop
How to use text wrapping in Illustrator
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