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Год выпуска: 2011
Тип: Прошивка для привода
Тип издания: Пиратка
Версия: iXtreme LT+ 2.0

LT+ 2.0 NFO:

-C4E’s iXtreme LT+ in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter
Official release of the iXtreme LT+ v2.0 (Including SLIM)
- Support for XGD3 ixtreme backups using LT-MAX for maximum capacity on standard DVD+R DL discs. Passes all security checks for XGD3 including correct capacity.
- Support for large capacity DVD+R DL media (no errors when burning)
I would like to dedicate this fw to the Xbox Live Enforcement Team and the recent false (AP25) bans and subsequent reversal. Keep up the good work guys.
Thanks go to Team Jungle for their hard work and efforts in the development process.
Thanks also go to Team Xecuter for their support to this project.

0800 NFO:

-Team Jungle Presents IXtreme 3.0 0800 firmware for Benq and Liteon drives
IXtreme fw for Benq and Liteon drives!
-Common API designed for easier application use!
-Support for SS V2!
-Support for AP25!
-Support for XGD3 ripping!
-Direct 0800 mode for game dumping including SS v2!
This firmware is =NOT FOR USE IN A CONSOLE= and is provided
with the intended use of being in a dedicated "ripping" drive.
This means:
a. Does not need your DVD key,
b. Does not need spoofing as another drive,
c. Does not need to use the tray half open and
d. Does not need to use the activate.iso to use this firmware on the pc.-

Jungle Flasher v0.1.89 beta (284) NFO:

-JungleFlasher 0.1.89(284)
Support for LT Plus 2.0
-Lite-on Slim 0272, 0225, 0401, 1071
Dummy from KeyDB
Extra step, for Phat Lite-ons if common post 13146 barcode
is detected, user has option to type in case barcode and
index key based on a pre update entry created with f/w that
contained the old barcode.
Benq and Sammy bad flash support
Added a work around to auto-intro. SlimIntro was putting
Benq and Sammy in a bad state, where as phat intro has no
effect on Slim. If bad state is detected, usually by status
0xD1, slimIntro is no longer sent.-

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