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Learning Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Год выпуска: 2013
Производитель: Infinite Skills
Сайт производителя: infiniteskills.com
Автор: Andy Anderson
Продолжительность: 10:00
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: In this video based Adobe Dreamweaver CC training course, expert trainer Andy Anderson introduces you to the latest advancement of this amazing web design application. Whether you are new to Dreamweaver or have used it before, Andy will take you through the basics of web design, from the planning stages of a new site all the way through to the finished product.
You will start out by learning how to build a basic site page, including how to create an external link and working with titles and text. Once you have that down, this video based training course will show you how to use the Dreamweaver layout tools, add text and pictures, add tables, and work with forms. You will learn about working with templates, library items, and snippets. Andy will walk you through how to construct a site from scratch, covering topics such as how to populate the pages with images, how to generate an image map, and how to generate hyperlinks.
By the completion of this Dreamweaver CC training course, you will be familiar with the tools and techniques available to you in order to create remarkable websites. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.
Изучите Dreamweaver - среду для веб-разработки.


01. Getting Started
0101 Introduction
0102 About Andy
0103 Working With The Exercise Files
0104 Top Ten Dreamweaver Features From Andy
02. The First Step In Web Design
0201 Introduction
0202 Working With Local And Remote Sites
0203 Generating A Local Site Folder
0204 Generating A Remote Server Definition
0205 Going Through File Panel Options
0206 Modifying Existing Sites
0207 Helping An Existing Site To Grow
0208 File Synchronization
0209 File And Folder Cloaking
03. Building Basic Site Pages
0301 Introduction
0302 Generating A Work Site
0303 Creating, Naming, And Saving Site Pages
0304 Working With Titles And Text
0305 Creating An External Link
0306 Working With The Assets Panel
0307 Validating Pages With Multiple Browsers
04. Adding And Formatting Text On A Site Page
0401 Introduction
0402 Setting Up The Site
0403 Working With Page Properties
0404 Basic Text Editing
0405 Copy And Paste Text Options
0406 Working With Paste Special
0407 HTML Text Formatting Options
0408 Creating A Downloadable Text Link
05. Performing Text Searches On A Site
0501 Introduction
0502 Setting Up The Site
0503 Find And Replace Basics
0504 Advanced Find And Replace Options
0505 Using Regular Expressions
0506 Additional Search Features
0507 Checking Your Spelling
06. Inserting And Manipulating Images
0601 Introduction
0602 Setting Up The Site
0603 HTML5 And CSS Page Structure 101
0604 Building A Page From Scratch
0605 All About Assets And Workspaces
0606 Inserting Images Into A Page
0607 Editing Images Within Dreamweaver
0608 The Photoshop Connection
0609 Adding A Background Image
07. Using Dreamweaver Layout Tools
0701 Introduction
0702 Setting Up The Site
0703 Planning The Project
0704 Working With Grids, Guides, And Rulers
0705 Using Tracing Images
0706 Defining New Document Settings
08. Working With Templates, Library Items And Snippets
0801 Introduction
0802 Setting Up The Site
0803 Template Basics
0804 Generating Editable Regions Within A Template
0805 Constructing Web Pages From A Template
0806 Working In The Dreamweaver Library
0807 Applying Library Items To An Existing Page
0808 Editing Library Items
0809 Detaching A Library Item
0810 Working With Snippets
09. Site Construction: Begin With The End In Mind
0901 Introduction
0902 Setting Up The Site
0903 Planning And Setting Up Templates
0904 Generating The First Site Template
0905 Working With Float And Clear
0906 Troubleshooting Tips
10. Constructing A Site From Scratch
1001 Introduction
1002 Setting Up The Site
1003 Planning Is Key
1004 Assembling The Raw Pages From Templates
1005 Activating The Navigation
1006 Populating The Pages With Images
1007 Troubleshooting A Template
11. Fleshing Out The Site
1101 Introduction
1102 Setting Up The Site
1103 Generating Internal Page Navigation
1104 Creating An Additional Template
1105 Generating A Image Map
1106 Creating A Text Driven Page
1107 Basic Site Testing
12. Filling In The Corners
1201 Introduction
1202 Setting Up The Site
1203 Borders And Backgrounds
1204 Behaviors And Navigation
1205 Behaviors And Library Items
1206 CSS And Text
1207 Generating Hyperlinks
13. Working With Cascading Style Sheets
1301 Introduction
1302 Setting Up The Site
1303 Internal Versus External Style Sheets
1304 Creating Borders With CSS
1305 Controlling Text With Classes
1306 Using Images For Backgrounds
1307 Understanding CSS Hierarchy
14. Behaviors And Transitions
1401 Introduction
1402 Setting Up The Site
1403 Applying Custom Behaviors
1404 Adding Informational Text
1405 Opening Custom Browser Windows
1406 Checking For Plug Ins
1407 Adding Text With A Transition
15. The Basics Of Tables
1501 Introduction
1502 Setting Up The Site
1503 Tables 101
1504 Modifying Table Cells With CSS
1505 Formatting Table Data
1506 Adding Images To Table Cells
1507 Creating Custom Links Using CSS
16. Generating A Form
1601 Introduction
1602 Setting Up The Site
1603 Creating A Form Container
1604 Adding Input Fields To The Form
1605 Organizing With Data Sets
1606 Generating An Area Type Field
1607 Adding Radio Buttons And Checkboxes
1608 Creating Placeholder Text
1609 Adding A File Field
1610 Controlling The Form With CSS
1611 Adding Submit And Reset Buttons
17. Working With Multi Media
1701 Introduction
1702 Setting Up The Site
1703 Working With The Insert Panel
1704 Creating A Tabbed Web Page With jQuery
1705 Adding An Introduction
1706 Working With Video
1707 Adding Audio
1708 Creating Image Rollover Captions
18. Additional Considerations
1801 Introduction
1802 Setting Up The Site
1803 Working With Adobe Exchange
1804 Creating A Custom Drop Down Menu
1805 Applying The Menu To A Template
1806 Working With Web Edge Fonts
1807 Fluid Grid Layouts
19. Getting Ready For Primetime
1901 Introduction
1902 Setting Up The Site
1903 Performing Site Validation
1904 Working With Design Notes
1905 Search Engine Optimization
1906 Going Primetime
1907 Final Thoughts
Файлы примеров: присутствуют
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG-4, 1280x720, 16:9, 15fps, 1000kbps
Аудио: AAC, 44.1kHz, 64kbps, mono


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