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Grandia II Anniversary Edition

•Год выпуска: 25 авг, 2015
•Жанр: RPG (Rogue), Space Adventure
•Разработчик: GAME ARTS Co., Ltd. , SkyBox Labs
•Издательство: GungHo Online Entertainment America, Inc.
•Платформа: PC
Версия игры 1.05 от 23 сентября
•Тип издания: Repack
•Язык интерфейса: aнглийский
•Язык озвучки: японский, aнглийский
•Таблетка: Нe требуется

• Операционная система: Windows 7/8
• Процессор: Dual Core, 2.0 Ghz
• Оперативная память: 2 Gб
• Видеокарта: AMD Radeon HD 4000 Series / Nvidia GTX 200 Series
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 3 GБ

Grandia II Anniversary Edition, эпическая игра в жанре jRPG с великолепной боевой системой.
В этом месяце 15 лет назад на приставке Dreamcast вышла вторая часть японской ролевой игры, которая получила массу восторженных отзывов и статус культовой. Лучшая игра всей серии, Grandia II выделяется благодаря оригинальной системе боя. Вы преданный поклонник жанра японских ролевых игр? Или, может, только недавно о нём услышали? В любом случае вы будете приятно удивлены тем, что вместо нудного и бесконечного молотилова использована настолько крутая боевая система, что на её основе даже сделали отдельную игру. (Grandia Xtreme, если вам интересно.) У игры отличный саундтрек, длинная захватывающая история и мало конкурентов, которые могут похвастаться таким духом настоящих приключений.
В этом году второй «Грандии» конечно же исполняется 15 лет, поэтому к названию предстоящего компьютерного релиза добавят упоминание о юбилее.
Новая версия для PC базируется на оригинале с Dreamcast, но будет отличаться улучшенной визуальной составляющей и несколькими нововведениями, среди которых найдется место и совершенно новому уровню сложности для более продвинутых игроков. Кроме того, обновленный релиз порадует поклонников японской озвучкой и полноценной поддержкой геймпадов.
За патч спасибо DemonikD

Update List

GungHo America [Разработчик] 23 сен в 20:00
Update 1.05 is live!
The following issues have been addressed:
- Ryudo's Sky Dragon Slash texture issue
- Reproducible crash using Gravity spell
- Tio's Whisper to the Stars not correctly raising stats as expected
- Enemies not playing death animation correctly
- Wrong background when flying up to Valmar
- Background at sea during 50/50 cutscene not displaying correctly
- Sky background not displaying correctly during Ryudo's flashback
- Carius's spell not casting correctly in the first Millenia encounter
- The second Millenia Boss Battle Crash when Millenia Casts Fallen Wings Spell
We are still looking into some lingering sound issues, so please stay tuned for more info!
With this patch, the major, verifiable crash issues should be addressed. If you are still experiencing crashes after updating to this version, please let us know in as much detail as possible. We've seen a lot of helpful troubleshooting scenarios where players have been able to avoid crashes by lowering various settings based on the performance capabilities of their machines. You may also want to ensure that your PC is utilizing its dedicated GPU rather than integrated graphics (for Nvidia Optimus/AMD Switchable Graphics users).
Thanks so much for all your support for Grandia II: Anniversary Edition.
Update 1.04 is now live! [Official Patch Notes Thread]
Welcome to Update 1.04!
The SFX and footsteps should now be at their corrected, new default volumes.
This update focuses on two key areas: controller support and audio fixes.
Keyboard & Gamepad controls have now been consolidated into one tab within the Launcher called "Input". The Input tab will now allow you to cycle between your keyboard and all connected gamepads, along with displaying the gamepad name.
Also, a number of fixes have implemented to help improve various audio issues relating to ambient sounds not playing correctly, some sounds getting cut off and music tracks not properly playing their entire track length. The size of the patch is largely due to the re-conversation of multiple music files. We have also adjusted the default volume settings so that users who have not yet adjusted their volume sliders can have a more pleasant starting experience.
We also addressed a crash which may have been affecting some users.
- Updated Launcher with new Input Tab for managing keyboard & multiple gamepads
- Added greater support for a wide range of USB gamepads
- Preferred gamepad is now assigned in launcher regardless of how many gamepads are connected
- Gamepad windows name is now displayed on Input tab
- Movement & Camera controls are now mapped to DPad & Shoulder buttons by default
- Analog Movement & Analog Camera controls are now mapped to Left Stick & Trigger buttons by default (can be toggled On/Off)
- Fix for all keys & gamepads buttons being re-mappable in Launcher Input tab
- Fix for X button being re-mappable in Launcher Input tab for keyboard & gamepad
- Fix for X button correctly zooming camera out when button is held down during battle attack state
- Fix for X button toggling camera angle when AI is turned on during battle
- Fix for X button toggling Full details on Save screen
- Fix for X button toggling Next page on Items screen
- Fix for ambient sounds incorrectly playing in battles
- Fix for ambient sounds not playing properly in various field locations
- Fix for ambient sounds incorrectly looping endlessly in fields
- Fix for some music tracks getting cut off abruptly
- Fix for some speech samples incorrectly tied to SFX volume toggle
- Re-converted 172 music files to fix tracks not playing their entire length (looping too quickly issue)
- Fixed an AI crash when setting Roan to "Power Up" and equipping Holy Mana Egg (global AI crash fix)
- Lowered default SFX Volume from 60 to 40
- Lowered default Footstep Volume from 50 to 15-GungHo America [Разработчик] 4 сен в 19:59
Update 1.03 out now! [Official Patch Notes Thread]
The big update is here, and I’m happy to share a special message straight from the dev team:
We're pleased to announce Update 1.03 for Grandia II Anniversary Edition! This updates focuses on fan requested features, additional bug fixes and game stability improvements.
The biggest update is undoubtedly the unlocking of 60fps battles! It looks amazing. Please note, 60FPS battles are more taxing on your PC setup so if you run into issues please let us know or try lowering your quality settings. Unchecking 60FPS Battles in the Launcher will return battles to the previous 30FPS setting. For people with low end systems we've also added a toggle to turn off the Improved Shadows. This may help people with lower end systems run the game at a higher resolution and/or better frame rate. Results will vary. For those that live stream the game, do let's play videos, or just like to multi task we've added a toggle to allow the game to continue running when focus is lost. A number of Volume sliders have been exposed including footsteps! 0 is OFF, 100 is MAX. We've set a new default volume mix but please tune to your own liking. Lastly a number of critical issues were fixed as well as two memory leaks which we hope greatly improves the game stability. Please read below for the full patch notes.
We're hoping most of the community enjoys the changes in 1.03. Please know that we're actively reading & monitoring the forums for your feedback and comments. We are determined to make this the definitive version of Grandia II and will continue to support it. More improvements are planned and once we have further details to share we'll let you know! For now.... GAME ON!!!
Update 1.03
New Video Settings
- 60FPS Battles On/Off toggle
- Shadows On/Off toggle
- Pause App on Focus Loss On/Off toggle
- 4K & Ultra Wide resolutions added
- Custom resolution support added (type any resolution in the drop down box)
New Audio Settings
- Music Volume added
- Speech Volume added
- SFX Volume added
- Ambience Volume added
- Footsteps Volume added
- New Default Volume Mix updated
- Analog Camera On/Off toggle (disable for a temp fix for Xbox One controllers on Windows 10)
- Analog Movement On/Off toggle
Bug Fixes
- Fixed two memory leaks
- Fixed crash when Roan talks to NPC in Liligue City
- Fixed delayed from occurring at the end of moves/magic that play videos
- Fixed ground clipping on Millenia's Fallen Wings move
- Fixed an issue that prevented the game from loading on a fresh install do to a missing Config & ini file
- Added Version Number to Main Launcher Window
GungHo America [Разработчик] 25 авг в 22:11
Update 1.02 out now! [Official Patch Notes Thread]
As promised, this thread will continue to live with updated patch notes. Here is the latest:
Update 1.02 is now available!
Fixed the issue that was causing players to get stuck in the first Millenia encounter if playing the tutorial directly before it.
This same fix also corrects an issue which caused Spiders to instantly kill players and enemies to use the same spell multiple times.
Hey everyone,
Grandia II Anniversary Edition has just been updated to Version 1.01. This first update focuses solely on addressing the issue with coins not being awarded after battle under certain conditions.
Update 1.01
Fix for coins not being awarded if defeating an ememy very quickly and then rapidly pressing the A button on the results screen


Visual upgrades to textures, lighting, and shadows
* Original Japanese voice option
* Additional difficulty level
* Gamepad support
* Steam Trading Cards
* Steam Achievements
* Steam Cloud Save Support
* Selectable Video Options
* Remapable Keyboard & Gamepad Support
* 100 Save File Slots
* Dreamcast VMS Save File Support

Порядок установки

Установить, играть.

Особенности репака

Ничего не вырезано/Не перекодировано 100%
Версия игры 1.05 от 23 сентября
Автор репака-ARMENIAC


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