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Sin In The Suburbs
Жанр: Full-On, Twilight
Год издания: 2016
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 01:56:31
Наличие сканов в раздаче: Да
01 - Infernal Droid - Kombat Kata
02 - Infernal Droid - Sight Beyond Sight
03 - Burnt Project - Alienation (Infernal Droid Remix)
04 - Infernal Droid - First There Was Society
05 - Insaneacyde - i812 (Infernal Droid Remix)
06 - Infernal Droid - Twisted Activities (Digital Dream Remix)
07 - Infernal Droid - Blood & Bubblegum (PsySymetrix Remix)
08 - Insaneacyde - One Deadly Sin (Infernal Droid Remix)
09 - Trypsinogen - I’ll take My Chances (Infernal Droid Remix)
10 - Ocajian - The Walk (Infernal Droid Remix)
11 - Infernal Droid - Mako Reaktor (Insaneacyde Remix)
12 - Infernal Droid - Deceptor Unit (Parallax Remix)
13 - Parallax vs Infernal Droid - Pygmy Piledriver
14 - Psynaptix vs Infernal Droid - Last Man Standing
15 - Infernal Droid - Dream Leash (Ocajian Remix)
16 - Infernal Droid - The Prime Evils (LCD Influence Remix)
17 - Infernal Droid - Figment of your Imagination (Psynaptix Remix)
18 - Infernal Droid - Outlander (The Homeless Toast Collective vs Barefoot Science Remix)
19 - Infernal Droid - Mechanised Sorceries (Psynaptix Remix)
20 - Infernal Droid - Mechanised Sorceries (Parallax Remix)


Об альбоме

Sin In The Suburbs is the project that almost saw the end of South African artist Infernal Droid. Emaciated and driven by hunger, tea, and large volumes of psychoactive plants, Infernal Droid attempted to create an epic collaboration album working with Johannesburg’s finest in the psychedelic trance scene. Before it could be released, Droid disappeared into thin air leaving behind a trail of foosball machines and magic cards, never to be seen again. One hundred years later, a lone ferret stood sniffing the air and gazing at the horizon. It spotted a shiny object reflecting the sunlight in the distance. It was not this compilation disc. Featuring the talents of local standouts of the time including Insaneacyde, Parallax, LCD Influence and Psynaptix, Sin In The Suburbs is a must have for all those who like drinking water and surviving a hippie apocalypse.

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