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Eschalon: Book II
Год выпуска: 2010
Жанр: RPG / Isometric
Разработчик: Basilisk Games
Издательство: Basilisk Games
Платформа: PC
Версия: 1.05
Тип издания: RePack
Язык интерфейса: русский
Язык озвучки: отсутствует
Таблэтка: Присутствует(Serials.txt)
Системные требования:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
• DirectX 7
• 1.8 GHz
• 256 MB RAM
Сиквел к первой части отличной RPG Eschalon, Book II - это поступательное, эволюционное движение вперёд по всем направлениям. В первую очередь, это касается модернизированного графического движка и улучшенного интерфейса. Появилась возможность автоматического упорядочения вещей в инвентаре, многочисленные ключи собраны в единую связку, появилась полноценная книга заклинаний. Почти все элементы интерфейса можно детально настраивать. Основной игровой фокус сместился в сторону сюжета. Мир игры стал больше: теперь у нас три большие зоны, морозный север, цветущие "срединные земли" и вулканические пустоши. Подземелья стали больше. Главного героя теперь удастся "докачать" до 30-ого уровня. Ролевая система обогатилась двумя новыми навыками: ремонта и добычи еды. Количество заклинаний доросло до 45.


Patch 1.05 Change Log:
Fixed: Magi Surami no longer drops Bluish Key
• Fixed: Quick-traveling now properly expires all turn-dependent effects
• Fixed: Rapid turn exploit issues with CTRL + Left Mouse clicking
• Fixed: Pressing "T" to ignite torch uses a round.
• Fixed: Picking up an item doesn't remove its weight from your overall load.
• Fixed: Avatar clothes updated properly when unequiping items and placing them directly in a container.
• Fixed: Can no longer swap equipment while Stunned or in Parry Mode
• Fixed: Can no longer camp atop loot bag.
• Fixed: Widget no longer shows in Hellice Lake cabin. Also redesigned the cabin to be less wang-like.
• Fixed: Several NPC portraits and sounds were incorrect.
• Fixed: A number of minor map bugs.
• Fixed: A number of minor bugs related to weapon damage.
• Fixed: Overwhelming Volley throws the proper number of weapons, and will throw all weapons carried if less than maximum volley.
• Fixed: Entangled creatures can no longer attack you under any circumstances.
• Fixed: Certain items no longer show as needing repaired even if game is set for "no deterioration of equipment".
• Fixed: Items that are at 100% no longer show a 1gp repair cost.
• Fixed: Powder Kegs no longer disappear if your inventory is full.
• Fixed: Tweaked Repair Skill (repair while camping) to correct a few anomalies
• Fixed: Riposte Feat resets properly after one-hit kills.
• Fixed: Portal Spell now displays anchor point info correctly.
• Fixed: More typos as reported by players.
• Fixed: Disarm Trap animation not so slow on Macintosh.
• Fixed: Hunger/Thrist bug when sleeping at Inn.
• Fixed: Weight calculation bug when lifting objects from containers and dropping powder kegs.
• Updated: Changed the wording on the Shield deflection bonus.
• Updated: Changed Cat's Eyes spell just a bit. Should work fine under all circumstances.
• Updated: New Screen Capture function works almost everywhere inside the game.
• Updated: Edwin no longer accuses you of a crime by just touching the door inside his office.
• Balance: Starvation and Dehydration damage is now compounded, so the more hungry or thirsty your character is, the more damage he/she endures.
• Balance: Poison now compounds not only in duration, but amount of trauma as well.
• Balance: General Ghorr is more powerful, as are some of the other Taurax
• Balance: Hellbringer Challenge raised to >800 kills.
• Balance: Wealthy Lord Challenge rasied to >80,000 gp.
• Added: New map areas, including Fathamurk dungeon beneath the Farrock Caves.
• Added: Several new Item bonuses
• Added: You can now pour potions on to the ground (to get an empty flask). Just act like you are throwing a potion away to pour it out.
Patch 1.04 Change Log:
[FIXED]: Bug with Haste III potions
[FIXED]: Even more map issues.
[FIXED]: Enchant Weapon scroll has proper icon.
[FIXED]: ESC from Portal Spell works.
[FIXED]: The game should now work on most non-English versions of Windows, whereas the previous version would crash when not being able to see "My Documents".
[FIXED]: Made changes to the Character Editor to eliminate a few remaining bugs.
[UPDATED]: Added an additional error message to the save-game process to notify players if there is a problem.
Please be aware:
The "My Document" fix may actually cause some problems for people whose Documents are not actually called "My Documents". If the game doesn't see "My Documents", it will attempt to save the game inside the installation directory. You may need to do some manual copying of your saved games to the new directory if this happens.
Change log for 1.03 Update
[FIXED]: Vela has been redesigned a bit to help prevent the accidental failure of a specific quest.
[FIXED]: Hide in Shadows bug.
[FIXED]: Quick Travel with container window open crash.
[FIXED]: Alchemy lab ingredients inconsistency.
[FIXED]: Gravedigger's Amulet notification leaves the Effect Window when amulet is removed.
[FIXED]: Messing around with inventory while wearing a Gravedigger's Amulet no longer spams the message box.
[FIXED]: Enkindled/Enchanted bonues on weapons end appropriately when spell runs out.
[FIXED]: Compress Atmosphere scroll icon properly set.
[FIXED]: Fleeing enemies now avoid leaving the map which can cause problems; also creatures that might already be stuck on the edge of a map are forceably dealt with.
[FIXED]: Quick-swapping weapons while holding an item no longer deletes the held item.
[FIXED]: Yet more typos, and a few map alignment issues.
[FIXED]: Rare occurrence of system hanging when you strike a powder keg with a melee weapon.
[UPDATED]: Random Encounters (while camping) puts enemies in better locations- should no longer trap enemies in trees or in locked rooms.
[BALANCE]: "Divine Ore" quest pays 1000xp, rather than 100xp
Fixes/Changes to version 1.02: [FINAL]
[FIXED]: Blackwater Tavern owner now lets you visit you-know-where more than once.
[FIXED]: Several more map barrier errors and typos.
[FIXED]: Item duplication exploit.
[FIXED]: A bad alchemy mix doesn't send ingredients back to your inventory.
[FIXED]: Game reports Object Condition when damaging objects with fire.
[FIXED]: Options Menu exploit.
[FIXED]: Attacking priest in Blackwater caused crash.
[FIXED]: Armor Imbuing bug
[FIXED]: ToHit Imbuing Bug
[FIXED]: Selling grouped items to an NPC who doesn't have enough money no longer crashes game.
[FIXED]: Pressing Esc in conversation no longer brings up Option Menu upon exiting dialog.
[FIXED]: Crash under very specific deaths (for example, death while in the middle of casting a spell)
[UPDATED]: Several small changes made to the map at end-game to ensure one specific ending works as intended.
[UPDATED]: If no enemies or NPCs are nearby, the held-weight limitation for casting is forgiven.
[BALANCE]: Haste duration has been significantly reduced to limit its overly powerful effects.
[BALANCE]: Several high-level swords have been adjusted (increased damage) to be more appropriately balanced.
[NEW]: Upon drinking a potion, the game will autostack the empty flask on top of the first Empty Flask found in your inventory. If no Empty Flask is found, the system puts it in your hand for you to manually place.
Patch version 1.01: (FINAL)
FIXED: Pressing "T" while holding a shield crashes game.
FIXED: Skill point exploit in Character Editor.
FIXED: Typos...I won't list them all, but any posted in the support thread or emailed to me are fixed immediately.
FIXED: Pressing "J" while the inventory window is open no longer causes text to overflow from the Quest Journal.
FIXED: Map barrier errors...I won't list them all, but any posted in the support thread or emailed to me are fixed immediately.
FIXED: Several skill description inconsistencies.
FIXED: No longer lose items left in mixer when pressing Esc.
FIXED: Magick Journal should display all spells properly.
FIXED: Space bar exploit.
FIXED: Inventory tooltip focus problem.
FIXED: Creatures on edge of screen occasionally not responding to attacks.
FIXED: Camping on beach no longer hangs system.
FIXED: Bashing object while container window is open no longer crashes game.
ADDED: Keystroke 'x' opens Inventory, Equip Window, and Stats window all at once. Oh yeah, this is nice!
BALANCE: Made a small change to allow the maximum recovery rate for MP to be 1/3 rounds, rather than 1/4 rounds.
BALANCE: Increased arrow quantities for merchants.
BALANCE: Balanced empty-handed bashing/Fire Dart bashing/Lock Melt to be a bit more even.

Особенности RePack'a

Ничего не вырезано / не перекодировано
Вшит русификатор от ZoG Версия 1.0 от 26.07.14,
впервые вместе с дополнением «Побег из Фатамурка».
Репак собрал nelex.

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