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Dungeonmans: The Heroic Adventure

•Год выпуска: 9 дек, 2014
•Жанр: Action, RPG, Roguelike
•Разработчик: Adventurepro Games LLC
•Издательство: Adventurepro Games LLC
•Платформа: PC
•Версия игры: 1.1 (27 февраля 2015)
•Тип издания: Repack
•Язык интерфейса: Английский
•Таблетка: Не требуется

• Операционная система: Windows XP/ Vista/7/8
• Процессор: Pentium IV 2.0 ГГц
• Оперативная память: 1 Гб
• Видеокарта: 256 Мб
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 1 Gb

Хороший RPG рогалик от независимого разработчика с большим количеством локаций для исследований и обширным миром. Несмотря на то, что игра находится в стадии разработки, она уже может "дать фору" большинству игр своего жанра. Dungeonmans предлагает современный взгляд на жанр roguelike. Как и в Dungeons of Dredmor, интерфейс и управление адаптированы под людей, а не осьминогоподобных мутантов, кроме того, авторы решили ограничить разгул фортуны в пользу игрового баланса. К примеру, навыки не появляются случайно, их можно выбирать из определенного «древа», как в Diablo 2 и Torchlight, да и сила монстров не подскакивает до совсем уж неприличных высот без предупреждения. Смерть, в полном соответствии с законами жанра, тут безапелляционная — погиб так погиб, — но в тот же мир позволено вернуться в роли следующего героя (элемент, уже ставший штампом). Напоминает Rogue Legacy, только здесь мы отстраиваем не родовое поместье, а академию Подземельных человеков (Dungeonmans), где обучаются Воиновые человеки (Fightermans), Рейнджеровые человеки (Rangermans) и Волшебниковые человеки (Wizardmans). Достижения предшественника влияют на последователей (ранее добытые знания и артефакты учебное заведение бережно хранит), зато и недруг, нанёсший последнюю рану почившему приключенцу, повышается до ранга «босса», становясь начальником всех обитателей своего логова.

Список обновлений

v1.1: 27 feb 2015
The Finite Dungeon
• The Finite Dungeon is post-game content, a straight up dungeon crawl with a myriad of enemies, high level scaling, and a variety of music and art. What lies at the bottom? Is there a bottom? Is there a top?
• The mechanics of the Finite Dungeon will allow you to perform Academy duties such as turning in Proofs and other items.
• Enemies scale in power as you descend the dungeon, and eventually scale beyond level 15. To counter this, there is a new mechanic called Glory.
• Glorious items have a Glory Rank, which starts at 1 and ends at some really high number you probably won’t reach. Glorious weapons have their damage scaled up, Glorious armor grants a health bonus when worn. Glorious potions provide larger healing and stat bonuses.
• Take note that Glory does not scale Stamina or Mana pools. Those are already silly large. They will continue to grow as your Foom and Stremf increase, but they will not be directly affected by most* gear.
• The Finite Dungeon is a one way trip! There are no stairs up, and Carefully Escape Dungeon will teleport you to the starting point of the floor you’re on, but not out of the Dungeon. No getting amulet of Mij and running back to the top while crap spawns around you. Just keep going down and looting monsters.
Dungeon Dervish Update
• DD has a new mechanic, Tempo. When you start killing things, you get in the zone, and your hero bounces back and forth to keep her energy up.
• Tempo activates for three rounds when you kill an enemy in melee. Killing another enemy during this time resets Tempo to 3 rounds.
• While Tempo is active, your DD powers do not cause Strain.
• Tempo increases your Parry. When you parry an attack while Tempo is active, you are granted a counterattack.
• Using DD powers while Tempo is active causes Tempo to rank up. Each rank of Tempo gives you a 4% melee damage bonus and a 2% parry bonus.
• Tempo ranks max out at 5.
• Razor Fury now gives you the option of taking one step before whirling around attacking.
• Decimanser’s Dance now attacks the enemy with the lowest hit points first, and will continue to prioritize the lowest hit point enemy as the attacks chain. If the attack does not kill the final target, it applies a bleed which can be defined as “Sick Nasty”.
Town Improvements
• There are a multitude of new shop types representing varieties of gear and combat styles. Shopkeepers now have unique names and additional audio/dialogue flavor.
• Towns are better represented on maps, including Prosperity Rank.
• Selling items no longer causes your inventory to randomly shuffle around.
Retiring your Dungeonmans
• When you reach level 10, you may visit the Headmaster and suggest that you retire. There are three options:
• First is to teach at the Academy.
• Second is to open a shop in the wilderness -- this requires some Purloined Inventory.
• Third is to wander the world as an Adventurer.
• Retiring is the end for that hero, and you will roll a new one!
Stamina and Mana Regen Powers
• Most all powers that restore Stamina and Mana during combat now restore a flat value instead of a percentage. These abilities should be useful in helping you keep your resources up but they should not give you the ability to simply recover all stamina in a single round, or cast spells without running out of mana ever.
Combat Balance
• Monster HP is going up, a small amount at the mid range and a much larger amount at the high range.
• Monster damage is going up starting around level 8 or so.
• However, bursty Bleed damage is going down. Bleed damage ignores armor, and has been the cause of some pretty suspect 1HKOs.
• Resists will be a little harder to come by.
• All Lightspear based abilities now include your main hand weapon in damage scaling.
• On Highest Wind and Fury Felled A Thousand Foes now take your mainhand weapon damage into account.
• Power Drive now takes weapon damage into account.
• Light Armor now increases the absorb level of Light Shield based on your maximum health and the quality of the armor.
Some Bug Fixes
• Infinite Library Books exploit fixed, lol sorry.
• Shop sales UI no longer shuffles everywhere.
• Lesser Beast research is now recorded in the museum.
• The Chemistress sprite is unlocked when the Alchemy Lab is maxed out.
• Typos here and there cleaned up.
• Monsters now have Protips you can see on mouseover/inspect if you have sufficient Monster Knowledge.
• Paper doll fully keyboard navigable.
• Glove and Hat item comparisons now work.
• Floating green block inventory bug fixed.
• Shield no longer unequips on load if you also have a Polearm equipped.
• Upgrading the Academy Warvault now consumes resources.
• Legendary Weapons should keep their +bonus modifiers on load.
• Chests now save the number of items they are supposed to spawn -- you should see far fewer chests with just a single item in them.
• Items that grant powers on equip have had some rough edges fixed.
• Eager weapon modifier now drops -- I lied there is new content.
• Monsters should no longer occasionally get two turns when first spotted.
• Monsters with > 100 AP gain per round should no longer be able to jump all over your face and bite you forever while resting.
• Took a shot at fixing up the black screen bug Win 8 users are getting if they play fullscreen. Can't repro it locally but I'm using science to try and fix it.
Academy Updates / Fixes
• Armory crafting UI fixed up.
• Blueprint costs adjusted, in most cases the tier of metal required has been lowered.
• Museum dialogs cleaned up, new explanations added.
• Ghost Professors may now teach you their skills at any time.
• Piles of metal may be found that grant metal to the Armory in bulk.
Steal Stremf Nerf
• Enemies now steal a flat 5 stremf the first time they use the power on you, and then 2 stremf with each additional cast. This also reduces the increase in power they receive from the theft.
Dungeon Cleared Status
• All dungeon types should Clear properly now. Camps act like Roadblocks-- removed from the map when cleared, and respawning in new positions with a world re-roll or new hero spawn.
Combat Balance
• Shield Rush now pins (but does not stun) enemy Bosses, Champions and Ancient Kings in addition to throwing them Off Balance.
• On Highest Wind now does increased damage, based directly on Stremf and Foom.
Bug fixes
• Enemy swap/shuffle powers don’t work under a Banner that prevents forced movement.
• King of Battle correctly grants weapon proficiency.
• On Highest Wind should no longer bugs out the camera.
• Cosmic upgrading existing Cosmic items will actually use starshards now. Shame on you for exploiting this!
• Champion / Ancient King of Thieves will really stop permanently stealing items now, probably.
• Unique items and rings keep enchants on save/load.
• Baron of Bones requires line of sight to the hero to spawn a Searing Bloodrager.
• Marchioness Astromansers won't shield allies unless the hero is within about 10 tiles.
Major Bug Fixes
• Monsters that steal items or stats (like Stremf) will now correctly return those objects when killed, even if you left the area.
• Stat-bearing rings now grant their stats.
• Fixed certain Bleed, Melee and Ranged damage resistances not working.
• Players should no longer get stuck in Wooden Barricades.
• Items festooned in enchantments by greedy Dungeonmens will no longer cause the inventory to crash.
• Many monsters with missing Monster Knowledge values have been fixed, allowing for their types to show in the Museum.
Cosmic Enchanted Items
• Be advised that items are now limited to one Cosmic enchant.
• Trying to spoil as little as possible here: having 4 or 5 of those stacked on every piece of gear made the game completely trivial. To adjust for this, the power of the Cosmic enchant has been increased. Attempting to enchant an item more than once with Cosmic power will instead increase the magic modifier of the item by one.
Bandits, Brigands, and Towers
• Added three new enemy types: Duke of Distractions, Baron of Bones, and Marchioness Astromanser.
• Tower difficulty now ranges from levels 8 to 13.
• Bandit Kings are now level 13, and no longer appear earlier on as regular enemies.
• Brigand Strongmens should be appearing more regularly, and Champions have the power to disarm you!
• Towers have been well received for their unique style of play, big rewards, and cool Warlord encounters. However, they didn't quite scale well, to the point where Towers at level 11 or so became too easy, even when marked as "Legendary" depending on the location. This has been adjusted.
• The new Bandit types will also appear in high level regular dungeons as well.
Balance Issues
• Decoymens can only be summoned one at a time now, and once a Decoymans is killed, all monsters who saw that event get wise to your tricks and might not be fooled again.
• Shield Rush no longer stuns Champions, Bosses or Ancient Kings, but instead throws them Off Balance for a round, weakening their attack damage.
• Bannermans has an extra mastery point in Cartography, Southern Gentlemans loses one in Bows, bringing both classes to 5 points at start.
Other Bug Fixes
• Mountain Scrobolds now bring rocks down on your head much faster.
• Fixed Door Spikes occasionally having no health.
• Fixed UI issue for Stellar Anvil.
• Fixed issues where enemy Blinks would result in them being in two different places.
• Fixed Tireless not always working for some stamina powers.
• Crash on loading/saving a Temple Map under certain circumstances.
• Fixed extra space between damage numbers and damage type in the combat log.
• Fix for Blinged Reaper save crash.
• Fixed occasional Detonate Deadpulse crash.
• Fixed the look of some broken doors in the Mountain Fortress.

Особенности репака

- Ничего не вырезано| Ничего не перекодировано
- Пропатчено до версии 1.1 (27 февраля 2015)
- Время установки 1 минута
- Автор Репака Armeniac

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