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Cinema 4D Character Development Volume 1
Год выпуска: 2015
Производитель: cmiVFX
Сайт производителя: cmivfx.com
Автор: Greg Kulz
Продолжительность: 8:52
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: Finally, an all-in-one style series that truly delivers. After years of research, cmiVFX takes it back to the original formula for an Ultimate Learning Experience (cmiULE) like you have never seen before! Greg Kulz, a classic cmiMentor with extreme painting skills brings the power of Character Development to the C4D user base at large. This video is actually 6 videos in 1! Ranging from Modeling, Sculpting, Skinning, Rigging, UV, Texture Painting, Animation and even rendering! This time we focused on a lot of the the lessons based on the newer tools. Why did we do that? We have concluded the needs for each software manufacturers individually based on existing content and customer demand. This video exists because you want it to exist! Sure enough, that’s all it takes for us to make it for you. Existing customers of ours already know that we are not keen on wasting lots of time in our videos with hot air and rhetoric. We find that users require information fast and with the least amount of trouble. So our combination of video chaptering and user bookmarking makes the cmiVFX experience like no other. If your finally ready to get serious about learning, we can promise you satisfaction with both content and 24 hour support. Statistically, existing customers have already click the buy now button before even reading this far. For those cmiVFX newcomers, we are more than happy to take questions through our support@cmivfx.com email.
Наконец, все-в-одном стиль серии, что по-настоящему доставляет. После многих лет исследований, cmiVFX берет его обратно в исходную формулу для конечной опыт обучения (cmiULE), как вы никогда не видели прежде! Грег Kulz, классический cmiMentor с экстремальными навыки живописи приносит силу характера застройки к окрашиваться c4d пользовательской базе в целом. Это видео на самом деле видео 6 в 1! Начиная от моделирования, лепки, шкуры, такелаж, УФ, текстуры живописи, анимации и рендеринга даже! На этот раз мы ориентировались на множество уроков, основываясь на новые инструменты. Зачем мы это делаем? Мы пришли к выводу потребностей производителей программного обеспечения для каждого индивидуально на основе существующего контента и покупательский спрос. Это видео существует, потому что вы хотите его существование! Конечно, это все, что требуется для нас, чтобы сделать это для вас. Существующие клиенты наши уже знают, что мы не заинтересованы тратить много времени в нашем видео с горячим воздухом и риторики. Мы видим, что пользователи нуждаются в информации быстро и с наименьшим количеством хлопот. Так что наше сочетание видео chaptering и пользовательских закладок делает cmiVFX опыт, как никакой другой. Если ваш наконец-то готов серьезно подойти к вопросу обучения, мы можем пообещать вам удовлетворение как по содержанию, так и 24-часовая поддержка. Статистически, существующие клиенты уже нажать кнопку Купить сейчас, прежде чем даже чтение этого далеко. Для тех cmiVFX новичков, мы более чем счастливы принять вопросы через наш support@cmivfx.com электронной почты.


Polygonal Modeling
Often the very first step in a CG pipeline, polygonal modeling of assets begins the journey into the project. Altercations to said assets happen over time, however in our project, all fine tuning will be nailed down right away. The benefit is simply to keep our project moving forward at a nice pace. In reality, changes to assets occur in various places and can be edited externally from the master scene. Our asset is meant to be plugged into various scenes, so it is the master asset.
Setting Up UV Coordinates
The biggest mistake for newbies usually falls into the UV category. Greg will explain all the ways to get your UV’s setup in such a way that you will love doing it instead of dreading it each time you make and asset. His style for UV editing is cathartic!
3D Sculpting
Once you have a nice low polygon cage for your asset, and the UV’s are placed in such a way to increase render quality, then you can start the very fun and popular process of 3D sculpting. Because of the latest trends in rendering, the sculpt deformer is really just a procedural painting that controls the surface topology of an underlying cage so that a highly detailed surface can be both baked into geometry and rendered. C4D has some amazing sculpt tools that allow for a nearly non-destructive workflow. To top it off, Greg will show you his twist on working for sculpt. Many of you might think you know, but will be pleasantly enlightened to the contrary.
3D Texture Painting And Materials
The irony of 3D Texture painting is that it follows the same kind of workflow as 3D Sculpting. By using pre-designated mappings, you use color variations to create the illusion of surface topology unlike 3D sculpt that actually changes the physical properties of the topology. Greg has no competition when it comes to texture painting, so we feel you will enjoy this completely.
Character Tools And Rigging
You probably never thought you would see a video that had both Texture Painting and Character Rigging together. Well it is more than fitting in our case. Learning how to use the Cinema 4D Character tools in conjunction with weight mapping to build an asset that can be reused over again in multiple scenes.
Walk Cycle Animation And Scene Setup
Using CMotion to create a custom walk cycle, we finally bring the project all together into an animated scene sequence. Not only do we iron out the most minute details in the rig, but populate the scene to fit such an animation as well. This is what its all about, pay dirt! Everything you learn leads to this one moment of being able to playback your animation in realtime and hit render!
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Видео: AVC, 1336x720, 1.85:1, 30fps, 6685kbps
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