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Celestian Tales: Old North
•Год выпуска: 10 авг, 2015
•Жанр: JRPG
•Разработчик: Ekuator Games
•Издательство: Digital Tribe
Версия игры 1.1.2 (21 июня 2016)
•Платформа: PC
•Тип издания: GOG Лицензия
•Язык интерфейса: aнглийский
•Язык озвучки: отсутствует
•Таблетка: Не требуется
-СИСТЕМНЫЕ ТРЕБОВАНИЯ-• Операционная система: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
• Процессор: Core 2 Duo 2.4 ГГц
• Оперативная память: 2 ГБ
• Видеокарта: Intel HD 4000
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 1.5 gb
Обычные люди, простые проблемы и… война. Война, которая близко. Война безжалостная, не различающая добро и зло, солдат и мирных жителей. Война, в которой нет правых и виноватых, нет достойных победы или заслуживающих поражения. Игра Celestian Tales: Old North повествует о мужчинах и женщинах, ставших заложниками высокомерия,
амбиций и ревности своих своенравных правителей. Celestian Tales: Old North погружает в большой красивый мир японской ролевой игры, где нет места славе, подвигам, избранным спасителям и судьбе. В центре повествования – шесть персонажей, чье будущее объединяет только война и обстоятельства. Вы проведете их через опасности и сражения – от детства до зрелости. Последствия их решений будут отражаться на окружающем мире, и простыми они не будут.
Игроку будут доступны 6 играбельных персонажей, видящих происходящие события со своей точки зрения. Нельзя не заметить, что интригует и заявление разработчиков о том, что герои никакие не избранные, миру не грозит апокалипсис, но грядущая война заставит каждого из них решать моральные дилеммы, которые повлияют на их жизнь завтра.
Если вам нравятся J-RPG-игры, с пошаговыми боями и симпатичным артом, то стоит попробовать и этот проект.
Update list
Celestian Tales: Old North
Patch 1.1.2 (21 June 2016)
Added collision marker for Emerald Forest Night
Reduced number of enemies in Summerlight Gardens
Reduced number of enemies in Emerlad Forest Night
Reduced difficulty for the Summerlight Gardens maze
Added camera smoothness function to reduce jitters in the screen
Several events can now be skipped (default button is V for Keyboard)
Combat difficulty can now be set from the Options Menu (try Nightmare for more challenge)
Increased movement speed in cities and dungeons
Fixed screen appearing for a brief millisecond before an event starts
Fixed several object collisions
Remastered several music tracks-Celestian Tales: Old North
Patch 1.0.11 (15 October 2015)
Upgraded to Unity 5.2.1
Fixed input complications with Xbox One Controller and Windows 10
Fixed several dialogue entries
Fixed an accessory giving inappropriate SP in combat when taken off
Patch 1.0.11 (08-21-2015)
Edited some names in the Credits and Credit Roll.
Disabled VSync which caused frame-lags on high-end machines.
Added new input mapping for various controllers.
Fixed shop cursor disappearing due to it not reindexing position.
Fixed Reynard's Chapter 6 Storyline entry unlockable by Lucienne.
Fixed some rubbles at City of Moncalm not having any body mass and thus could be pushed by player characters (it was hilarious).
Increased movement speed in scenes without enemies from 2.7 to 3.4.
Enabled option to disable the D-Pad.
Applied controller deadzone for character movements.
Fixed buy/sell dialogue bypassing the quantity screen.
Fixed an issue with Aria's sword which allows her to regain more SP through defending above intended HP.
Disabled asynchronous loading to fix random crashes on Chapter 4 and 7.
Disabled D-Pad functionality to avoid input problems with XBOX One Controllers and Win10.
Fixed several dialogue inconsistencies.
Added storyline entry in early Chapter 1 so that players know they must interact with the bed in the main character's room.
Added NPC in front of Levantine Church to make it easier for players to know that you can enter it.
Edited Lorebook Storyline entry for Mudtown to clarify the village's location -- it's west of Levantine, but west is on the right-hand side of the screen.
Patch 1.05 (08-13-2015)
Fixed New Game reset function
Fixed Test Build bugs occuring
Fixed Mikers NPC event jumping to an inappropriate sequence
Fixed Fade In issues in Warcamp's Male Tent
Fixed Isaac's Crouch skill not granting 100% critical chance
Fixed Cammile's Peacekeeper skill not granting 100% run chance for the whole party
Fixed Reynard's complications with Gain-SP and Multi-Target skills.
Fixed collision issues making characters stuck in Levantine Church.
Fixed controls not functioning for Ylianne's Power Shot.
Fixed unlock and relock issues with the Storyline, sometimes making them appear twice.

Особенности игры

Moral Confrontations - Situations are presented to the player throughout the game that force players to face moral questions and beliefs.
Unique Story – By avoiding genre cliches, the story brings a fresh approach to RPG storytelling by allowing players feel the weight of their character’s actions.
Multiple Story Arcs - 6 Selectable Characters allow you to play the game from 6 different perspectives. Play through the game as all 6 characters for a full experience.
Traditional RPG Gameplay - Inspired by classic JRPGs with a turn-based RPG battle system, players can develop a personal combat style.
Beautiful Art - Lush hand-painted background visuals and environments with detailed emotive character portraits and animated pixel-art characters create a full and complete world experience.
Epic Music - A sweeping score that captures the pace and emotion of the story as it unfolds.

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