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- Дата выпуска патча: 2013
Игра: Brutal Legend
Версия патча: ---
Язык игры: Английский-Версия игры для установки:Update 1 + Update 2 + Update 3 Update 4-8-Тип патча: Лицензия


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Список изменений:

Код: copyText_writeLink('this.parentNode.parentNode.nextSibling.nextSibling'); Update 13
This patch contains several performance optimizations in the rendering code
On most machines, the game should run about 20% faster
Update 12
Major Fixes
no more quitting crash
Game crashes when opponent disconnects
Some people are finding the game is rendering cutscenes and menus far too
big for their screens, resulting in the screen only showing the top left
1/4 of the image. - Caused by forcing a resolution under graphics drivers
Favored achievement doesn't unlock, as game doesn't correctly track spent
Tiny spiders don't spawn from bodies in lair
Feedback visual effect caused by the amps on the Screaming Wall sometimes
causes brief screen tearing and artifacts (both in-game and in cutscenes
This is more pronounced on the story mission involving it
Beer mission extremely hard in high-sim
When changing the heads of Mt.Rockmore the UI says to press Esc to exit
It should really be 'E', Esc only bring up the in-game menu. I believe
other prompts for this area have been reported as incorrect too
Ambient Occlusion visible through grass
History/lore background is transparent (shows game screen), instead of
opaque black
Broken Achievements: Overkill and Protector
Reward for hunting missions does not unlock
Raptor elk (Summoned with call of the wild) don't cast any shadows unless
Eddie is riding one
Deuce has weird ghosting effect during cutscenes on high-sim
Some prompts are not appearing, including "concept art unlocked" popups,
and bound serpent/motorforge-related popups. Improving, but not yet fixed
Rewards for getting serpents still missing
Sound effects seem to be significantly lower quality than music/VO
Late in the game when you return to bladehenge, everything is completely
black and white Probably related to skies afire bug below
When switching from controller to mouse, mouse input registers as extremely
slow movement, and stops after the pointer hits the edge of the screen
Mouse control on radial menus can be tricky to select diagonal options
Game not saving properly for some people. Chapters list shows completed
chapters, but can't load chapter saves or select continue
Eddie's ID tags frequently pass through his chest in cutscenes
Shadows seem to be drawn in reverse - as you approach, they vanish
Skies Afire turns the game to black and white - not the washed out grey/red
look on consoles, but proper black/white (including the sky
Missing prompts for unlocking songs, changing tracks when in-car
Colour correction goes too far during lamprey feeding area (SP), making it
way less saturated than on consoles. Issue begins shortly after breaking
through the doors in the car
After alt-tabbing, menus are completely black. Loading a multiplayer match
then leaving resolves this. This can also be triggered by changing anything
other than brightness under display settings
Chrome shader broken, causing many chrome objects to appear black
(including spiders
Special characters in some languages (French confirmed) are displayed as
black boxes
When using a controller, the mouse cursor is not hidden
Default key binds still place the right speaker attack and exit stage
functions on the same key so you can't use the right speaker.
Whispering Rock achievement doesn't unlock
Map is hard to navigate with keyboard, and can't be used with the mouse
(may need to delete preferences file for this to take effect
- located in C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingDoublefine
Sometimes keyboard stops responding, while mouse continues to function
Some users reporting issues with default sound mix
Druid chanting in the opening sequence is too loud
Career totals aren't always saved correctly, and have been known to get
stuck or reset
"Leaving map" warning not present in MP
Mouse moves camera while using radial menus
MISSING DIALOGUE - Many of Ozzie's comments when buying stuff are not
played. May only apply when using a mouse
Back slot category in the motor forge glitches out
Oceans often fail to render on AMD cards
Light of the gods (marker beacon) doesn't appear 80% of the time
Feeding area monster has no roar in cutscene
Map doesn't let you instantly get out of it after looking at it
(backspace won't respond again after a few seconds)
MISSING CUTSCENE - Doviculus finding Ophelia's knife, after bridge escape
Spiral in sky is broken on Feeding Area (probably other maps too
Some menu elements are still not mouse clickable, most notably the
"difficulty," "invite friends," and "back" buttons in the AI Practice menu,
as well as the buttons in the confirmation dialogue after hitting back on
this menu. Other confirmation dialogues are clickable though
Lines appearing through unit construction indicators
Character animation sometimes plays at a lower framerate than everything
After entering the menu, the displayed FPS through Fraps remains at 60,
but it seems to be introducing microstutters which I suspect means it drops
to 30. To reproduce this, start a new match and fly. Use the mouse to rotate
the camera at a constant slow speed
(or better, use a controller's right stick
Pause and resume the game, and watch the background.
Everything moves much less smoothly.
Doviculus doesn't cast a shadow, only his sceptre/staff does
Add maps to loading screens (as seen on consoles
Ophelia's wings are solid black sheets, and appear to be missing the wispy
tendrils they had on consoles
Framerate is locked to 30FPS
Remove "Do not turn off power" message during startup. People don't do that
Shadows are completely nonfunctional on some computers now
Transparency is broken on some of the UI elements in game
(such as the completion notice for guitar solos
Some people are getting horzontal lines on the ground in game where there
are no shadows
No option to remap the sprint key (it's called Boost
The Chains of Hell solo from Tainted Coil doesn't seem to be working at all
Camera speed has a maximum, so trying to make quick turns with a mouse is
frustrating (even with sensitivity on maximum
Massive framerate drops at the end of multiplayer matches - appears to be
linked to Tainted Coil stage collapse
Mouse selection in the radial menus is very sluggish and hard to use
Update 11
Major Fixes
Fix for crash when players disconnect
Fix for crash when starting a multiplayer game
Fix for users getting a loss when opponents quit
Update 10
Major Fixes
Fix for matchmaking
Fix for the Tourist and Champion achievements
Performance improvements for rendering foliage
Update 9
Major Fixes
Fix for the disconnect crash
Fix for the authentication error
Authentication errors will no longer count as a loss
Fix for the fan geyser leech alignment
Fire Tributes earned from mission victories now count toward the 'Favored

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