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Autodesk Netfabb Premium 2017 64-Bit Edition
Год/Дата Выпуска: 2016
Версия: 2017 Build 115
Разработчик: Autodesk
Сайт разработчика: www.netfabb.com
Разрядность: 64bit
Язык интерфейса: Мультиязычный (русский присутствует)
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Тип таблетки: патч-кейген
Системные требования: - Windows - Win 7, 8, and 10 (64-bit).
- For a fluent workflow 2 GB RAM and a 2 GHz Processor are recommended.
- Generally, the bigger and more complex the 3D file, the more RAM is required.
- For the Automatic Packing add-on at least 4 GB RAM is required.
- Improved display with a graphic card that’s compatible with OpenGL 3.3 Connection
Autodesk Netfabb 2017 является инновационным и мощным программным обеспечением для подготовки данных для 3D печати и аддитивного производства. Быстро подготовить, оптимизировать и проверять ваши конструкции с гибким набором инструментов для редактирования и создания высокоточной 3D печати.

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Netfabb Features
- Directly import a wide range of CAD files and eliminate common conversion errors
- Precisely define hatching patterns, adjust temperature, speed up calculations and save processing time
- Adjust parts to fit the capabilities of your 3D printer and prepare them for 3D printing
- Easily manage your support entities and run them automatically to generate repeatable, consistent results
- Reach high standards of quality management and shorten production cycles for larger more complex tasks
- Utilize reliable and advanced file repair 3D software
Nearly all CAD formats
Import a wide range of CAD files and convert them into clean STL and other additive manufacturing file formats inside Netfabb, eliminating common conversion errors and human errors.
Fast and fully automatic
Correct problems and repair hundreds of parts fully automatically using powerful batch repair to close holes, eliminate self-intersections, wrapping and other defects. Manual repair tools and customizable repair scripts allow you to cut out errors, edit meshes and compare modified meshes with original files.
Define macros according to your needs
Automatic Z-compensation prevents deformations of parts during the build. Integrated batch mode for autonomous repair, scaling, refinement, triangle reduction, part grouping, and renaming of hundreds of files.
Interact with your designs
Take advantage of extensive model editing abilities: adjust meshes with retriangulation, triangle reduction, freeform clipping and cutting. Comprehensive Boolean operations, allow you to create holes, merge and separate parts, and extract features. What’s more, you can add text, emboss logos and transform pictures and textures to reliefs - all within a user-friendly interface.
Achieve the optimal results
Adjust parts to fit the capabilities of any 3D printer. Sophisticated cutting tools ensure parts fit into the platform with ease. You can offset, hollow, and smooth parts, adjust wall thicknesses, add machining stock and reduce sharp edges to fit the capabilities of your machine. For even better end results, smooth surfaces and reduce file sizes for faster handling and precise triangle reduction.
Edit and optimize your print data in 2.5D
Utilize 2.5D mode to speed up processing time. And for laser-based machines, you can define hatching patterns, adjust temperature and speed up calculations, reducing processing time and build time.
Use 3D printing for mass production
Shorten production cycles for larger, more complex tasks in additive manufacturing. Automatic mass labeling tool makes it easy to apply unique identification codes to any number of identical parts for quality assurance in mass production applications.
Seamless digital-to-print experience
Rotate and arrange parts by outbox and even real contour on customizable or predefined platforms. Minimize the outbox to reduce waste and increase printing efficiency.
Quickly predict cost and build issues
Integrated analysis functions help you perform quick calculations & control parameters related to costs, quality, and process stability. Examine part features such as wall thickness, support volume, shadow surfaces, layer times, upskin & downskin areas to identify production risks.
Extract data to improve communication
Streamline and simplify customer communications by exporting all build information into data sheets. Integrated document writer generates quotes, build reports, and project plans as PDFs and XLS documents in seconds. Create customized templates so that you don’t have to start from scratch for every job.
Take control of your printing environment
Optimize your print data in 2.5D where you can merge or hollow parts to speed up processing time. And for laser-based machines, you can precisely define hatching patterns, adjust temperature and speed up calculations, reducing processing time.
Manipulate meshes on a slice level
Make edits on a slice level with the powerful slice editor with offsets, Boolean operations, filling, cutting, and point reduction. Export support-slices and part-slices separately and manufacture them with different machine settings.


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