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> Год выпуска: 2011
> Разработчик и издатель: Thrixxx
> Дата выхода мода: 01.10.11 (K17)
> Жанр: Симулятор секса
> Платформа: PC
> Язык интерфейса: ENG/GER
> Язык озвучки: ENG/GER
> Тип издания: Пиратка
> Таблэтка: Присутствует
> Цензура: Отсутствует-
> Система: Windows XP/VISTA/Win7
> Процессор: Pentium IV
> Память: 512 Mb
> Жесткий диск: 1800 Mb свободного места-
Оригинал игры не нужен для запуска. Моды установлены и включены по умолчанию
В моде присутствует около 40 базовых моделей и 557 сторонних моделей, обновлены текстуры некоторых комнат, более 900 моделей одежи и свыше 1100 поз.
Имеются текстуры тела в HD качества. Редактор поз, редактор игрушек и т.д. добавлен конвертер поз.

Сделанные изменения в сборке:

> 1. Сильно переработал шмот, добавил много вкусностей высокого качества
> 2. Пропатчена до 6.3.0
> 3. Как и в прошлой раздаче, добавил от себя пару интересных поз и качественную одежду в сборку
> 4. Удаленно 6 страшных плохо прорисованных текстур ожежды
> 5. Добавлен офис сет одежды
> 6. Добавлены порн сеты 10,11,12,13 от XtaZ

Исправления в v6.3

- Separated Kill Bill suit from catsuit (Catsuit/Kill Bill was renamed Catsuit).
- Clothes don't auto-remove (hide instead).
- Added no dildo strapon.
- Strapon acts like any regular clothes (see note).
- "Fetish Panty" can worn with all strapons and change color independently from
- Male foot wear can be used by all genders.
- Horns, bunny ears, headphone/headset are now separated from the hats.
- Moved Skeleton, bunny and fox masks to eye wear.
- Renamed "Back" to "Wings".
- New Guns item based on VC "Leather Gunslut" texture
- Guns can change color independently from "ActionGirl Hotpants"
- Added no small leg option for shorts.
- Men socks and stocking/pantyhose/body stocking can be used by all genders.
- Change order of stocking/pantyhose/body stocking and garter.
- Added color options for all.
- Added invisible model option.
- The 2 last hairstyles are available to Men.
- Added more ears positions and ears size options.
- Added breasts shape options.
- Added more hair position options.
- Added wings size/position options (moved wings from the Dress cat. plus new
- Added neck x and y size.
- Beards option available to all genders.
- Scrotum slider use same range for penis/strapon and scrotum inertia for
- Added arms/legs/hands spandex #3.
- Fixed auto-camera for spandex.
- Arms spandex #3 don't remove shoulder tattoo.
- Added a new body spandex.
- Added lower body spandex option.
- Removed Invisible Man and Woman.
- Added Anna Seminovish, Lanny Barbie, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Wendy Fiore,
Veronica Zemanova.
- New title screen and background.
- In Freemode orgasm is reached at 50% (jump to 100%).
- In Freemode during cool down dropped down to 40% (instead of 20%).
- Added leather neckband, hair #34/35, gun belt, headset and earring to Mod.bs.
- More outside links.
- Strapon doesn't auto-remove with standard poses.
- Updated banner pic and icons on Windows menu.
- Added /clearlog option for the launcher executable (will clear game log before
game startup).
- Installer and updater now proposes "Custom Update" mode, where optional
packages may be installed and managed.
- New standalone 'Options Manager' tool.
- Feet mod with shoes (ie platform).
- Spandex color bug.
- New nipples, piercings with spandex.
- With preset color for beards.
- With Men headset.
- Leather Neckband coloring bug.
- Several bug in Mod file (ie modded ball gag textures not visible for men).
- Script for body customizer file.
- Syntax errors (missing commas) in mod file.
Content Importer GUI v.1.2.5
- Implemented /X and /D= command-line options to allow execution in
"Express Mode".
- Fixed a bug with incorrectly encoded error messages from external applications
being dumped to UTF16LE pipes (aka "Chinese text" bug).
FaceGen Importer GUI v.1.0.3
- Fixed model folder name bug (untested).
- Forced application window to be brought to foreground on GUI initialization.
PesEd GUI v1.0.0:
- The application will now restart itself after completing an edit operation.
- Forced application window to be brought to foreground on GUI initialization.
GameSet Manager v.1.0.0:
- Changed application name from "BackupSet Manager" to "GameSet Manager".
- Completely rewritten all internal procedures.
- New GameSet format (see notes).
- Added 'Include related textures' option (will back-up textures defined for
outfits, models and community sequences).
- Added support for Shemale Outfits (didn't realize before there was a separate
category for those).
- On options page, grouped all Outfit categories into an expandable subgroup.
- Forced application window to be brought to foreground on GUI initialization.
TK17 Command Shell v.2.1.1:
- New 'texexport' tool (exports or lists textures defined for outfits,
customizations, models and community sequences).
- New 'pack-tgc' tool (packs TGC files exported by the game with associated
textures into an archive for distribution).
- New 'ExBsData' tool using modular plugin architecture.
- Replaced 'build-mod-db' and 'build-models-db' tools by batch scripts calling
- New ModGen framework for mod developers.
- New 'dirmerge', 'bsdecode', 'bsencode', 'jcopy', 'hcopy' and 'hdcopy'
utilities (see respective man pages for details).
- PesDir: improved default sorting order for /s switch.
- PesDir: fixed a couple of errors in filter template definitions.
- PesDir: added more filter templates.
- PesEd: fixed a bug with tags not being updated when saving a file under new
- import-content: fixed a couple of minor bugs.
- build-txx/extract-txx: improved exception handling.
- texcount': improved accuracy (no longer counts room textures by default as
those do not seem to affect the engine limit).
- ge-extract: fixed some bugs.
- Updated some man pages.

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