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-Крутой Сэм 3 \ Serious Sam 3.BFE.Deluxe Edition.v + 1 DLC- - Дата выхода: 02 декабря 2011
Дата выхода в России: 25 ноября 2011
Жанр: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Мультиплеер: (16) LAN, Internet (4) head-to-head
Разработчик: Croteam
Издатель: Devolver Digital
Издатель в России: 1С-СофтКлаб
Локализатор: Snowball Studios
Тип издания: Repack (Лицензии)
Платформа: PC
Язык интерфейса: Русский
Язык озвучки: Русский
Таблетка: Вшита (ViRUS / SKiDROW / DCCentR.CrackFiX.v
Сайты игры: http://www.snowball.ru/sam3/-Системные требования:
Операционная система: XP, Vista, 7
Процессор: Core 2 Duo - 2,0 ГГц \ core i5 - 3,0 ГГц
Оперативной памяти: 1024 Мб \ 4096 Мб
Свободного места на жестком диске: 5456 мб
Видеокарта: GeForce 7800 или Radeon HD2600 \ GeForce 580 GTX или Radeon HD 6970
Файловая система: FAT, NTFS
Важно: перед установкой отключаем Антивирус и Файрвол-Краткое описание:
Serious Sam 3: BFE — это великолепное возвращение в золотой век шутеров с видом от первого лица, когда мужчины были мужчинами, укрытия были для трусов, а нажатие на курок сопровождалось огромными взрывами. В качестве приквела оригинальной инди-сенсации Serious Sam: The First Encounter, события в Serious Sam 3 происходят во время последней битвы за Землю против легионов инопланетных зверей и наемников Ментала. На фоне разваливающихся храмов древней цивилизации и разрушающихся городов Египта 22-го века, Serious Sam 3 сочетает в себе классический безостановочный шутер и особенности современного геймплея.

Установленные патчи:


* Fixed data missing from some formatted texts in German language.
* Fixed Moddable (unrestricted) version of the game not launching if autoexec.cfg is present.
* Fixed player sometimes getting into state with no weapons when respawning in Versus, or crossing levels.


* Fixed older saves not being loadable after the first update. This version should be able to load saves from any of previous two versions.
* Fixed some rare cases where player disconnecting at a very particular moment would make some parts of gameplay scripts to break (usually not spawning some enemies or similar).
* When several players are standing in front of ammo crate and one of them opens the crate, ammo will be awarded to all of them, not only to the one who opened it.
* Fixed cases when player disconnecting while standing on an item could crash the server.
* Fixed scripted flashlights (e.g. Spooky Secrets) not working on client.
* Player carrying a flag in CTF cannot sprint now.
* Fixed a crash that could happen at random when Technopolip was killed.
* Fixed a problem where sometimes all Gnaar melees in the game were long melees, instead of quick ones.
* Fixed "Old School" achievement flagged as failing if pressing the reload binding even if the reload didn't actually happen. It will now fail only if the reload was actually performed.
* Prevented crash that happened if Cheat menu was accessed during level loading.
* Fixed quick weapon swap sometimes remembering the wrong weapon.


* Added Show Hints option in Game Options menu.
* Fixed reload animation sometimes being stuck when playing in 3rd person.
* Enemies that somehow manage to fall into void are now killed automatically, so fight scripting doesn't get stuck. (This is a general safety fix for all levels.)
* Added safeties to make sure Biomech boss on Broken Wings always starts, even if not all enemies are killed before.
* Zooming on weapons with a scope (Devastator, Sniper) is now disabled while player is sprinting.
* Fixed some rare problems when attempting to change weapons while doing melee or throwing a melee trophy.
* Old School Achievement now shows which levels it is fulfilled for. This is visible in checkbox form in achievements menu.
* Fixed text stretching on targeted player name in split screen mode.
* Fixed FOV cvar not being saved
* Fixed wrong subtitles on Khnum Boss fight in Unearthing The Sun.
* Serious Sam Classic Gold is now much more golden.
* Added Game Time Display and FOV Override to Advanced Options menu.
* Added localizations for some strings that were still untranslated.
* Voting now works during loading.
* Implemented vote to force game start (can be used when there are players which have loaded the current level and at least one is ready if using in-menu warmup).


* Added Santa Sam and Santa Sammy models.
* Split screen game was erroneously requiring user to be online. Fixed.
* Split screen users (other than the first one) couldn't configure gamepad settings. Fixed.
* Set up dpad icons for star shaped weapon list.
* FOV slider now shows its value.
* Moved FOV menu slider to graphics options.
* Changed FOV lower bound from 75 to 60 degrees.
* FOV override now works in versus games.
* Fixed "pause" text being visible on client when game starts.
* Fixed single player loading screen sometimes being shown instead of multiplayer one when loading in multiplayer.
* Fixed an issue which prevented showing of message when a secret is found.
* Added safety to fix cases when achievements are sometimes not registered by Steam (probably if connection fails temporarily while playing). They will be stored internally and re-awarded later.
* Changed sort order of achievements in achievement menu (so related achievements are listed together). Also, unlocked achievements come before the still locked ones.
* It is now synchronized whether server is still loading so it is not allowed for (vote) force game start during that time.
* If server was still loading and one of the clients finished loading, that client would start the game although server was not ready. Fixed by switching status to "Waiting for players to load" if server is loading.
* Added safeguard against loading screen exiting before game is fully synchronized to the client.
* Fixed falling through floor if crouching while jumping on extremely low frame rates.
* Fixed player's corpse respawning at chapter after being eaten by sandwhale in Team Survival mode.
* Made player details menu title use a font which is not in uppercase, so player's name is shown in its original form.
* Fixed aux buttons in loading screen sometimes not working during multiplayer loading.
* Fixed looping fire animation remaining on player's third person model even after weapon runs out of ammo and is replaced.
* Fixed problem with player exiting the loading screen if trying to initiate a vote while another vote is already in progress.
* Reduced number of current render-target changes when rendering shadow's cascade or faces.
* Optimized collection of depth prepass, fast-lights and shadows commands.
* Fixed double creation of ingame menu when invoked via F10 from loading screen.
* Loading screen now uses a checkbox character for readyness toggle button text (should be more intuitive than "set ready"/"set not ready" texts).
* Fixed some string formatting error in Chinese locale table.
* Disabled ingame menu invocation from the loading screen if the menu button is not visible.
* Adjusted image frame in session info menu according to its image aspect ratio.
* Fixed an issue which would cause scaffolding pole to sometimes remain locked in player's hand if it is used in combination with melees.
* Fixed preview menu popup that happens when closing multichoice or string input menu.
* Fixed menu transparency issues visible in low framerate.


* Network priority for projectiles is now boosted dynamically for each player's connection so that he gets those projectiles that are more important to him first (those fired by him, or at him).
* Optimized render target switching to improve performance on multi-GPU setups.
* Optimized screen clearing for SLI setups. Can be tuned by new cvar 'gfx_iClearBeforeRendering'.
* Fixed problem with too much shadow buffer clears when using muti-threaded rendering on multi-GPU setups.
* Fixed problems and crashes with several renderables in multithreaded rendering. (Note that this still an experimental feature!)
* Optimized memory usage for several multiplayer characters in team modes, by reusing same texture for red and blue, with dynamic colorizing in shader.
* View bobbing option now also affects weapon bobbing and weapon swaying.
* Fixed auto aiming (used by gamepads) on Warship enemy, so it aims for the right spot, not the center of the ship.
* Added yet another controller preset.
* Added some new swim and dive animations for the player (so user-made maps can use deep water).
* Controller crouch command no longer displays player list.
* Fixed controller being unable to skip intro cutscene.
* Errors related to microphone settings are now classified as "log", as they are not actually a problem.
* Optimized lightning particle effect implementation. On average, memory consumption is reduced by 50%, and performance is increased by 30%.
* Limited maximum subdivisions on lightning particles to ensure the do not exceed reasonable time and memory boundaries.
* Fixed potential crash after canceling a server list query.
* Added Russian localization for Santa Sammy.
* Fixed game freezing on entering menus via right arrow keyboard key.
* Updated in-game and in-editor console line editor to support unicode strings.
* Updated slider to fade out its value when widget is not on the active menu.
* Fixed graphics options defaults not resetting FOV value to default.
* Aiming hint for Devastator will not be shown if the user doesn't own the Devastator scope DLC.
* Fixed a possible crash occurring in a rare situation of player picking up a scaffolding pole while some client is connecting.
* Fixed an issue with wrong weapon shooting placement on hands weapons if they are used after "getting up from the floor" player animation.
* Fixed an issue causing Mutilator to sometimes fail to work on client if it's not rendered on server.
* Console font is now an OpenType font (DejaVu Mono), instead of a fixed bitmap, thus it supports a wide range of non-ascii characters and different scaling.
* Added console font scale cvar.
* Disabled cheat menu access during level loading.
* Fixed Khnum sliding after melee.
* Fixed endless loop at game start under OpenGL; waiting for all shaders to be pretouched (which never happens in OpenGL).


* Added support for AlienWare LightFX effects.
* Fixed a number of issues (mainly related to HUD and menus) when using stereoscopic 3D rendering. The game should now look good in stereo 3D.
* Added GPU quality profiles for ATI Radeon HD 7000 series.
* Voice chat now uses internal protocol with Speex compression. This lowers the bandwidth requirements for the voice traffic and makes voice transfer less bursty.
* Different screen layout configurations can now be chosen when playing in split-screen.
* Reworked a number of models by adding some more LODs for them, optimizing their geometry, fixing some errors etc. This should improve performance and used memory somewhat.
* Created some more swimming animations for player character.
* Fixed crash that occurred when kicking a Soldier enemy with multithreaded rendering enabled.
* Sniper zoom now works correctly regardless of aspect ratio.
* When generating crumbs, normals and tangents are not created if source model's shaders don't need them.
* Fixed some crashes related to text rendering when multithreaded rendering is used.
* Added cvar 'mdl_bMorphedShadows' for controlling whether morph animations will be applied in casted dynamic shadows or not. (Default is disabled since it boost performance noticabely, while quality remains almost the same since morphs are used only for small model deformations and speaking).
* Fixed unresponsive safe area sliders in gfx options when adjusting window size.
* Refactored implementation of font outline rendering to use a several times lower number of rendering calls.
* The option 'prefer 3rd person view' is now taken into consideration to set appropriate avatar view mode. Manual command for toggling 3rd person view overwrites the cvar linked to menu widget, but this is temporary (i.e., not saved in player profile).
* Sniper no longer shows crosshair in versus games.
* Added cvar 'ogl_iStaticBuffersType' for selecting which buffer type to use for static buffers under OpenGL. (For performance testing purposes mostly). When changed, cfunc 'gfxRefreshGeometry()' needs to be invoked manually.
* Optimized in-game memory size of some model animations.
* Fixed a possible crash occurring if player disconnects or dies while using Mutilator to get pulled by a Werebull.
* Fixed an issue causing rocket launcher to appear unloaded (missing rocket attachment) if weapon is brought up immediately (such as when starting game at chapter with rocket launcher already equipped).
* Enemies without assigned foe player were scheduling moving too often. Now they use less CPU.
* Removed redundant changes of active texture unit in OpenGL.
* Fixed issues with wrong filtering of some textures in some cases.
* Reduced cases where rendering buffers get reallocated, e.g. for SSAO, haze, refraction, distance, sub-sampling and other aux buffers.
* Fixed a rare crash happening when player disconnects while some enemy is having him as foe and doing obstacle avoidance.
* Fixed an issue where picking up a weapon while already having full ammo of its type would not display a message to player to indicate ammo is full.
* Tweaked HUD resolution-scale graph to fix an issue where certain HUD elements would overlap in low resolutions (800x600 and 640x480).
* Fixed wrong trilinear dithering of shadows under OpenGL. ('ScreenPos' pixel shader input register doesn't have integer coordinates!) o Prevented appearing puppets from colliding with existing puppets and falling through floor upon appearing (common problem with "DigOut" spiders).
* Implemented scriptable enemy despawning in case player is doing speed run. It is used on the last level for now.
* Fixed an issue allowing player to move while performing spinning attack with sledgehammer.
* Relaxed cases when puppets force their physics to activate, so enemies standing still on uneven terrain can use less CPU.
* Fixed an issue causing Scrapjack's head to remain equipped on third person player model even if melee was interrupted before completion.
* Optimized performance of flocking algorithms used by enemy in AI.
* Fixed missing polygons on stairs used on IbnTulun level near mosque.
* Fixed implementation of "Coin-op Co-op" achievement: player needs to finish all levels to get the achievement and is not required to be playing with other players.
* Achievement completion checkboxes are now shown for all achievements which must be performed on all levels.
* When storing level stats, all available level stats will be stored and all completed levels will be unlocked in profile. This is necessary as it sometimes happens that player profile doesn't get saved correctly (but stats are still stored in save game).
* Statistics menu screen now shows statistics for all levels available in current game stats, not only for unlocked levels, as it happens that sometimes levels don't get unlocked even though they should be unlocked (probably a crash before profile was saved).
* Optimized smart blur used with ambient occlusion.
* Setting cvar 'prf_bShowFPS' to 4 now shows frame-rate variation for given timing interval. (Just below average FPS).
* Significantly improved performance in several different aspects of AI code in presence of a large number of active entities. E.g. when player spawns a lot of enemies while doing speedruns.
* Fixed cases where too much memory was used if menu background level rendering was disabled.
* Voice encoding quality can now be changed on the fly using svm_iVoiceEncodingQuality cvar.
* Voice chat streaming sound limited to buffer at most 1 second of data (otherwise it was possible for it to accumulate lots of data while application was in background).


* Dedicated server now works on Linux. It can be downloaded using HLDSUpdateTool for Linux, using gamename "serioussam3-linux".
* SeriousEditor can now natively import and export meshes in Wavefront .obj format. You may need to reset the Common toolbar in mesh editor to see the new buttons for it.
* Various fixes and improvements in script edit control in SeriousEditor: added scrollbar, fixed scrolling errors, fixed rare crashes in undo/redo, better assignment of variable on drag&drop of entity from world, some other small fixes.
* Fixed severe visual errors on GI baking that happened when models had compressed normals.
* Fixed rare server crashes caused by malformed RPC messages from client.
* When server has problems executing an RPC, client ID and name are output to log, and the client is disconnected to prevent further damage. If client cannot execute receives an exception when trying to execute an RPC, it will disconnect from the server.
* Fixed some minor issues in menus when rendering for stereoscopic display.
* Fixed problems with some shaders not being rendered correctly under OpenGL.
* Fixed Chinese and Japanese versions of Kanji characters mixing up in some cases. Now Japanese glyphs have precedence when using Japanese locale, and Chinese glyhps when using Chinese locale.
* Fixed an issue causing snapping instead of smooth transition between fire animations on player model in some cases.
* Character animation selection system was changed to facilitate more complex combinations of legs and torso animations.
* Fixed an issue causing scaffolding pole to remain on third person player model when switching weapons or performing melee while scaffolding pole is equipped.
* Created new jump animations for player character.
* Created some more player animations for swimming/diving while carrying explosives or sledgehammer.
* Added support for Raw Input for mouse and keyboard, enabled with inp_bRawInput. This should give more precision in mouse reading, for those who want every micrometer of aiming accuracy.


* Support for Mac OSX added. Cross-platform play between Windows and Mac builds is supported.
* Support for multiple keyboards and mouses in split-screen on Windows. (The split screen configuration dialog is much more complex now).
* Serious Editor can now import and export files (meshes, skeletons and animations) in Autodesk FBX format.
* Updated Chinese translations.
* Update auto-detection script file with nVidia GeForce GTX 680 GPU.
* Fixed muzzle flash in firing animation on blue Biomech.
* Optimisations in occlusion culling system.
* Optimized synchronization in multithreaded rendering.
* Optimized vertex buffer locking on OpenGL.
* Fixed problem with occasional wrong (dark) rendering under OpenGL.
* Fixed memory leaks when re-importing the same mesh over an over in editor.


* Fixed mousewheel problems on Windows.
* Fixed Load games menu widgets on tripple-monitor setups.


* Fixed 64bit issues with split screen input binding menus.
* Added fix for black screen on OSX, for ATI series 6 cards. (Fix for series 4 and 5 is in the works).
* Disabled instancing on OSX platform.
* Fixed kernel panic on OSX caused by parallax occlusion mapping pixel shader.
* GPU's video memory size is now determined correctly under OSX platform.
* Application is now started in current desktop resolution on OSX platform, instead of 1024x768.


* Various performance tweaks for widget glows in menu. Should help with performance in the in-game overlay menu (Tab) on all platforms.
* Fixed one-frame-garbage on screen on some GPUs when changing scenes.
* Fixed black screens and other artefacts on GPUs that don't support sRGB decoding for textures under OpenGL.


* Middle mouse button didn't work on OSX. Fixed.
* Mouse wheel didn't work properly on OSX. Fixed.
* Fixed wrong calculations of tangent space for plane-mappings in vertex shaders.
* Fixed problem with black screen on Mac systems with ATI GPUs and OS X Snow Leopard.


* NEW! Added 7 new versus maps and 3 new survival maps.
* NEW! Added support for VAC.
* When playing versus with automatic map rotation, if playing some map other than the official ones, next map would always be Slumoner. Fixed.
* Fixed problem with debris sometimes being lit by distant light even in underground rooms.
* Updated localizations for Chinese, Russian, Polish and Czech.
* Added support for caching GLSL shaders' binary code under OpenGL via "GL_ARB_get_program_binary" extension. (Currently only works with separated shaders!)
* Fixed some cases where (false positive) credentials errors were causing the moddable game to exit.
* Fixed SeriousEditor reporting credential errors when user tried to finalize files from list.
* Fixed SeriousEditor reporting credential errors when user tried to execute custom script commands.
* Fixed a case where 3rd person player model would be left without weapon in hand in some situations.
* Devastator projectile can now hit other physical projectiles.
* Driver version detection now works under OpenGL.
* Update auto-detect GPU info for new and existing cards.
* JPG files are now supported as a valid texture file type.
* Fixed a very very rare case of crash when printing time/date values (e.g. in load/save menus).
* Fixed an enemies remaining without an animation (rendering T-pose) in some very rare cases.
* Fixed jetpack sound being heard on entire map.
* Fixed errors when getting on or off ladders in network in some cases that didn't manifest on official maps.
* Fixed Rockets exploding on launch in some cases if fired while swimming.
* Fixed some wrong HUD visuals happening when using combinations of keyboard/mouse and gamepad.
* Fixed player banning not working and re-enabled player time ban in voting menu.
* Added support for OpenGL "GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects" extension, which speeds up shader compiling under OpenGL.
* Fixed fight music sometimes continuing playing when an event script was supposed to induce silence.
* Fixed big lens-flares being visible over sniper mask.
* Fixed black screen issue under OpenGL when player is hurt. (Mostly appeared on Mac)
* Added OpenGL extension for determining amount of video and texture RAM on NV and ATI GPUs.
* Fixed some artefacts on Pirate Pete player model.
* When no players are alive and have no lives left in a game mode that uses lives, game play will end (in 5 seconds to allow after death score from kills) and map will be restarted.
* In case there are no living players anywhere on the world, the first available spectator camera will be selected as best.
* Some optimizations in sound playback system.
* Light streaks effect quality is now smoother and can be adjusted via new 'efx_iStreaksQuality' cvar.
* Fixed black surfaces in some cases when a model with Vegetation shader is instanced.
* Further optimizations in multithreaded renderer.
* Fixed a rare crash when using C4 in network games.
* Various rendering performance optimizations.
* Fixed occasional crash at startup of Serious Editor.
* Faster texture uploads under Direct3D. Also, if d3d_bMultiThreadedDevice=1, it can upload in separate thread.
* Numerous bug fixes for OpenGL rendering.
* tex_iSquishCompressionQuality controls DXT compression quality of Squish algorithm; used only when NVIDIA texture tools are not installed
* Serious Editor now supports high quality texture compression even in Steam builds. Install NVIDIA texture tools ( http://developer.nvidia.com/content/gpu-accelerated...ture-compression ) to enable this.
* Updated fbx import to support blend shape animation.
* Fixed bug which caused falling damage when player would climb down the ladder.
* Ladders can now be used underwater.
* Player can now exit the ladder after climbing down to its base, even if there is no floor below.
* Fixed cases where ladders would not work correctly on clients.
* Fixed a rare crash that happened some times if client was left in the "you were disconnected" screen for very long time.
* Several optimizations in network processing, which lower the CPU load on server and make better use of available bandwidth for clients.
* Added steam_bEnableVAC cvar for starting a dedicated server with VAC support. VAC is now enabled by default.
* Added a checkbox for filtering VAC unsecured servers in the server list.
* Server list now shows an icon for VAC protected servers.
* Dedicated server no longer reports errors if XInput is not installed.
* Using third person view mode is no longer reported as cheating in versus game modes.
* Fixed RConServer handling of cursor offset when pasting text or using home / end keys.
* Rcon telnet server now prevents brute force password guessing attacks by limiting number of allowed connection attempts by various criteria.
* Fixed a possible crash when processing texts with invalid utf8 sequences.
* Fixed cursor navigation in game console in presence of utf8 characters.
* Voting info now properly handles player names that have html tags ("", "&") in them.
* Fixed a rare bug where level stats of a finished level would be written to a wrong leaderboard.
* Gamepad layout menu no longer renders its menu reflection, to improve readability.
* Fixed problem with menus glowing all around after returning from the game sometimes when rendering resolution was smaller than screen resolution.
* Raw input system now detects XFire and falls back to legacy sytem, because XFire breaks raw input on the system where it is running.
* Added warning in split screen menu if XFire is running. (Since without raw input one cannot use multiple keyboards.)
* Fixed some rare general multithreading crashes (all platforms).
* Fixed several cases of wrong rendering when multi-threaded renderer was enabled: translucent objects, first-person weapon and some other models flashing, morphs not working.
* Fixed crash when using multi-threaded rendering in editor and trying to edit a model.
* Fixed a possible crash in editor when attempting to edit a non-local script bound to an entity of a world which had previously been closed.
* Fixed a crash in script editor when inserting a new object into an empty line in a script by drag and dropping it.
* Fixed an issue preventing auto-complete from working if used on the first token in the first line in script editor.
* Skeletons (and animation editor) now support three types of bones - bones, joints and null bones. FBX importer automatically uses null and joint bones where needed.
* FBX importer now supports importing and exporting polygon maps and morph maps.
* Updated FBX importer to handle negative timestamps for animation keyframes.
* Added mesh simplification tool (Ctrl+Shift+C) in mesh editor. It can be used to automatically create LODs or generally simplify meshes.
* Environment grabber now also temporarly disable rendering of comments, so these are no longer baked inside probe lights.
* Door entity can now be set up to ignore distant lights (added "Ignore distant lights" property).
* Find entities dialog now has an "Extensive resource search" button. Entities which in any way reference a resource whose file name matches the search expression will be selected. Note that this is very slow and can take a few minutes on production size levels.
* Fixed crash when trying to test model without collision geometry for raycast.
* Fixed an issue where third person weapon tool would remain visible after switching to hands weapon to show sirian bracelet.
* Fixed some rare cases when enemies would behave strangely if player was in water.
* Rather than starting with the first spectator camera on the world, the camera closest to a living player is selected.
* Spectator camera's current FOV is now kept same when switching between cameras.
* Spectator view now uses standerd HUD rendering system to obey all of its settings, scaling, etc.
* Players are no longer forced to exit spectator mode during mid-game round countdown.
* Fixed various problems for players that were dead during cutscenes (not seeing the CS, spawning on wrong place...).
* Players will no longer produce wound sounds and effects if damaged while dead.
* A sound is now played when extra life is received.
* Added Intel GPUs to auto-detection list. This is just first version, and will possibly need more tweaking. (Intel GPUs are still not officially supported).
* Added new GPUs from nVidia and ATi to auto-detection list.
* Fixed OpenGL initialization crashing on drivers that returned invalid values for identification.
* Added workaround for wrong report from ATI OpenGL driver about max render target size supported (GL_MAX_RENDERBUFFER_SIZE).
* Fixed some rare cases where shadows were rendered wrong due to visibility errors.
* Added further optimizations to visibility system for shadows.
* Instancing now works even on destruction models.
* Fixed a model disappearing too early if it has several meshes with different max distances and/or fading lenghts.
* Fixed problem with some models flashing when fading out.
* Fixed flashing pyramid in cut-scene in Luxor level.
* Fixed occasional junk screen on startup.
* Fixed extremely slow updating of font texture when using extended Direct3D device.
* Fixed some HDR brightness parameters from one split-screen view being applied to another in some cases.
* Highlight shader now renders in correct brightness when HDR output normalization is used.
* Loading shaders from disk is now faster.
* Some shaders now report errors for some invalid setup combinations, to aid properly configuring them.
* Optimized zoom shader so it doesn't render the effect in vain when very weak.
* General optimization in CPU usage for per-frame preparations for some shaders.
* Several optimisations in mirrors, refractions and water rippler, as well as SSAO, color ramp processing and light-streaks effect.
* Added compatibility testing cvar 'efx_bNoColorGrading' which, when enabled, forbid color ramping in post-processing pass.
* Radio chat controller now has IsInRadioChat() functoin to determine if a radio chat is currently in progress.
* Khnum now adjusts its feet on unlevel ground.
* All jetpack parameters are now overridable through zone controller.
* Jet pack can now be dynamically added and removed from script using AddJetpack() and RemoveJetpack() macro functions.
* Weapons that don't need auto-aiming no longer show the indicator.
* Pressing "aim" button when auto-aiming is enabled will lock on target even for weapons that don't have aim-down-sight.
* Auto-aim target tracking during aiming is now more robust handling cases such as spiders on ceilings.
* Fixed multiple players sometimes being able to attach a sticky bomb to the same entity on the same attachment.
* Fixed sticky bombs sometimes failing to lock on attachment in some rare cases.
* Puppets can now define custom stretch multiplier for locked on sticky bomb projectiles / attachments.
* Fixed possible lockup in spaceship's beam attack.
* Fixed cases where enemies using some tactics would never be able to unable to reach their foe.
* Tactics without markers now work.
* Fixed an issue with enemy kills in beast hunt mode not being counted if achieved via indirect damage (e.g., killing a kamikaze near another enemy, killing them both with kamikaze's blast).
* Ramesseum - fixed bug where in Cooperative if some player with picked canister came to fill the car within 3 seconds after other player filled last canister (8/ script could fail and level could not finish.
* Fixed a rare issue where destroying some object would leave another object on top of it floating in the air.
* Fixed the spinning view bug that sometimes appeared on OSX.
* Updated fbx import-export to sdk version 2013.2.
* Updated fbx import-export. Fixes for model mover and unit conversions.
* Player sprint state is now canceled when game session is finished (winner or round winner is declared).
* It is no longer possible to sprint when carrying MyBurden.
* It is no longer possible to sprint underwater.
* Fixed a rare crash after respawning a player who was gibbed.


* Player now has correct animations in 3rd person when wielding the axe.
* Fixed fast-firing exploit on SledgeHammer/Axes.
* In versus game modes, C4 projectile can now be picked up by any player after it has been idle for a while. In non-versus game modes, it can only be picked up by the player who threw it.
* In versus games, C4 bombs now collide and bounce off of enemy players when hit, rather than pass through them.
* After respawning, players can no longer trigger C4 explosives that they threw before being killed.
* When a player is killed in versus game mode holding a weapon with no ammo remaining, they will no longer drop it as a pickable weapon item.
* Fixed sniper mask not being rendered if weapon rendering is disabled.
* Fixed crashing when going into spectate on DemonTomb, Medina and TombofNefretari.
* Added Tehnopolip after 4 min of gameplay on SV_MedinaDefender.
* Fixed some places on MedinaDefender, CairoCity and UnfinishedComplex where player could get out of the level.
* Fixed falling out of world in Fiaca.
* Fixed error in Sphinx explosive planting script.
* Fixed wrong handling of file case in Linux dedicated server.
* Russian VO for JotN DLC.
* Drag&dropping entities onto script variable in editor did not work in the first line in script. Fixed.
* Fixed a rare crash in FBX skeleton loader.
* Added cvar 'ogl_bCompressCachedShaders' to control whether OpenGL shaders will be compressed when cached to files or not.
* Fixed shader cache not saving properly on OpenGL.
* Fixed some fatal errors not being visible if happened in full screen.


* Prepared everything for Steam Workshop support.
* Added Bulgarian locale.
* Fixed a crash occuring on server if a client equips sledgehammer, climbs onto a ladder and disconnects while still on the ladder.
* Fixed a crash on dedicated server occuring in coin-op if a game ends with all players disconnected.
* Fixed another way to get out of map on Medina.
* Mirror reflections are now disabled at low GPU quality.
* More optimizations on OpenGL (GLSL) shaders.
* Glowing in menu is now disabled on OSX and Linux platforms, and on 'lowest' GPU quality preset.
* Updated fbx import-export interface to make it accessible from the model editor.
* SeriousEditor: Fixed crash when trying to solve solution which doesn't have lightmaps' dimensions of power of 2.
* SeriousEditor's file open dialog is now better at handling files with weird path formats (mixed slashes and backslashes, dot-dots...).
* Updated browser list control to display green checkered background for files without a catalog index.
* Voice chat now also works via OpenAL, if enabled via svm_bOpenALVoiceRecording. It is enabled by default on Linux, but disabled by default on OSX, because OpenAL recording is broken in most OSX versions.

Установленные DLC:

Jewel Of The Nile

Serious Sam 3: Jewel of the Nile follows the legendary hero to the mysterious Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae where a monstrous temple guardian lies in wait. Set in the midst of the events in Serious Sam 3: BFE, Sam and his team will battle through three new campaign missions against the unrelenting hordes of Mental’s forces.-

Особенности DLC:

* 3 new massive missions set against a mysterious island, treacherous canyons, and ancient temples.
* Battle against the powerful Aludran Reptiloid for the first time in Serious Sam 3 and face-off against an all-new gargantuan final boss.
* More laser rifle? More sniper rifle? A new battle axe? You got it!
* New challenging Steam achievements.

Особенности Deluxe Edition:

* Эксклюзивный на первое время персонаж для мультиплеера — Безголовый камикадзе Бретт Сандерсон.
* Эксклюзивный на первое время снайперский прицел для оружия AS-24 «Devastator».

Особенности игры:

* Безумный экшен в аркадном стиле: постоянно давите на курок и уничтожайте бесконечный натиск нападающих наемников и диких зверей Ментала. Без укрытий, без остановок — здесь только вы и они. Они все.
* Пугающие враждебные создания: новый батальон незабываемых подчиненных, среди которых есть грохочущий Скрэпджек и гигантский Кхам, которые присоединятся к безголовым смертниками, гнаарам и сирианским быкам-оборотням, чтобы создать самую беспощадную орду врагов, которую вы когда-либо имели удовольствие уничтожать.
* Захватывающая окружающая среда: битва на широких просторах ближайшего будущего Египта, полного хаоса. Разрушенные города рядом с заброшенными храмами древнего мира станут вашей разрушаемой игровой площадкой.
* Разрушительный арсенал: используйте по назначению впечатляющий арсенал Крутого Сэма, включающий в себя штурмовую винтовку с коллиматорным прицелом, двухстволку, автоматический дробовик со взрывающимися зарядами, карающий миниган и величественные пылающие пушечные ядра! Носите с собой все оружия Сэма одновременно и переключайтесь между ними во время боя для достижения максимальной огневой мощи.
* Сокрушающие атаки ближнего боя: Вырвите глаз ближайшего гнаара, отдерите лицо у отвратительного Скрэпджека, сломайте шею Арахноиду чтобы убить их мгновенно.
* Хаос совместного прохождения: идите войной против армии Менкала, играя по сети в компании 16 других игроков, уничтожайте всё, что движется и творите разгром на протяжении 12 уровней. Попробуйте выжить, отбивая волны врагов в беспощадном режиме Выживание или отправьтесь в кошмарное сафари в режиме Охота на Зверя!
* Безупречный многопользовательский погром: бросьте вызов другим игрокам в невероятных сетвых режимах игры, таких, так Бой на Выживание, Захват Флага, Командный Бой и Мое Бремя. Это — следующий уровень многопользовательских режимов Serious Sam, где весь ад скоро вырвется на свободу.
* Режимы игры с разделением экрана: играйте в режим совместного прохождения и другие сетевые режимы вчетвером за одним компьютером. Эй, перестань коситься на мой экран!

Особенности Repack'a:

--За основу взята Лицензия от 1C-СофтКлаб--
* аудио качество 100%
* видео качество 100%
* эксклюзивный установщик
* установка дополнительного Soft'a (DirectX)
* все пути реестра сохранены
* запуск игры через ярлык на десктопе или через меню пуск
* для установки необходимо 512 Мб ОЗУ
* примерное время установки 5 минут(а,ы)
* v
* v
* v
* v
* v
* v
* v
* v
* v
* v
* v
* v
* v
* v
* v
* Jewel Of The Nile
* Deluxe Edition
* игровые архивы не тронуты
* возможность разбить на 2xDVD5 или 1xDVD9
* за основу взята лицензионная копия игры от 1C-СофтКлаб, обновлённая в Steam от 17.11.2012
* -----
Автор Repack'a:
* Fenixx


Свои скриншоты

Скриншоты инсталлятора:

Steam скриншот:


Разбиваем на 2xDVD5:

* 1xDVD5 - Info (папка), autorun.inf, setup.exe, setup-1.bin, game-1.bin, game-2.bin, game-3.bin, game-4.bin, soft.bin.-* 2xDVD5 - game-5.bin.

Обновления Repack'a:


* исправлен не большой косяк.
* работоспособность Repack'a на 100%!


* игра обновлена до версии
* добавлено 1 DLC (Jewel Of The Nile).


* обновлена таблетка на (ViRUS / SKiDROW / DCCentR.CrackFiX.v!
--Repack обновлён!
* обновлена таблетка на (ViRUS / SKiDROW / DCCentR.CrackFiX.v!
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